Wednesday, April 27, 2011

300 Million Hungry People With No Food, No Future, No Sense, No Freedom And Two Billion Guns

I'm not against unregulated gun ownership by humans. It's guns in the hands of Kwanzanians that worries me.

You do the math and tell me how this turns out.

It's not 2002 any more. You don't have to manifest precognition or risk being called a weirdo like me because you draw the most obvious conclusions in the year 2011. It's pretty clear at this stage what is going to happen in the Kwa.

Babies, the other white meat.

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Anonymous said...

from the moment the u.s ceded control of their currency to a foreign body it was always going downhill, it could not ever be any other way.

the nation is wholly harnessed to the yoke of imperialism, a mercenary arm of its financiers. those not involved in 'east india company' (check that flag) type activities serve useful lives as enablers, cheerleaders and useful idiots.

it cannot be rebuilt with the human resources they have at hand.

australia will eventually suffer the same fate, as will all nations that serve the bankers for there will always be a new tax, a new fee, charge, levy, whatever but the bankers can never be satisfied. servitude, failure and 'new deal' type arrangements will always follow fiat.

carbon tax. lol. ...and the selling of same- "big polluters need to pay" etc. fmd. big polluters aren't about to take a pay cut, the slaves are however.