Thursday, March 31, 2011

What is this?

UPDATE: I've got something really important to add to this that I forgot yesterday. People with greater incidence of legacy proteins related to our Neanderthal heritage deposit iron in the brain in different patterns than people who don't have evidence of expression of legacy proteins. It is widely accepted that this may be related to the need to manage blood clotting and blood loss for tribal combat and also a way to manage one's trace minerals in diets that are iron-rich in summer and iron-poor in winter. It might also in fact be an evolutionary adaptation to retain balance, equilibrium and rational thinking during a magnetic reversal. Genes at the other end of the human spectrum, Homo Sapiens, have very different patterns and they don't absorb iron as well or cope with hematochromic levels as well. Sociopaths are purely a phenomenon of Homo Sapiens - is it possible that with the mass media dominated by sociopathic personalities, they'd be far likelier to demonstrate strange behaviours during magnetic changes in the Earth's field? Their brains could be regarded as maladapted for reversal environments. Sorry fellas, I think Tex is onto something here. It also explains the frequency of anemia in journalists.

Something weird. Something weird. Been happening for months now. Sorcha Faal doesn't know her ass from a hole in the ground. I linked to her site because she's got all five videos on the left side of that page. This isn't HAARP or something manmade. It's something scarier. Disruptions in the magnetic field almost certainly make humans act violent and do crazy things. There's no doubt about it. Do increasingly more powerful shifts in the magnetic field make humans talk gibberish? If you were in the backyard and your uncle started to talk this way, you'd have a laugh and chalk it up to him getting a bit tongue tied. If somebody does this on a national broadcast, people take notice. If four people in a row do it within a few months of each other, you'd have to be daft not to wonder if something is going on here. What is the earth's magnetic field doing down there? Some people would be more affected than others, for various reasons. I've heard journalists are often anemic from their hectic lifestyles. You need iron in your brain for it to actually function correctly. If a person has lost enough iron in their brain, would they be the first to show erratic or odd behaviour from strange shifts in the earth's magnetic field? I'd say there's something going on here. That's my hunch and if you've been visiting this site for any length of time you know I'm often in the ballpark somewhere when I get one of these hunches.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Kwanzania, Nation of the Damned

They were damned to hell even before they were born. When God was planning the universe, he had assigned to them to ranks of the damned long before they even came into existence. It is their fate to be crushed into the dust of the earth and to be swept aside in a heap of radioactive slag when the time comes. Their nation will be forgotten and abandoned in the dustbin of history until it's name is stricken from human memory. The crows will pick out their eye sockets and there will be no memory of them or their works. Very soon, it will be as if they had never been born, so swiftly will they be erased from the pages of time. Good riddance to bad rubbish. When God is your terrorist, there is no anti-terrorist program that works. Remember that for every case discovered like the one described, you can be certain there are a thousand horrific crimes just like it that will never be discovered. These children of the devil are a race of murderers and babykillers born into cowardice and ignominy.
Leviticus 26:29
"And ye shall eat the flesh of your sons, and the flesh of your daughters shall ye eat."
Proverbs 1
"I will also laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your dread comes, When your dread comes like a storm And your calamity comes like a whirlwind, When distress and anguish come upon you. Then they will call on me, but I will not answer; They will seek me diligently but they will not find me, Because they hated knowledge And did not choose the fear of the LORD. They would not accept my counsel, They spurned all my reproof. So they shall eat of the fruit of their own way And be satiated with their own devices. For the waywardness of the naive will kill them, And the complacency of fools will destroy them. But he who listens to me shall live securely And will be at ease from the dread of evil.”

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mindblowingly Falloutish Tech

You got to see these things. Incredible. Dropped just like the rest of the civil defense program once they shot John F. Kennedy and sucked the resolve out of the entire country. You just know there is an alternate universe where Kennedy took a different route that day and the entire nation was turned into one gigantic Switzerland. Today it would be the most powerful, prosperous and secure country on the entire planet, still 95% European stock and one of the world's largest lender nations. Our streets in the United States would be dead ringers for Fallout 3 architecture and Jetsons-style technology. Unfortunately, we apparently landed in the other quantum thread with the dystopian bankrupted hellhole nuked into oblivion. Bummer.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Vaults Proliferate Like Crazy - Where is the automation system for the civilian?

Vault-OS V1.0 is on the way. It's going to blow your mind. As usual, I make this stuff look easy. You'd never guess it took about 8 years of tinkering to figure out the right way to do it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Vortex of Death" / "The Apocalypse Trifecta"

Vault-Co was there first.

By the way, I heard of the work of Alexander Chizhevsky back in 1991 when I found a weird "earth mysteries" hardback at the bottom of a huge cardboard box filled with the complete paperback works of Alistair Maclean. I sold the paperbacks in a single day at a dollar each out in front of Grand Central Station, while I sat on top of a plastic milk crate and read a chapter about Chizhevsky's ideas.

Some of our fellow men have known that ITZ COMING for some time. Some of them for hundreds .... or even thousands of years.

What you don't know can kill you.

It's not a "Bunker." It's a VAULT.

A shelter belowground designed to protect civilians against averse conditions is not a military purposed structure. It has no military function.

Poor sheeple have so much to unlearn in so short a time - what are the odds?

Cross Platform VOS With Open Watcom

I have amazing news. Last night I was able to load five different projects files into the Open Watcom IDE and compiled all five seamlessly for different platforms without a hitch. All of them ran flawlessly in their target environments except one.

VOSx86, DOS-16, DOS-32, VOS-W32 and VOS-LX32 compiled each with a couple of warnings and each one left an executable in a build directory ready for deployment in their corresponding environments.

The VOSx86.exe ran a small embedded web server inside a small 8086 compatible with 128K RAM with output to console and a serial VFD display. No browser running on this device but anything on the network could connect to this IP address and browse Central Services for VOS. That includes optional password authentication for security where desired assigned by page! Small device victory!

The DOS-16 web service ran under Desqview-X and I was able to browse the service with the Arachne web browser for 16 bits! Standard DOS Environment for SBCs Victory!! (Mosaic web browser for Desqview-X is stabler but with fewer features) I may look into Breadbox Ensemble as it has both an HTML Browser and a PDF viewer built-in. I am not sure how to get the packet driver running for the ethernet connection.

The DOS-32 web service ran in protected mode under Causeway and I was able to browse the server at the same time with the WXHTML widget and look at PDFs with the WXPDF widget with the server running in the background! 32 Bit Protected Mode victory!!

The VOS-LX32.exe ran in UMSDOS on top of a DOS installation of Basic Linux and I was able to browse the server in true multitasking with the extremely compact Dillo web browser and look at the PDF files with a very small PDF viewer! Linux OS Victory!

... then I tried to run the VOS-W32.exe on my development box, a Windows 2000 Server ... and spent the next two hours figuring out how to shut off IIS so I could properly bind to WinSock on port 80. Classic windoze experience in problem solving. I did however solve it and got that version running too, shortly before midnight.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

VOSx86 Compact Model 92K - Works!!!

Of course there is no browser for this version. There is no way I could fit a UI library and HTML widget into this little code. I did however fit an XML parser into 8K. The script language to manage I2C signals and triggers is all working in a single .CPP file.

The packet driver has to be less than 7K and this baby just barely slides into memory on a 128K on a 386 SBC about the size of your thumbnail.

You browse and control this VOS node wherever it is installed with any HTML compliant browser the same way you do any VOS workstation.

My sample app for debugging is a small hydroponics lab managing several beds of plants by recirculating nutrient, heating the bed where necessary, scheduling the lights and keeping track of environmental sensors.

The file directory is virtual and compiled into the build. The HTML templates for all the monitoring and control screens are baked right into the executable and memory is managed by a fixed allocator you control the size of with configuration. The little board I am running on has only 1 MB of flash ram as a "drive" which holds the entire thing.

Of course, the Vault-OS logo and standard header is on every page.

California, Oregon or Hawaii?

Oregon is not often mentioned with California because most people don't know it's geological history.

9.0 quakes occur with extraordinary frequency off the coast of Oregon, generated by a subduction. The resulting tsunami could be much larger than the Boxing Day Quake in 2004 off Indonesia. This state consists of extremely built-up modern cities and towns with populations at risk in excess of Japan.

Getting Ready For The Globalist Utopia That Was Promised

Everybody is getting ready. There are going to be dancing smurfs and everybody will have their own rainbow pony and everybody is going to have all their wishes come true. You stay here and keep watching for it while they slide the hatch shut over their own vaults. If you close your eyes you can just see the pony parades we'll have in the multikulti wonderland when it gets here. Pay no attention to that odor of cordite, burning flesh and dead babies. It's just the transitional period that's rough.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Waiting For The State To Arrive

It never does. Trust me, I speak from experience. The poor sheeple who always plan not to plan, rather wait for the "guffamint" to show up like the cavalry are the first to die in any breakdown of social structure. Their loose grip on reality, tenuous to begin with, splatters against the brick wall of circumstances within 72 hours when they realize the "guffamint" ain't coming.

The State is the "god" that failed. If your "god" forsakes you, maybe it's time to get a new God, for starters one that isn't some mere human or collection of fools who have to crap with their pants down the same way you do. There are a lot of ridiculous things you can believe in but a group of humans who have never held actual day jobs would have to be one of the stupidest mystery religions of them all.

Rupert Murdoch, Comic Book Supervillain

Murdoch has been found out. He has essentially been using his media engine to steer entire governments under his control. His tentacles extend over the entire planet and together with his fellow travelers like George Soros, he has been engineering elections and installing puppet leadership across the Western world.

If there is any justice, there will be prosecutions for internal treason and sedition against this media monolith in every nation he has set up shop.

The funny thing is, "conspiracy nuts" have been saying just this very thing for decades. Turns out, they were right. Everyone else was wrong.

Will We Get Thorium For Vaults Before Civilization Collapses?

I heard about this stuff as a substitute for uranium many years ago and didn't know what to make of it.

Imagine a shoebox sized device that generates 12 volts at 10 amps for the next 300 years with no hazardous waste and no radioactive emissions above those in a piece of granite. It would be the ultimate shelter energy device.

Where is it? I believe the science was done forty years ago and forgotten.

Oil and uranium are painted as the only possible sources of energy because people profit from them being thought of in this way. The alternative would not make them as much money. This is why this science is kept canned and incognito from the sheeple.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

VAULT-OS: Configuration and Operating Systems

Working for the last year with legacy network systems in DOS has helped me to appreciate just how difficult to maintain and configure the Windows operating system really is.

To configure both your network and the I2c monitor under a DOS boot, you need to have three drivers installed. Two of them I include in the installation package for Vault-OS. If you are unable to find a packet driver for your ethernet card, you can always try a compatible driver, including the universal packet driver which I intend to distribute with Vault-OS.

You have three lines in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file required to load these drivers and from then on you have access to a TCP-IP network, HTTP server and I2C monitor. There's just very little that can actually go wrong once you leap from this boot into 32 bit protected mode. Assuming I can eliminate the bugs from my code, this system will then run until the cows come home.

Windows, by contrast ... is a labyrinthine nightmare in which you never know for certain if anything is really "working" correctly for sure. You cross your fingers and hope what you see in configuration wizards is what is actually happening in your final setup. When bugs show up ... does anyone really know what causes them? Microsoft will tell you to reinstall everything. If that doesn't work, they may tell you to reformat your hard drive and start over again. It's crazy. How can anybody troubleshoot this crap in a post-apocalyptic setting? Too many factors depending on Microsoft to get a new system replaced/repaired/running again. When you're all on your own and you may only have one manual (my book) it is simply too many factors to expect to always install and configure windows correctly.

The only reason I have a compile working for Win-32 is because I need the Microsoft Speech API SDK to power Thinkboy's interaction with the user. There is no counterpart under Linux that is open source. Even then, I want a minimal Windows installation, the least necessary OS skeleton required to power up Vault-OS and the MSAPI. This is why I have been doing all my 32 bit windows testing under NT Workstation, the tiniest 32 bit framework ever released by Micro$oft. It requires no more than 16 megs to run and it is a stripped down installation with the barest prerequisites to support 32 bit Windows programs, Open GL (Mesa) and the MS Speech SDK. I use the same sockets library under DOS for both 16 bit and 32 bit implementations. In my experiments with NT Workstation over the past year, I have found it the easiest of any of the versions of windows to install on any machine and have it work the first time with Vault-OS.

I've been tinkering with this stuff for many years now and I intend for my own setup to consist of a handful of minimal VOS-86 mini SBCs, a couple DOS-16 devices, mostly DOS-32 protected mode workstations and one master machine that runs under Windows solely to take advantage of the Microsoft Speech API for Thinkboy as the command center. A few months ago I had these systems under different compilers, including Turbo C++ and Borland 5.5 - now they are all targets for Open Watcom in a single directory structure. I think this consolidation is clear evidence I am starting to get the sort of organization requred to release this as an open source product on SourceForge.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Down in the Hollow Places With The Dead Men

One notes the loss of initiative, even in matters of sexuality. A slow decrepitude has set in which appears to make even anger become an impossibility.

There is certainly something in the water, perhaps something potent enough to make people lose the volition to worry that something might be in the water ... or whether their President might be legally unqualified for the position ... or even if their nation is being run by people who do not have their best interests at heart.

There is an air of fatigue in modern people that always causes me to pull up short on my thoughts, knowing full well I will not have an audience by the time I finish. I curtail myself in speech with others because I know their languor is so great it prohibits keeping their attention for more than a sentence or a paragraph at a time. Complex things and complex ideas greatly elude them, even ridiculous to contemplate when in their company because of their context. How do you convey an idea with three necessary conclusions to a person who is incapable of reaching even one?

These people are supposed to be thoroughly civilized but I detect something in most of them that speaks of barbarism without the vigor. They have the attention span of barbarians but none of the capacity for rage or zest to live. They are like humans with all the good parts rinsed out and bleached to colorlessness.

P.S. For those of you who may have never heard about it, the Japanese Government openly concedes to adding lithium to their drinking water for the specific purpose of controlling the population. It is not a secret. This powerful drug can have different affects on people which vary quite widely, including the creation of "herbivores" as often seen in Japanese males, similar to heavily medicated patients in mental institutions. The difference between the West and the East is that the East admits to it.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Vaults Going Down In Every Direction

Media runs interference, as they are paid to do. Ridicule, present as amusing anecdotal information, generally struggle to keep the sheeple from bolting and starting a stampede. By intercepting word-of-mouth, they can coerce the information into something less threatening and contribute to maintaining the popular notion of what is acceptable discourse and what isn't.

The reason they are running these stories now is because they have to. Ignoring these developments any longer would make them seem ridiculous themselves.

The Chinese have a jump on everybody. A large part of their population inhabits shelters now - except for some reason, the Chinese government is evicting them with sudden conviction that they are going to need them.

Hissy Fit Over Hail Of Hormesis On Hollywood

Hollow claims of hoofed hysterics about a halcyon blowing in off Japan.

The horned herd believe if they imbibe a highball of iodide they will preserve their health with histology.

Sheeple is not a learning animal.

Helen Thomas Stating The Obvious

See the comments. Cointelpro wrote a couple of checks this week for certain.

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, smells like a duck, swims like a duck, acts like a duck, quacks like a duck ... it's a duck, already.

Who else would be able to keep Obama's entire life history a secret, if he were not a puppet of the interests who put him into power?

To date, Obama has never been compelled by anyone in media, government or the courts to ever produce official, original, documented evidence supporting the biography America has been told about him, including his original, 1961 birth documentation, his Hawaiian kindergarten records, Punahou school records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis work, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, scholarly articles from the University of Chicago, passport application, passports issued, medical records, his files from his years as an Illinois state senator, his Illinois State Bar Association records, church baptism records allegedly purvey by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and his adoption records filed in 1965 upon his mother’s marriage to an Indonesian.

“America’s lack of character is manifesting,” says Taylor.

“The terrible, foreboding truth is that Obama is an unknown variable with no authentic identity as we know of. The very fact that he has been allowed to be President shows how far we have fallen from our responsibility to secure the authentic identity of our leadership and, therefore, our nation. He could actually be anyone with any intention and we have no way of knowing the truth about him or opposing the lies that have obviously been told,” warns Taylor.

The weight of this story is so crushing upon the collective minds of America’s political and legal class that people like Huckabee find themselves enslaved by their desire for political legitimacy in the minds of the dissonant politically-minded, rather than risk the consequences of revealing that a member of their own ruling class might actually be the most prolific political criminal in American history. Even a principled man like Mike Huckabee has been pushed by the idea of such a distasteful necessity into seeking political favor for power’s sake over his duty to uphold the highest possible standards for our elected ruling class. The impact of the precedence set by allowing rulership to a shadow figure like Obama is that we now have no justification for stopping someone more evil…and more deceptive. What’s next? How long until America be so weakened by its spineless, liberal shame and sense of entitlement to not be offended that we fail to prevent the election of a radical Muslim, posing as a Christian…with loyalties to rogue foreign influences…who was actually born in America?

“This is how great nations die,” says Taylor, “This is how the history of mankind defines the fall of civilizations. By first weakening the will of its populous with misinformation and economic hardship. Then, under the guise of righteous rescue, tyrants, despots and usurpers are allowed to confiscate power under the purveyance of lies and deception about their true identity and intentions saying they seek to remake the world. If Obama doesn’t fit this model, how can anyone say Hitler was as bad as history says he was.”

Mini ITZ Hitz Within 7 days of this post

Ken Ring is singing again and it ain't a happy tune

This guy nearly always nails it, time and time again. He says ITZ COMING.

MOONAGEDDON - A strong King Tide might be all that is needed for the hair trigger that is tingling in the Pacific

This next one might be a little closer to home, some think. A sort of event that will take the ironic sneer right off a sheeple's face. The prelude is NOW.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Piers Corbyn : Itz Coming

You know it's time to panic when everybody starts to sound like Vault-Co ten years ago.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Major Quake

Major Damage


Too early to estimate death toll

Thousands or more feared dead

U.S. Dollar Soon To Be On Par With Birdcage Liner

It's being dumped everywhere you look.

It's not just "shifting out of place as a reserve currency," it's collapsing. Weimar style hyperinflation cannot possibly be far behind.

Christchurch "Aftershocks"

Sure, that's what they are. "Aftershocks."

Or maybe the quake was just one of the same type of shocks which have been occurring non-stop for weeks now, it just hit in the right spot. Think of it as a "Pre-Shock" if anything.

Christchurch should be evacuated without delay.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

VOSx86 : ITZ COMING!!!!!

UPDATE #2 : VOS markup language for service delivery between nodes is working, right alongside HTML requests. Architecture transmits VOSML as JSON embedded data inside the "script" tags. Looks fantastic. Screenshots soon.

UPDATE : Ported the code from Turbo C++ 3.0 to Open Watcom 1.9 and now have the same code base compiling and running under DOS16, DOS32 and Windows XP/2000/NT environments. Platform independent web server and platform independent browser, platform independent I2C and platform independent Parallel Port controllers. Runs with or without LAN connected, supports PPP, SLIP and Modem driven network connections. Also found a way to support Novell Client32 in DOS with ODI packet driver using same code base. If you can't find a packet driver for your Ethernet card, almost all manufacturers are still making ODI drivers for DOS to support Novell networks. Virtual web directories of services, interface controllers, information and archives with standard .CSS and HTML layouts. No frames or support beyond HTML 3.0, may soon support AJAX style constructs in ECMAScript for better refreshing of real-time data. Had this running in 384K MS-DOS and FreeDOS in 16 bit real mode.

All I can tell you is, it's going to be more than most people could've possibly imagined anyone could get running on an 8086/8088 device. I can assure you, it will blow your mind. You will wonder how I crammed so much into so little.

It's now at 114K for the DOS 16-bit exe. It's so tiny it will run on very small x86 compatible devices, including DOS Stamp, Flash EX-86, etc.

Here's what this tiny program does ...

1. Provides customizable, configurable control and scheduling of all devices on an I2C line and a Parallel Port. Simple .INI files and a VOS BASIC interpreter provide all scripting functions.
2. Is a real-time web server over HTTP allowing anyone with a browser to control the installation remotely. Any browser supporting timer refresh will be viewing and operating on real-time data. I've tried it with the Arachne browser (for DOS) and the built-in browser inside one of my thin clients, worked flawlessly with both of them.
3. Delivers up a virtual directory of web services that can be customized for each shelter in which it runs. Provides an index page for all services just like a real web server if no link specified.
4. Any x86 device can be customized to handle the area of the shelter it manages and will plug seamlessly into the total VOS system once it is running. You can have one manage your generator room, another for your inventory system, another box running your environmental control or hydroponics lab. It is the same program configured differently for each setting.

I know, you don't believe it. Wait until you see it. I've spent a lot of time coding this thing and have thrown out about 100,000 lines looking for the perfect paradigm to sit at the base of the VOS networked system. I got it. This is it.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Christchurch Keeps On "Aftershocking"

Except aftershocks don't get more powerful or almost as powerful as the original quake. They get weaker as a result of settling. Maybe these aren't aftershocks. Maybe they are preludes to the entire Pacific Plate that New Zealand sits on getting ready to do something crazy.

No Such Things As Secret Societies

What I always find fascinating is not the details of these secret organizations, it's that upon looking deeper into them, you invariably find they were founded and are managed by an even deeper cabal above them. So you have people who consider the rest of us useful idiots, when in fact they themselves have handlers who look down upon them as useful idiots in their own right. Many of these middle-tiers are motivated by greed, lust, vanity and pride. As you go higher, you find brighter and more cunning people with much larger frames of reference who do not have the same kinds of narrow minded focus, instead planning for world manipulations and schemes to capture entire societies into their web.

A strong skepticism is a powerful ally when examining anything, no matter how harmless it appears ... because Homo Sapiens is a liar. The meaning of Jacob in Hebrew is "Swindler, One Who Lives By Deceiving." They were liars from the beginning, they are liars now and they will be liars forever. This makes them easy prey for other liars, easily preyed upon with lies and forever subject to the lie. Mankind is an easy mark for scams because he himself is something of a scammer and bullsh*t artist. Deep down, all these assh*les want to be Ozymandias in the Watchmen, it's that some of them have the brains to fulfill their criminal schemes but the majority of them don't and so must wait and serve.

Fred Hoyle was right. Everybody else was wrong.

As usual.

If you offer a viewpoint that others instinctively sneer at, investigate further. You must be onto something. The average man can't learn and he can't reason, believing consensus is the same thing as being right. In fact, the consensus is always wrong.

Hoyle and his indian colleague figured this stuff out decades ago, with millions of eggheads ridiculing them from the peanut gallery in opposition.

Hoyle is just another genius who deserved the Nobel prize for a dozen different discoveries who was instead rewarded with ostracism and complete blacklisting by the entire "scientific" community.

A completely objective observer of the Nobel committee might conclude that after the 1950's, the most important criteria of whether or not a person would receive a Nobel Prize is whether or not they were Jewish. Their actual contribution to science might be nonexistent or minimal, it wouldn't matter. Just being properly cut on the penis would be enough to walk down the red carpet and get your prize. A survey of all the gentiles rejected for a Nobel prize to the detriment of all mankind would probably fill an entire book and a list of all the scientific innovations that failed to be capitalized on or developed because of this failure to recognize genius wherever it appeared, regardless of ethnic standing, would fill a hundred volumes.

The next time you look around you and wonder what happened to our Jetsons future, replaced by this sad third world toilet of bureaucrats we currently live in, you should understand that sufficient social engineering from the inside can destroy any civilization. The fact is, we had a surplus of genius and invention to stumble upon but our society simply got up and wandered off as if nothing had happened. The world we live in now is what is left when all the real brains have been shut out. The fact is, there aren't that many of these guys to go around and if you make a concerted effort to reduce each and every one of them to a laughingstock and utterly reject their insights and reduce them to penury, you tend to get the kind of civilization you deserve.

This ultimately is the definition of the decline phase. It is the failure to capitalize on your genius that seals your doom.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Biggest Threat That Organized Medicine Has Ever Faced

It's the original vitamin. It's public domain. It's simple. It cannot be patented or controlled.

Unless they deliberately intercept shipments in the warehouse and secretly poison them the way they did with Tryptophan, there is no way to keep people away from Vitamin-D supplementation.

The need for this vitamin during long term shelter stays cannot be understated. There are many ways to acquire it in substantial doses, but I recommend storing the capsules if nothing else.

I don't expect you to wade through a thousand .PDFs the way I do in any given week on the subject, so you'll just have to take my word for it. Vitamin-D is a miracle substance. No, really. Not like a testimonial. It really is a miracle substance. It makes so much sense in evolutionary terms for us to derive so much of our healthy metabolic function from this vitamin since we make it for free from the Sun and get lots of it in fish. It's always been available as an enzyme, no matter where we were at the time in our history.

You should always be ready for the counter-propaganda push. The pharmaceuticals companies are going to pour millions and millions of dollars into their lackey research institutions over coming years to try to confuse, obfuscate and discredit all this research over the past thirty years, but it's become an unstoppable tsunami of information.

February, The Month When Winter Abates

Psyche! I lied!

Wake up and smell the hoarfrost.

Flip-Flopping Butterballin' Lip Flappin' Jibberjabber Consensual Consensus of Lunatics

Modern science is a laughingstock of low-rent, no-talent bums who can't get proper day jobs. Science today is just another civil service job paid for by the State to produce the results that serve their political ends.

Any layman can look up and feel the Sun on his face and know that something funny is happening to the planet and we don't have anything at all to do with it.

Believing we can affect these things by sorting our paper and plastic into waste bins is no better or worse than the crudest animal magic religions of the Neolithic. It's for badly adjusted people who are too scared of reality to imagine a world they cannot control, a world where they are not prime movers but rather simple chimps forced to adapt and react, not the other way around.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Britain Will Soon Cease To Exist

If you're a good atheist, you'll know why.

I could take a couple of newspapers and some DVDs with me in a time machine back to 1942 and within 8 hours the entire British army would have defected to the German side. I'm no fan of WW2 Germany, I'm telling the unvarnished truth. All I would have to do is to show them what would happen to Britain after the war was over. They would tear off their uniforms, throw down their guns and run to the German side asking them how they could help. That's the honest truth.

The fantasy of multikult is that you can put millions of people with no common culture, no common interests and no common context into the same land mass and they will be good neighbors "just because." That's a religious faith that is more irrational than the ancient barbaric practices of the Druids. Such affairs always end in rivers of blood and babies, the other white meat.

If man learned from history, the world would look radically different from the way it looks now. Man does not learn from history because man is not a learning animal. 95% of the population can no more learn or reason than can a popinjay. They are just bright enough to put on manpants when they get up in the morning but it ends there.

This would be an unrivaled slaughter in the making in the best of times. Throw in a couple salts like natural climate change and synchronize it with the decline of the West, you've got the Apocalypse Trifecta.

There have been multiracial societies that have prospered for a short while, as long as the people in them were strongly bound by rigid mutual principles and shared religious faiths. We know about them in history. There are no records of prosperous multicultural regimes in the pages of history because none of them ever lasts much more than a generation before they are destroyed either from without or within. The stakes are higher in the modern world. The barbarians will be packing nuclear weapons this time when they breach the city gates that nobody can be found to defend.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Mass Media Always Insists It's A Local Phenomenon

... and if your IQ is higher than room temperature then this should make you suspicious. Why do they always insist that these phenomena are due to some local cause when they are going on worldwide everywhere we look?!?

The clock of the Ice Ages is lockstep with volcanism, earthquake activity and magnetic reversals. This isn't an Irwin Allen film about quakes or fires or some theme. It's real and it's about a lot of different things because the forces of nature are interconnected.

The trillion dollar question is ... what do governments know worldwide? What are they avoiding talking about and what are their stooges in the media keeping from your delicate peasant ears?

I reckon right around the time we launched the first Vault-Co site in 1999, there were people in government who had figured it out the same way we did. Using new ice core analysis in combination with recent discoveries about previous cycles, they realized ITZ COMING.