Monday, March 21, 2011

Waiting For The State To Arrive

It never does. Trust me, I speak from experience. The poor sheeple who always plan not to plan, rather wait for the "guffamint" to show up like the cavalry are the first to die in any breakdown of social structure. Their loose grip on reality, tenuous to begin with, splatters against the brick wall of circumstances within 72 hours when they realize the "guffamint" ain't coming.

The State is the "god" that failed. If your "god" forsakes you, maybe it's time to get a new God, for starters one that isn't some mere human or collection of fools who have to crap with their pants down the same way you do. There are a lot of ridiculous things you can believe in but a group of humans who have never held actual day jobs would have to be one of the stupidest mystery religions of them all.


Marcus said...

For a select few, this might be the awakening they needed. Question is, did it come too late?

Dr. Richard said...

If something of this magnitude happens in the United States, don’t expect any significant amount of aid. Be prepared to help your family first and then help relatives and neighbors. You will be on your own. Get your food and fuel storage in order NOW. Do not wait.

There is a growing run on freeze-dried storage foods with long 20-30+ year shelf lives. Even the LDS Family Home Storage Centers are running out of supplies and are much more crowded than usual. Shelf Reliance still has inventory and is shipping in 2 weeks. I expect all storage food vendors to have multi-month backlogs before the end of this month. The best sources for storage foods are:

1) LDS Family Home Storage Center ** best prices for basics

2) Shelf Reliance **best prices on Freeze-Dried; good quality

3) Mountain House – best freeze-dried but virtually unavailable, mostly shipping to US Govt; Ready Made Resources has some limited inventory

4) Emergency Essentials **have backorders on a lot of products

5) Honeyville Grain

Anonymous said...

spot on, it's difficult to add comments when there's nothing more to be said.

Anonymous said...

>"If your "god" forsakes you, maybe it's time to get a new God"

If people did that, we would have run out of gods a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

What does anyone really expect from the Gov't? It should be known to all but the simple minded that the Gov't exists for itself, not you.

It is never about you.

To paraphrase the late, great George Carlin:

"Good, hard working people continue to elect these rich C-S's who don't give a FK about them. They don't give a FK about you at all."

Truer words have never been spoken.

All you can expect from any politician or rich C-S is lip service and BS. This fact is so difficult to communicate to sheeple, the fact that not only 'they' don't care one iota about you, but that in addition would calmly arrange your death and the death of your loved ones if they could profit even a tiny bit by that action.

The Japanese are finding this out the hard way. The Kwa will as well, and on a national level. And I don't mean a repeat of the real life Action Film: 'Planet of the Apes, New Orleans style' that occurred after Katrina.

I'm talking about the "Good, hard working people" who will soon discover, to their horror, what the Elite thinks of them.

Bible, beans, bullets and band-aids, kiddies. Save you own selves, because almost nobody else gives a damn about you.

Anonymous said...

Hopeychange pushing weapons to Mexican drug cartels to use as an excuse to tighten gun control back home.

Anonymous said...

The ATF 'Gunwalker' scandal most likely made it easier for Barry boy to make up his mind to start bombing Libya.

- deadman

Anonymous said...

Obama, the pariah in his own party:

Ke Borong said...

Tex: "If your "god" forsakes you, maybe it's time to get a new God"

A fascinating turn of phrase for a classic pearl of renascence wisdom. This brings to mind Christ's "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"