Friday, January 14, 2011

You Don't Need To Be Texas Arcane Anymore To Know ITZ COMING

Following the trajectory we described to the letter.

Climate changes destroy agriculture and drive up fuel costs, food soars as a result, hostilities increase exponentially everywhere in response. Yada yada yada. If you read this blog you've heard it about a thousand times.

The nation formerly known as the United States is about to go bankrupt and declare default on their debt, which is unserviceable. This will lead directly to mass rioting, civil unrest, vast swaths of territory under martial law within a year's time. Panic is in the air.

Food chain falling apart and it's only two weeks into 2011

We were a little earlier than everybody else. That gave people plenty of lead time to listen.

Is there a Broken Arrow False Flag Planned For 2011? Why Did John Wheeler and 12 other military staff die to keep it a secret? What are they planning to conceal their crimes? What have they already done to keep it a secret? The media is doing it's part to keep it under wraps. Anybody who was doing their duty that day appears to turn up dead. Police cautioned not to spend too much time investigating Wheeler's death, similar to Vince Foster.


Anonymous said...

We do once a month at Mao-Mart and COSTCO for non-perishables, and tangibles for storage

Less stock on floors, all locations. Quiet increases of 15 - 20% since December.

Still no local/affiliate coverage of the deluge in QLD and NSW; Talking heads didn't get that in their script ... which is why it's called Programming


Anonymous said...

Credit rating agencies are criminals and financial terrorists. Anyone associated with them should be arrested and executed without trial.

Anonymous said...

Just saw this - 72,000 square feet 'proprietary-technology' all concrete house - for one family.

with a giant 'basement'.

And look at the field of work the owner is in - DOD stuff.

This is the kind of 'Vault' you build if you were really rich.


a female Faust said...

an excerpt:from something possibly relevant:

A bomb had gone off, somewhere not near enough to kill me immediately. I was clinging to my mother in the middle of the dining room in the apartment where I grew up; all the furniture was strangely absent, and everything was both too bright and distinct and too devoid of color. I usualy dream in color; this dream I think was black and white. My mother and I were staring in horror at the radio, as if we could see what we were hearing; other than the static-laced voice from the radio, the entire world was strangely quiet. I remember thinking that was odd, how quiet everything else was, and then realizing with horror that that was one of those distracting thoughts one has when one is concentrating on something important, but the something important was not there. The announcement was in English, and, although I don't remember them now, I could clearly make out and understand the words individually, but together they made no sense. At all..... you can read the rest here.

thank you for this blog.