Saturday, March 5, 2011

No Such Things As Secret Societies

What I always find fascinating is not the details of these secret organizations, it's that upon looking deeper into them, you invariably find they were founded and are managed by an even deeper cabal above them. So you have people who consider the rest of us useful idiots, when in fact they themselves have handlers who look down upon them as useful idiots in their own right. Many of these middle-tiers are motivated by greed, lust, vanity and pride. As you go higher, you find brighter and more cunning people with much larger frames of reference who do not have the same kinds of narrow minded focus, instead planning for world manipulations and schemes to capture entire societies into their web.

A strong skepticism is a powerful ally when examining anything, no matter how harmless it appears ... because Homo Sapiens is a liar. The meaning of Jacob in Hebrew is "Swindler, One Who Lives By Deceiving." They were liars from the beginning, they are liars now and they will be liars forever. This makes them easy prey for other liars, easily preyed upon with lies and forever subject to the lie. Mankind is an easy mark for scams because he himself is something of a scammer and bullsh*t artist. Deep down, all these assh*les want to be Ozymandias in the Watchmen, it's that some of them have the brains to fulfill their criminal schemes but the majority of them don't and so must wait and serve.

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