Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Maker-Bot : Must-Have For All Properly Equipped Deep Rock Shelters

Gotta have one of these. Awesome. I cannot tell you how much time I waste in fabrication of various components for custom computer and automation cases. For example, I really need a custom monitor hood over an LCD screen. I need a custom shaped fitting to attach a solenoid valve to my air exhaust shutter. I could save so much time if I had one of these devices to make those things for me out of hard, polycarbonate plastic.


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Anon 11:59

bravo ... beat me to it

they're Kiwis !

they have a view that "distributed networks" are more robust; why be dependent on some entity for fabrication or product when you can (hopefully) develop some competence in some arena

the price on plasticstock hasn't jumped much either


Anonymous said...

What is exciting about reprap is the people making it are going beyond plastics and are trying to get it to print circuit boards.

I also saw one video where they claimed the plastics, used in the machine could be made from potatoes.