Friday, April 22, 2011

All Globowarmthinkists Are Seriously Disturbed, Sick People

I'm not talking about the casual dilettantes or the useful idiots.

You show me somebody who offers this as a moral imperative and acts outraged at anyone who would even question these bizarre doctrines, I will show you somebody with severe personal problems who is mentally disturbed.

In the old days, religion always attracted the nuts because they are sick people looking for an excuse to act out. Nowadays, human beings have not changed at all. Global warming is just a new excuse for people who are fundamentally broken and bad eggs to seize the high moral ground and claim it's everybody else who is sick, not them. It's a means to an end - acting out your crude envy, vanity, bipolar mania and other character flaws that in other contexts would be clearly such. The Globowarmthinkists have adopted this screed because they have been taught the others are no longer credible excuses. They are not people. They are animals, beasts who are masking various forms of class struggle and feelings of inadequacy by pretending to be direly concerned with the "crisis" on the "planet."

I'm not going to name any names. I'm just saying that three of the most committed "environmentalists" I have ever met turned out later to be a hopeless drug addict, a suspected pedophile and a person who had to be committed for observation to a mental institution. I don't think that is a coincidence. Almost every other person I've ever met who tried to mix these doctrines into his basic assumptions invariably was revealed to be a person I would not feel safe to have children around. Methinks the lady protests too much.


Anonymous said...

Global Warming™. Brought to you by the same people that brought you Political Correctness™ and Anti-Racist™.

Political Correctness™ is not like a religion. It is a religion.

Anti-Racist™ is a code word for Anti-White.

Anonymous said...

What really gets to me is not the masses of useful idiots and the dumb dilettantes or even the actual "activists" all with a natural affinity towards the leftist psyche. They're such a commonplace, moth-eaten and boring element of humanity which has pretty much always been there in varying concentrations. So, the damaged goods and the oversocialized runts of the litter with innate feelings of inferiority congregate around the various forms of leftist cultural cliques like the enviro-fascist movement for all the obvious reasons, how interesting! Dysgenic weaklings of the species are just another boring reality of nature. What really shivers me down my spine are the psychopathic swineherders of this pathetic crowd who have utilized them to destroy and dominate the free and good peoples of this world since what is probably the beginnings of the "Agricultural Revolution". The founding of Enoch by Cain, you could say...

Many NGO's which were founded in the Western civilization of the past by a lot of bright people for actually dealing with the serious environmental issues with both human and natural causes with the aim of protecting the people first and foremost have been hijacked long ago by the psychotic post-Marxist faggots of the worst kind and have been filled with their herds of unbelievably stupid followers of the modern "leftist" alignment handing out flyers in the streets. Humans are a cancer on this planet, fish eggs are more valuable than babies and all that jazz. Druidic insanity and evil x 100. The "Bungled" and the "Botched" here are not used and manipulated by "great men" as that asshole Nietzsche had once claimed, they are used and manipulated by the most evil creatures who are more reptilian than they are even mammals, let alone "people". Definitely not what I would call "great men", more like "sociopathic wretches"...

The elites have shifted their most useful idiots into a much better position after the fall of the Berlin wall in becoming "hardcore" environ-mental-cases which gave them the perfect disguise to serve as their vectors for reiterating the same old and formerly "red" malthusian, globalist and insanely evil drivel in a more "green" flavour. Herman Van Rompuy, the "first long term and full time President of the European Council" and the only person on this planet who could have convincingly portrayed GOLLUM from the LotR trilogy without any need for cgi or even make-up claimed that the Copenhagen Globowarmthinkery summit was the greatest step towards global-governance.

Gollum would have had to compete with someone like Cicero to be in a comparable position of power at the helm of a healthy civilization that is not entirely insane. The existence of a position like the "long-term full-time EU presidency" by definiton is a crime against the nation-state, civilization and humanity just like the EU itself but that's another story. How could Gollum the bureucrat, bank clerk, professional parasite and absolute freak of nature in a bad way have won without his shadowy masters providing him with an excellent way for cheating by removing the laughable charade of "democracy" out of the way? The leftist is antagonistic to the concept of competition because, deep inside, he feels like a loser. He sees friggin' Gollum when he looks at the mirror every. single. morning. He knows that he can't win. He knows that he has to cheat. He knows that he has to sell his soul to Saur... *ahem* I mean, the devil.

There is no life... in the void... only... death

There is no competition... in the left... only... equality

j said...

I would love to have overheard the meeting when someone suggested they try putting a tax on the carbon cycle. I imagine someone protested, arguing that people would never be dumb enough to accept a tax on breathing. And then everyone laughed.

True fact: Al Gore partnered with one David Blood to found his carbon credit firm. You could not write satire this ridiculous.