Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lincoln, Nebraska : The Core, The Final Heartland

This is the beloved city. I was one of the youngest children (12 years old) ever registered as a radiological officer in the United States before the Nebraska Civil Defense program was closed down forever and funding permanently cut. I remember the civil defense information room in the Town Hall in Lincoln. I used to spend hours there after school. A bus ticket downtown cost .60 cents as I remember.

You could live there for ten years and never see an enricher/diversifier anywhere.

It's rotten here, too. The termites have reached the center of the tree.

Your heart goes out to that little baby there with it's mother in a fistfight actually knocking her over, no regard for the child's safety. Monstrous creatures. Beasts from the Id.

Morbius, these demons came from inside of your own mind when you used the Krell machine. You have been destroyed by the horrors of your own subconscious. What you claimed you did out of love was in fact motivated by a deep sublime death wish, both for yourself and everyone around you.

1 comment:

They call me Moe! said...

Damn heathens should be clubbed when they act out in public like that.

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