Wednesday, March 16, 2011



Anonymous said...

So much for the hight tech image of Japan.

Will there still be a Japan left next week? People are starting to leave the country.

And what about the thousands of corpses spreading disease?


DinaAlexander1990 said...

I heard there is reprocessed plutonium in those reactors that are melting down.

Anonymous said...

Tex, the media is over-hyping the nuclear thing. All of the affected reactors successfully SCRAM'd at the time of the earthquake, and if the Japanese can keep the cooling going they'll have reached cold-shutdown by the weekend. Radiation release is minimal no one has actually died. The only aspect of this thats really newsworthy is that the reactors survived an earthquake and tsunami that were well above their design specs.

Tens of thousands dead and the majority of the screaming is about 1 nuclear plant who's saftey systems WORKED!.

The cold, on the other hand, is going to kill thousands in the end

They call me Moe! said...

When are the Japanese going to realize the looting opportunity they have? I have yet to see one citizen with a big screen TV strapped to his back exiting a broken department store window. Waz up wit daT?

Rowan said...

Have you given much thought to the fallout from this Tex? We may see a vault building frenzy. Civil Defence may become part of national policies once more and lots more people may survive the Ice Age. Although, that may not be a good thing. Have you received more traffic in the last few days?

Anonymous said...

Have you considered the following:


Katrina = chaos, despair, anarchy


100 x Katrina + Chernobyl = orderly rebuilding

They call me Moe! said...

I have considered these numbers.

America, New Orleans = 67.3%

Japan = 1%