Thursday, March 31, 2011

What is this?

UPDATE: I've got something really important to add to this that I forgot yesterday. People with greater incidence of legacy proteins related to our Neanderthal heritage deposit iron in the brain in different patterns than people who don't have evidence of expression of legacy proteins. It is widely accepted that this may be related to the need to manage blood clotting and blood loss for tribal combat and also a way to manage one's trace minerals in diets that are iron-rich in summer and iron-poor in winter. It might also in fact be an evolutionary adaptation to retain balance, equilibrium and rational thinking during a magnetic reversal. Genes at the other end of the human spectrum, Homo Sapiens, have very different patterns and they don't absorb iron as well or cope with hematochromic levels as well. Sociopaths are purely a phenomenon of Homo Sapiens - is it possible that with the mass media dominated by sociopathic personalities, they'd be far likelier to demonstrate strange behaviours during magnetic changes in the Earth's field? Their brains could be regarded as maladapted for reversal environments. Sorry fellas, I think Tex is onto something here. It also explains the frequency of anemia in journalists.

Something weird. Something weird. Been happening for months now. Sorcha Faal doesn't know her ass from a hole in the ground. I linked to her site because she's got all five videos on the left side of that page. This isn't HAARP or something manmade. It's something scarier. Disruptions in the magnetic field almost certainly make humans act violent and do crazy things. There's no doubt about it. Do increasingly more powerful shifts in the magnetic field make humans talk gibberish? If you were in the backyard and your uncle started to talk this way, you'd have a laugh and chalk it up to him getting a bit tongue tied. If somebody does this on a national broadcast, people take notice. If four people in a row do it within a few months of each other, you'd have to be daft not to wonder if something is going on here. What is the earth's magnetic field doing down there? Some people would be more affected than others, for various reasons. I've heard journalists are often anemic from their hectic lifestyles. You need iron in your brain for it to actually function correctly. If a person has lost enough iron in their brain, would they be the first to show erratic or odd behaviour from strange shifts in the earth's magnetic field? I'd say there's something going on here. That's my hunch and if you've been visiting this site for any length of time you know I'm often in the ballpark somewhere when I get one of these hunches.


Solsys said...

There's a recent movie (2008) where exactly this phenomenon happens (interestingly, it is a "end of the world" kind of movie). The name of the movie is "Pontypool".

Anonymous said...

That is not simply your hunch, Tex. As far as I'm concerned, it is a scientific fact that the electromagnetic forces have tremendous power over the brains of living beings which basically runs on electricity.

The recent bird and the fish deaths happened around this period where the north magnetic pole angles towards friggin' Russia because they rely heavily on the mineral magnetite in their bodies for "magnetoreception", which allows them to sense the polarity or the inclination of the magnetic field to help them navigate the globe in their seasonal migrations. Once the field went haywire they literally went nuts and slammed to the ground from the sky or got washed up on the shore.

Most animals have the mineral magnetite in their bodies, including our own species. We do not rely on it for anything like the whales and starlings, true, but it is scientifically proven that our brains are still susceptible to electromagnetic fields.

-impaired judgment
-aberrations in perception
-psychotic behavior
-heightened bouts of rage
-excessive paranoia

Exposure to variable magnetic field intensities and their effects on the brain and electrochemical thought processes can cause all of the above and then some...

Archeologists have found evidence of unbelievably depraved human sacrifice and similar things in Asia Minor, in ancient sites like Gobeklitepe built around the time of the latest "Magnetic Excursion" that has brought the Younger Dryas with it.

I'm talking about boiled babies in jars here, I kid you not.

Dave, RN said...

It's called "word salad".
"People with receptive aphasia can speak with normal grammar, syntax, rate, intonation and stress, but their language content is incorrect. They may use the wrong words, insert nonexistent words into speech (neologisms), or string normal words together randomly (word salad). They retain the ability to sing or to recite something memorized. This aphasia was first described by Carl Wernicke and its understanding substantially advanced by Norman Geschwind."

Wonder how much these journalists use their cellphones. Just say'n...

Anonymous said...

Why would a magnetic shift affect just a few people and for such a short period of time? I say "a few" because none of the dozens of people I've talked to or listened to in the past six months have shown a symptom like this. Surely it's reasonable to consider other possible explanations than sun-earth magnetic influence?

j said...

That is downright Lovecraftian.

Anonymous said...

Why does every media "reconstruction" of a Neanderthal look like a black person with white skin and a wig?

Anonymous said...

You're nuts.



Texas Arcane said...

I seriously think this is one of the most profound insights I have ever had.

It's a lot more widespread than just a couple journalists in the media.

I've noticed it in the workplace, the street and on the subway. Long pauses where a person forgets what it is they were talking about. Confused speech that doesn't seem to have a purpose that just meanders around without any focus. It's not my imagination.

These five people were just high profile and out in front of the masses. I've seen it getting worse for about two years in the common man.

Don't say I'm crazy just yet. Wait a little longer, you'll see. This will get worse.

Texas Arcane said...

Robert Becker, two time Nobel Prize nominee, thought that solar variations in output disrupted the magnetic field and produced regular madness in mankind. He produced charts that showed the correlation so closely nobody could deny there was a pattern there. Too many sunspots or too few, the entire planet would go insane for brief periods and when they regained their sanity they'd have developed amnesia about it all.

Anonymous said...

Tex, you already know what this is.

Solsys said...

Second attempt at posting this info : a 2008 movie (very low budget TEOTWAWKI movie called "Pontypool" ) has this exact premise : a confusion in language. Problem is, said confusion was epidemic and caused some trouble to sy the least.

Anonymous said...

Just playing devils advocate here Tex:

Do people find it difficult to communicate during MRI scans? I assume the magnetic fields they experience inside those machines, would be far greater than anything they'd experience day to day.

As for people acting retarded, half in most white countries already have an IQ below 100 and as all white countries, are being forced to make the transition to colored countries, it is not going to improve.


Texas Arcane said...

Solsys, you and another poster are frequently turning up as spammers in the comments when I log on. Have you been mass mailing links for porno or something similar? You seem to keep ending up in the spam folder.

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's that other poster who keeps turning up as a spammer along with Solsys here...

I have of course not been consciously mass mailing links for bestiality porno links or anything like that (made me fall out of my chair laughing), but one of my e-mail addresses or even my IP might have been compromised so it could be bad news if that is the case.

I have my main gmail account I'm actively using which I'm pretty sure is safe and protected. I also had an old hotmail one I used for MSN messaging with schoolmates long ago in my teen years that I had forgotten all about it which is suspicious to me now.

Anyway, I'm the IP posting from Istanbul and have been following Vault-Co for two years. I posted many comments as anonymous earlier before which weren't blocked or anything so this spammer categorization must be a new development.

I might try posting with my Google Account next time. I thought you were moderating out some of my recent comments because they were badly written or something. Excessive self-criticism and paranoia are my kryptonite.




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Anonymous said...

I get MRI's done every year in order to montior an ongoing condition. Never had a problem with communicating. In fact they get me to let them know when I'm ready for each image because I have to remain perfectly still and hold my breath. Obviously I don't try to talk while the image is being taken but I'm subjected to alot of them at once, probably at least 20 an hour. The image taking spans from a few seconds to a minute in length and the session has run as long as 2 hours before. I don't suffer from claustrophobia so I usually come out feeling quite relaxed, even a little sleepy. Never had a problem with talking, driving or thinking immediately after either. I'll ask the techs next time if others suffer problems from them.