Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cross Platform VOS With Open Watcom

I have amazing news. Last night I was able to load five different projects files into the Open Watcom IDE and compiled all five seamlessly for different platforms without a hitch. All of them ran flawlessly in their target environments except one.

VOSx86, DOS-16, DOS-32, VOS-W32 and VOS-LX32 compiled each with a couple of warnings and each one left an executable in a build directory ready for deployment in their corresponding environments.

The VOSx86.exe ran a small embedded web server inside a small 8086 compatible with 128K RAM with output to console and a serial VFD display. No browser running on this device but anything on the network could connect to this IP address and browse Central Services for VOS. That includes optional password authentication for security where desired assigned by page! Small device victory!

The DOS-16 web service ran under Desqview-X and I was able to browse the service with the Arachne web browser for 16 bits! Standard DOS Environment for SBCs Victory!! (Mosaic web browser for Desqview-X is stabler but with fewer features) I may look into Breadbox Ensemble as it has both an HTML Browser and a PDF viewer built-in. I am not sure how to get the packet driver running for the ethernet connection.

The DOS-32 web service ran in protected mode under Causeway and I was able to browse the server at the same time with the WXHTML widget and look at PDFs with the WXPDF widget with the server running in the background! 32 Bit Protected Mode victory!!

The VOS-LX32.exe ran in UMSDOS on top of a DOS installation of Basic Linux and I was able to browse the server in true multitasking with the extremely compact Dillo web browser and look at the PDF files with a very small PDF viewer! Linux OS Victory!

... then I tried to run the VOS-W32.exe on my development box, a Windows 2000 Server ... and spent the next two hours figuring out how to shut off IIS so I could properly bind to WinSock on port 80. Classic windoze experience in problem solving. I did however solve it and got that version running too, shortly before midnight.


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Anonymous said...

This sounds so totally out there I am having trouble believing you, Tex. Why not some screenies to show what you have working now?

Anonymous said...

Oh boy... Tex is going to freak out... :P

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Anonymous said...

If this exists it will be the greatest open source ever created. Time to release it tex others will test it for you.