Tuesday, March 22, 2011

California, Oregon or Hawaii?

Oregon is not often mentioned with California because most people don't know it's geological history.

9.0 quakes occur with extraordinary frequency off the coast of Oregon, generated by a subduction. The resulting tsunami could be much larger than the Boxing Day Quake in 2004 off Indonesia. This state consists of extremely built-up modern cities and towns with populations at risk in excess of Japan.


Anonymous said...

Prepare the Pacific Northwest for a long overdue and inevitable tsunami?

Naw, that's no fun! Let's bomb Libya instead.

Anonymous said...

2 more days to go, Tex :)


Anonymous said...

Not really the mini-ITZ but hey I'm in a good mood so I'm giving points for it:

Two magnitude 7.0 quakes hit Myanmar: USGS


Anonymous said...

It's not the earthquakes, it's the radiation levels, and not just Iodine-131 that's scary.
I live in southern Oregon, trust me, nobody would miss the Oregon coast, I'd also like to add coastlines have receded at least 20 meters or so over the last 30 years.
The Japan earthquake tsunami destroyed a bunch of harbors/boats already along the southern shores of Oregon, Brookings is one.
A 4.4 hit off the coast a day ago as well...

Cliff just posted this, if you are at all familiar with webbots, I'd check it out.

"Fear is the mind killer".

Texas Arcane said...


Some of that guy's post was weird stuff but this I was totally in agreement with.

Shun heavily and with impunity in every arena available to you. You will be truly amazed at what happens when this is multiplied by millions or even billions. It results in ugly things drying up for lack of funds, including certain human beings.