Friday, March 18, 2011

Mini ITZ Hitz Within 7 days of this post

Ken Ring is singing again and it ain't a happy tune

This guy nearly always nails it, time and time again. He says ITZ COMING.

MOONAGEDDON - A strong King Tide might be all that is needed for the hair trigger that is tingling in the Pacific

This next one might be a little closer to home, some think. A sort of event that will take the ironic sneer right off a sheeple's face. The prelude is NOW.


Anonymous said...

Eye live in S. Oregon, All the Iodine and Kelp is gone. People are panicking and calling all the pharmacies and what not. Eye had already purchased more KI the moment Eye heard about Japan. Within a few days all orders from were canceled due to out-of-stock. Eye received mine yesterday, not that Eye didn't already have plenty, Eye am on Vault-Co.. "hehe".
Anyways, standing in the aisle of a local Co-op, looking at an alternative thyroid medication, (that nobody was smart enough to know it had Iodine and Potassium in it), Eye had a chat.
An older women told me she was going to Hawaii and was slightly worried. The clerk told her they were out of Iodine, he didn't know when it would be in, Eye interjected and showed them what they still had on the shelve that would work. Eye thought to myself, "really, how stupid lady", then, being seemingly kind, Eye told her precautions and side effects. Eye left her to her fate, no sense interfearing with God's plan.
The government seized all backstock because allegedly their stock was expiring this year. Which Eye don't doubt, but the timing, well, like everything else that happens so coicidentally here, was a red flag. Access to Iodine has vanished and chucklehead Obama says "trust us, don't worry".
Most are totally oblivious in the US, nobody can see past their own egos. Eye pray for us all now almost daily, Eye hear/see/feel what's coming.

"Think hundredth monkey, and pray your ass off".

Much love fellow mammals, and good luck, you'll f*cking need it.

Anonymous said...

Amerikwa: A joke nation with a joke as a President.

Seriously, Tex. It boggles the mind how the nation once called America ended up being ruled by such spineless tools that are dragged into military conflicts by nations such as France that are only looking to reaffirm themselves militarily because they're falling back financially and politically (to Germany). So here we go all over again:

- Oil prices skyrocketing

-senseless bombardments of unarmed civilians by those who, supposedly, came to "protect" them and unjustified bombardments of the country's infrastructure so that big western contractors get richer by rebuilding them, later.

- More civil war, unrest, poverty and suffering than prior to the military action.

Don't they ever learn?

This is a neo-colonial attitude on part of Britain and France, that reminds us the African campaign of Italy prior to WW 2 which was done more or less for the same reasons(to reaffirm its power because it was feeling threatened by the growing German presence on the continent ant it's that same reason that made Italy later invade Albania and Greece.)

Anonymous said...

Are you going to follow up on this when after 7 days nothing has happened?


Anonymous said...

Russian expert: "Earthquake in Japan is major event in the planet's seismic activity."

Anonymous said...

Time's up!