Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fred Hoyle was right. Everybody else was wrong.

As usual.

If you offer a viewpoint that others instinctively sneer at, investigate further. You must be onto something. The average man can't learn and he can't reason, believing consensus is the same thing as being right. In fact, the consensus is always wrong.

Hoyle and his indian colleague figured this stuff out decades ago, with millions of eggheads ridiculing them from the peanut gallery in opposition.

Hoyle is just another genius who deserved the Nobel prize for a dozen different discoveries who was instead rewarded with ostracism and complete blacklisting by the entire "scientific" community.

A completely objective observer of the Nobel committee might conclude that after the 1950's, the most important criteria of whether or not a person would receive a Nobel Prize is whether or not they were Jewish. Their actual contribution to science might be nonexistent or minimal, it wouldn't matter. Just being properly cut on the penis would be enough to walk down the red carpet and get your prize. A survey of all the gentiles rejected for a Nobel prize to the detriment of all mankind would probably fill an entire book and a list of all the scientific innovations that failed to be capitalized on or developed because of this failure to recognize genius wherever it appeared, regardless of ethnic standing, would fill a hundred volumes.

The next time you look around you and wonder what happened to our Jetsons future, replaced by this sad third world toilet of bureaucrats we currently live in, you should understand that sufficient social engineering from the inside can destroy any civilization. The fact is, we had a surplus of genius and invention to stumble upon but our society simply got up and wandered off as if nothing had happened. The world we live in now is what is left when all the real brains have been shut out. The fact is, there aren't that many of these guys to go around and if you make a concerted effort to reduce each and every one of them to a laughingstock and utterly reject their insights and reduce them to penury, you tend to get the kind of civilization you deserve.

This ultimately is the definition of the decline phase. It is the failure to capitalize on your genius that seals your doom.

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