Friday, March 4, 2011

The Biggest Threat That Organized Medicine Has Ever Faced

It's the original vitamin. It's public domain. It's simple. It cannot be patented or controlled.

Unless they deliberately intercept shipments in the warehouse and secretly poison them the way they did with Tryptophan, there is no way to keep people away from Vitamin-D supplementation.

The need for this vitamin during long term shelter stays cannot be understated. There are many ways to acquire it in substantial doses, but I recommend storing the capsules if nothing else.

I don't expect you to wade through a thousand .PDFs the way I do in any given week on the subject, so you'll just have to take my word for it. Vitamin-D is a miracle substance. No, really. Not like a testimonial. It really is a miracle substance. It makes so much sense in evolutionary terms for us to derive so much of our healthy metabolic function from this vitamin since we make it for free from the Sun and get lots of it in fish. It's always been available as an enzyme, no matter where we were at the time in our history.

You should always be ready for the counter-propaganda push. The pharmaceuticals companies are going to pour millions and millions of dollars into their lackey research institutions over coming years to try to confuse, obfuscate and discredit all this research over the past thirty years, but it's become an unstoppable tsunami of information.


Anonymous said...

I had arthritis for years in my hands. I recently started to take fish oil caplets. A month later, the arthritis is almost completely gone. I'm now lifting heavy weights I hadn't done in a few years as well since then.

I also had psoriasis. I live in an area that doesn't get much sun, but one day I'm offered to go on a fishing trip. It was basically 30 minutes notice (barely enough time to buy a fishing permit), so I decided to go. Being away from the city (without buildings and the like) exposed my shaved head to the hot scolding sun for about 3 hours or so. Needless to say, I woke up the next day with dark brown skin and blisters all over my head. But funny thing happened: as the sunburned skin had shed itself off, so did the psoriasis lesions, and they never came back. I pointed this out to my dermatologist (a pill pusher) and I joked to him that maybe I should make my entire body undergo the same process and he seemed horrified, worried about "skin cancer" as if that was the worst thing in the world to catch.

Many of the prescription drugs we're told to take are actually useless. Of course, there's the occasional one that is succcessful, but the side effects makes you wonder if the negatives outweigh the positive. And many years after a drug patent has run out, patients still have to pay several dollars per pill when one would think that the actual industrial costs for manufacture of them should be pennies per pill. Big Pharma and the Government are obviously creating price collusion.

There is much more money to be made in treating symptoms rather than treating or eliminating the causes. Had I sought a physician for my arthritis in my hands, he would have prescribed me immunosuppressant drugs, which would have to have been paid by my drug plan. While I did take those for my psoriasis, and it did provide a little amount of relief, but it really was the Salmon oil that was most successful.

Anonymous said...

"Ha, Ha", eye bought a bottle of "Carlson Ddrops, liquid vitamin D3 2000 IU", about a week ago for ye ole' bag. Yesterday eye was going to buy 2 more but was procrastinating, today eye will purchase 2 more but this time the 4000 UI drops, online for cheaper. Lightweight, and 1 bottle lasts a year or more if you stretch it.
We NEED sunlight, it's the projection screen of our holographic world. It also seems important in relationship to bacteria and fungus growth on the planet surface. Less sunlight equals more disease, fungus, bacteria, and viruses. It also seemingly applies to your skin/body as well.
Soon, it seems the Gov' won't let you buy vitamins.
"Shop smart, shop S..Mart".

On a side note, eye found this article worth reading and thought eye'd share the link.

"Fear is the mind killer".
"Praise the ONE, and his WORD".

Anonymous said...

They murmured as they took their fees

"There is no cure for this disease"

Go into the archives of Science and Medicine [available online]and look up an old article on the sunshine hormone. It both UPregulates cell activity beneficially, and DOWN regulates immune over-reactivity; which is why it amended the psoriatic problem in Anon 5:10. The new "big" push in Pharm is cellular therapy ... duh! .. just let normal, optimal cell regulation occur.

Yes, They will stomp on nutritional supplements; back in the mid-90s, our Congress passed the "FDA Harmonization Act," which began the process of syncing US regs with EU Codex, both ultimately seeking to completely control supplements. Already this year a B-variant has been changed to a prescription-only status.

Get multis, B-Plex, anti-oxidants, D, EFAs, ubiquinone and a few others NOW. As I think about this [ a rare event for me ] I'd look around for a dependable, affordable UV lamp for both dermal-generation of 1, 25 DHCC [the D form produced in the dermis on exposure ] and for wound / dermatitis management


Anonymous said...

I started taking vitamin D 30 days ago and today I am a baby again. I was 67 years old and now I weigh 8 lb 7 ounces and wear diapers. Thank you vitamin gods. Try it, you can start life again too. I sell them now for a mere 10 payments of $19.99 each plus $299 shipping and handling. But wait! But wait! I will throw in a free Ginzo knife for the first 1000 orders. Send your order to "You must be stupid" and don't forget to include payment...

Dave, RN said...

I'm an RN and have done quite a bit of research on vitamin D. You are correct in that it's vital. Most people are deficient since we've been told to stay out of the sun.
Get your D3 level measured. Keep it between 40 and 75ng/ml. You can do testing online from grassrootshealth (Google it). It takes 5000U a day to keep my level at about 55ng/ml.
A rule of thumb is that for every 1000U you take, your level will go up 10ng/ml. It takes more for me... YMMV. Some stuff to remember:
1. Get you level measured
2. Get D3, not D2
3. Get the type that look like honey filled pearls. The "dry" vitamin D that look like an aspirin do not absorb well, since D is fat soluble.
And take UbiquiNOL, not UbiquiNONE. The former is much more bioavaiable.
And finally, forget the whole "low fat" low cholesterol dogma you've been taught. Learn how to store fats for your food supply. Use coconut oil (stores for years) Ghee (can also store for years) and learn how to make beef tallow. Throw out the vegitable oils, unless you want tobe really unhealthy when the SHTF.

Anonymous said...

Looks like anon at 12:41 PM is getting cranky that fewer and fewer people are buying into his scheme nowadays.