Friday, March 4, 2011

Flip-Flopping Butterballin' Lip Flappin' Jibberjabber Consensual Consensus of Lunatics

Modern science is a laughingstock of low-rent, no-talent bums who can't get proper day jobs. Science today is just another civil service job paid for by the State to produce the results that serve their political ends.

Any layman can look up and feel the Sun on his face and know that something funny is happening to the planet and we don't have anything at all to do with it.

Believing we can affect these things by sorting our paper and plastic into waste bins is no better or worse than the crudest animal magic religions of the Neolithic. It's for badly adjusted people who are too scared of reality to imagine a world they cannot control, a world where they are not prime movers but rather simple chimps forced to adapt and react, not the other way around.

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JF said...

You'd think the propagators of such a colossal hoax would have taken a little more care with the term they chose to popularize it. Then this recent rechristening as "climate change," to replace the increasingly problematic "global warming" could have been avoided.

It's not as if this wasn't all foreseen years ago.