Monday, April 25, 2011

Abyss of Cornholio : Future of the Kwanstain

She's gonna blow. The Kwanstain economy is best described as an exercise in solipsism, with everything leveraged against everything else in a gigantic Ourobouros serpent that swallows it's own tail. There is scarcely a single facet of the Kwanstainian empire that isn't positively rabbinical in that the entire basis of it's supposed stability rests on self-referential logic. Amerikwa will be okay because it's Amerikwa. You betcha.

That's death spiral reasoning and it's going to reap a bitter harvest in 2011. They've had innumerable chances to return to sanity but have never embraced anything resembling sane reforms. The Kwanzan public wouldn't stand for it. A fool will return to his folly like a pig going back to it's own vomit in the street.

They're going to get a chance to elect Ron Paul as President and they could make that happen if they were bright enough. They aren't and Ron Paul doesn't have a prayer to get elected in a nation where the average IQ is 96. Not a chance. I predict that pig will turn back to his vomit.

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