Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chilly Spring Indeed For Midwest In The Kwa

Check out these snowpack conditions in mid-April in Nebraska. I lived there for a while. I don't remember it snowing in April ... ever.

Wisconsin is Siberian. Idaho is still packing it on. Dakota is freezing.

If this is a taste of what is coming, I'd plan on very cold weather next year. Killer cold. The kind of cold that keeps anybody from getting out or getting in.

State of Idaho imports and cultivates masses of gigantic monster wolves to eliminate resident humans during coming Ice Age. Seriously. You couldn't make this stuff up. Tax dollars at work. Idaho government intent on prosecuting anyone who fires on nightmarish hell beasts in self-defense. Most of you probably don't know that the territory of these creatures is expanding due to the cold weather, all over the United States. From Russia to the Ukraine, Ice Ages signal the return of Ice Age predators. They are huge and they hunt at sundown and sunup. Now you know why Neanderthals were polyphasic sleepers. Let one of these creatures catch you napping at traditional hours and you'd never wake up.

At least the wolves won't be going hungry any time soon. Can't say as much for the people.


Anonymous said...

Early 90's. Early April blizzard
shut schools and the University
at Lincoln. Course it all melted
the next week, just like it is

It happens.

-Brian in Nebraska

Anonymous said...

The global warming refugee explosion didn't happen when it was supposed to. The new target date is 2020, when it will certainly happen.

At least the Millerites were amusing and didn't succeed in scamming the whole world.

Anonymous said...

In Viet Nam I learned to eat, and really like dog. That big animal would feed a few people for a while and he will taste really good. I doubt that most of the morons have enough sense to know that but some of us won't go hungry and will welcome the Ice Age beasts because we can't stop what is naturally occurring. If we wish to survive and help the intelligent among humanity survive then let the morons feed the wolves and the wolves can feed the rest of us.