Friday, March 18, 2011

Vaults Going Down In Every Direction

Media runs interference, as they are paid to do. Ridicule, present as amusing anecdotal information, generally struggle to keep the sheeple from bolting and starting a stampede. By intercepting word-of-mouth, they can coerce the information into something less threatening and contribute to maintaining the popular notion of what is acceptable discourse and what isn't.

The reason they are running these stories now is because they have to. Ignoring these developments any longer would make them seem ridiculous themselves.

The Chinese have a jump on everybody. A large part of their population inhabits shelters now - except for some reason, the Chinese government is evicting them with sudden conviction that they are going to need them.


Anonymous said...

these pair of sheeple retards had an earthquake/tsunami 'expert' on their show this week.
they were giggling and talking up the possibilities of a hollywood blockbuster based on what was going on in Japan. this was in very very poor taste considering people were/are still dying there.

i wouldnt expect anything but garbage reporting from them.

j said...

You worry too much, Tex. Ann Coulter is assuring us that radiation actually prevents cancer.

I swear to god, we're living in a nightmare science-fiction dystopia.

Anonymous said...

Russia doubling its nuclear missile output:

They must be getting ready for the great globalist utopia party ahead.