Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jared Loughlin - MKULTRA Deathbot?

This guy repeats stuff forwards and backwards like his brain is completely fried.

Over and over again, sophistry going around and around. It makes you think of Warren Beatty in The Parallax View or Malcom McDowell in A Clockwork Orange. It's just gibberish that goes in circles, over and over again. Yeah, I know he's supposed to be crazy. It's just that people normally this crazy cannot organize an assassination. There's something about it that reeks of forcible programming.

Numbers may not be important to you but they are very important in masonry. Everything must be done according to numeric patterns. They are obsessed with these patterns. When you see them, you can rationally suspect they are involved. They don't mean anything to me but when I see these numeric cycles pop up in supposedly random timing, I often suspect their involvement.


Anonymous said...

AZ Sheriff: ‘We’re Not Convinced He Acted Alone’

"Though Dupnik offered no details concerning the shooter’s motives for the crime, the Sheriff blamed unnamed members of the media for inciting the violence."

Oh yeah, the other shoe is about to drop. Watch what they do to freedom of speech on the Internet.

Of course it being Arizona and the murdered politician and judge both being "uncooperative", when it comes to their long term plan to turn America, into a colored country, makes the whole thing stink like a week old fish.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:18

Agreed. This will be pretext for gun infringement, communication restrictions, and "comprehensive immigration reform" legislation to be trotted out to "solve" the "climate of hatred" in Arizona

Frau McCarthy had her papieren ready-to-go, ja ?

We'll have a better idea of the extent of Enemy Action when we see how high up in Jomo Kenyattas' admin verbiage eminates from. Besides McCarthy, expect Schumer and BullDykeBruno Napolitano. The supine RINOP will say not a word in defense of 1A or 2A

Freddy Hegel Starter-Kit


Anonymous said...

u are very correct about masonry.
the handler was the cab driver.. Cab drivers are the eyes and ears of the cutl. this one was a handler faked as a cab driver. probably cattle prod shocked the shit out of him, just before, u know refresh his faithfulness ???.. cab driver walks driver can never be implimented now , he is crazy...

I llik for many more.

Anonymous said...

For those who have seen the movie "Taxi Driver" (by Martin Scorsese and starring Robert De Niro) there are some interesting parallels and twists on the themes of that movie.

Also very "comnvenient" symbolism in the slaughter of the child who was one of the "Faces of Hope" - reigniting links and fears surrounding 9/11.