Sunday, January 30, 2011

Planet Is Changing Underfoot

The snow and the cold are just what you can see with the naked eye and feel with your six senses.

The governments everywhere are getting ready for something. The only people who don't know something is seriously wrong are the poor sheeple peasants. They're like mushrooms. They keep'em in the dark and feed'em sh*t.


Anonymous said...

If the PTB wait until summer they'll have "dancing in the streets"

Which leads me to guesstimate that some false flag event[s] are getting brewed up to drop the hammer while they still have some illusions of control

Or not. But I really can't see them abandoning some pretense-event to close the system

I like to listen to NPR and some Lamestream radio each morning to check enemy psyop intel ... according to them it's all good !

The Gulf of Aden/Red Sea/Suez canal corridor going full Muj is the least of worries in that area.


Anonymous said...


A said...

Great site! We could use someone like yourself over at:


Anonymous said...

Tex, you'll love this -

Tectonic Plates Collapsing under Pakistan and Indonesia :

- deadman

Anonymous said...

Tex, are you far enough south of the Yasi track to the coast? At 4:00 utc 1 Feb Yasi is showing an eye pattern that looks to head more southwesterly.

Anonymous said...

Ay Tex
Thats a proper storm!
Queensland beautiful one day blown away the next!

Anonymous said...

They're getting ready for something big:

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