Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fukushima Plant In Japan Explodes Spreading Radioactive Ash Into Air = Asian Chernobyl??

Had to hit after a month of serious unrest across the Middle East and skyrocketing oil prices. Of course, people will always blame the flashpoint, not the underlying weaknesses that led to such volatility. Healthy societies don't collapse in a house of cards. You first have to live obliviously in a house of cards before your house of cards collapses and people suddenly realize they were living in a house of cards. Oh right, they say. The house of cards and everything. Bummer. It's the flashpoint's fault, then.


Anonymous said...

"Healthy societies don't collapse in a house of cards."

We don't even have an unhealthy society anymore.

Until the last 50 years or so, we looked after our own and defended our collective interests. But now even the conservatives are giving everything away, that our ancestors fought for and built up for us. You expect that from anti-white lefties, but conservatives as well?

So you call it a society? I ask, what society? The lights are on in this house, but it is empty.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - no 1929 Japanese earthquakes :