Friday, January 14, 2011

World War III : Fought By Intelligent Robots

Seven years ago, we wrote on this blog that there would be intelligent, autonomous hunter-killer robots used in World War III against civilians. When we made this prediction, the most complicated "robots" around were little remote-control toys on treads.

There is no such thing as a human innovation that is not used first and foremost to kill other humans. The breakthroughs over the past ten years are coming to fruition now.

Already, in the course of a year, "BigDog" is beginning to look quaint compared to what is possible.

Increasingly, one sees the widening gyre. One senses the loss of control that comes with these advancements that leads to all-out Klausewitzian war, war without limits and any restrictions. War where the line between combatants and civilians is meaningless and the goal is simply to eliminate the enemy, by any means available to either side.

Every general's secret dream is the power to commit troops to the field who will commit atrocities without the burden of conscience. It has been the dream of the psychopath for hundreds of thousands of years. To imagine these things will not come to pass is escapism.


Anonymous said...

You have Japanese robot tech, which is imitations of people and then you have DARPA projects that are downright scary, when you consider the implications:

Programmable Matter Could Create Shape Shifting Robots

iRobot's Soft Morphing Blob 'Bot Takes Its First Steps

Anonymous said...

Here's another shape changing robot:

Boston Dynamics Reveals Shape-Shifting Robot Program

Anonymous said...

My iRobot shares are up over 50 percent in 9 months. Shows you how tender-hearted I am. Hating such tech won't make it go away, even though I do hate it. Anybody else here doubt that there's still more money to be made in mil-tech? Or is a new era of reason and peace about to break out amongst governments?

Anonymous said...

70 percent.

Anonymous said...

132 percent

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