Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mindblowingly Falloutish Tech

You got to see these things. Incredible. Dropped just like the rest of the civil defense program once they shot John F. Kennedy and sucked the resolve out of the entire country. You just know there is an alternate universe where Kennedy took a different route that day and the entire nation was turned into one gigantic Switzerland. Today it would be the most powerful, prosperous and secure country on the entire planet, still 95% European stock and one of the world's largest lender nations. Our streets in the United States would be dead ringers for Fallout 3 architecture and Jetsons-style technology. Unfortunately, we apparently landed in the other quantum thread with the dystopian bankrupted hellhole nuked into oblivion. Bummer.


Anonymous said...

It wasn't Kennedy's killing that did them in. It was subversive groups operating within the USA, paid agents of the KGB, who were masters of subversion.

Little known fact: All of the people called up before McCarthy Hearings, accused of being Communists, were found to be paid agents of the KGB, when their files were opened after the fall of the USSR.

But the MSM does not talk about that. I wonder why...?

What's funny is the USSR Commies are long gone, but the wound they inflicted on America using subversion was fatal.

But who knows, perhaps subversion will be used to turn things around? Whites are at their most creative, when the pressure is on. America is finished, so something new and better will rise from the corpse?

Rowan said...

Great link Tex, straight from the parallel world of fallout 3. I will create a warning beacon which looks like NEAR to honor the great minds of that lost age.

Ke Borong said...

Anon Mar. 27: It's little known because it's an easily disproved nugget of pure, unadulterated nonsense. Charlie Chaplin: accused, innocent. No KGB affiliation whatsoever, and no claims of any legitimate records of such activity before this idiotic rumor was promulgated by that most maddeningly sociopathic of all media hacks, Ann "Facts are Subjective" Coulter. The success of your position depends entirely on the reader's decision to read the low reading level spiteful drivel she and her ilk put out and refuse to check the sources they cite. In the case of her Treason, which popularized this myth, nearly all of the actual documentation she cites as evidence directly and unambiguously refutes her claims.

Tex: An excellent thesis as usual and a powerful vision. I can't pass up the "European stock" bullshit without this quick comment, but your corporate-instilled, pseudoscience-backed racial superiority complex is an issue for another time. Just be aware that others just as well informed as you believe you're swallowing as much hogwash as anyone else on that score.