Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Post Apocalyptic Ruins Of The United States

Incredible stuff. Looks like Fallout 3 interiors.

More tragic than the loss is the loss of even the memory of these things.


Anonymous said...

I looked at all the school equipment and books rotting; at all the books in the library left to fall apart, and I think of all the under resourced schools in that area.
If I was a local school board member; I would be going for a scavenge... I would be scabbing through the DT ruins;-OOOOWWWWWWW (Sorry for the 3Dog reference...)
Seriously; what a waste; even if the buildings are unrepairable; there is much inside that can be saved.

Marcus said...

Tex,(hope you dont mind me calling you that as everyone else seems to)

Why is that we as the current civilization can claim low funding for our schools while entire libraries and schools remain basically intact and full of resources. Some books and equipment may be outdated but is that really worse than nothing at all? Leaders of Detroit need to see these pictures, and organize a salvage operation. Grab what is still useable, reuse or recycle it,and demolish the building.

Anonymous said...

what do you expect from a population of 12% white.

check out the demographics in relation to crime in Windsor, Canada. very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Pearls Before Swine ...

Anonymous said...

i can also suggest gran torino as a window into the decline of a once-proud manufacturing power-house.

i'm guessing that this movie hit the skids in yankee-doodle because of its practise of finding humour in racial discrimination... certainly can't have the little clones picking up this behaviour!

Anonymous said...

Interesting Youtube video, points out the obvious, like Detroit does.

Race for Standard of Living

Anonymous said...

D.C. Wants to teach Yoga to Youth

Pearls before Swine, Part Duh

Anonymous said...

It seems that what happened to White South Africa, wasn't because of a "Jooish Conspiracy", it was decadent Whites that couldn't do without cheap foreign labor. Does this sound like what is occurring in the West?

A White South Africa – What Went Wrong