Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Mass Media Always Insists It's A Local Phenomenon

... and if your IQ is higher than room temperature then this should make you suspicious. Why do they always insist that these phenomena are due to some local cause when they are going on worldwide everywhere we look?!?

The clock of the Ice Ages is lockstep with volcanism, earthquake activity and magnetic reversals. This isn't an Irwin Allen film about quakes or fires or some theme. It's real and it's about a lot of different things because the forces of nature are interconnected.

The trillion dollar question is ... what do governments know worldwide? What are they avoiding talking about and what are their stooges in the media keeping from your delicate peasant ears?

I reckon right around the time we launched the first Vault-Co site in 1999, there were people in government who had figured it out the same way we did. Using new ice core analysis in combination with recent discoveries about previous cycles, they realized ITZ COMING.


Anonymous said...

My premise is that TPTB has to be 100% certain of what they are preparing for. They aren't spending this amount of time and resources for a "maybe" or a "highly-likely" event.

They saw something in 1983 with a infrared detecting satellite called IRAS which confirmed what was theorized in the 70's. There's something wicked coming our way.

I don't know what it is, but I reckon it's getting real close now.

When they send the crew of the space station home and don't replace them we will have a few weeks/months at best.

TPTB have already shut down several satellites, are closing down the space shuttle program, have stopped making data from the Near Earth Object program available to the public, are moving certain libraries underground, are deleting selected EQ events from the USGS Internet sites, like ones recorded in Yellowstone, Iceland, Missouri/Arkansas and a few others.


Anonymous said...

Here are some links concerning the effort by the PTB to move libraries and such underground:

Other sites going or gone underground:

Of course, this is all just a coincidence I'm sure. Keep in mind that the above links are just a fraction of what one can find with a little searching on the Internet. I excluded the hundreds gov't bunkers recently built or expanded, like the old one under the Greenbriar Hotel at White Sulphur Springs, WV.....