Tuesday, March 22, 2011

VOSx86 Compact Model 92K - Works!!!

Of course there is no browser for this version. There is no way I could fit a UI library and HTML widget into this little code. I did however fit an XML parser into 8K. The script language to manage I2C signals and triggers is all working in a single .CPP file.

The packet driver has to be less than 7K and this baby just barely slides into memory on a 128K on a 386 SBC about the size of your thumbnail.

You browse and control this VOS node wherever it is installed with any HTML compliant browser the same way you do any VOS workstation.

My sample app for debugging is a small hydroponics lab managing several beds of plants by recirculating nutrient, heating the bed where necessary, scheduling the lights and keeping track of environmental sensors.

The file directory is virtual and compiled into the build. The HTML templates for all the monitoring and control screens are baked right into the executable and memory is managed by a fixed allocator you control the size of with configuration. The little board I am running on has only 1 MB of flash ram as a "drive" which holds the entire thing.

Of course, the Vault-OS logo and standard header is on every page.


Anonymous said...

I think I understood about 10 percent of that Tex. Are you saying you 'browse' your vault with these things? If so too cool please release a version as-is for people to experiment with.

Anonymous said...

Tex never finishes anything hes always improving it. Just release it mate and you will get lots of free testing and hammering on what you have now. I believe you have something running and its probably amazin but if you dont release it nobody will ever be able to appreciate your talent.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Vaults... this just hit the front page of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper.

This is getting to be "All the rage" these days.

Sam said...

Eye-opening article I thought you would like, Tex :)