Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ITZ Coming

This has been mentioned before, here it is again:

Brisbane Is Only 13 Feet Above Sea Level

As part of my work last year, I went with a colleague for a tour of the Clem 7 Tunnel. This guy has been intimately involved in Brisbane's infrastructure and monitoring for many years. We saw the Royal Women's Hospital on the other side before we entered the tunnel and my fellow passenger pointed out that it appeared to be a giant concrete pontoon built so that ships could dock at it's front about three stories above the ground. He then seemed to hint at some secret knowledge he could not elaborate on. "They have already written the population off. It's probably for ships coming to Australia that need medical care for their VIPs onboard. I doubt if they went to that trouble for the common man." I tried to get more information but he shrugged and said something about his original NDA requiring him not to talk about it.

I was reminded of when I was down in Canberra and marveled at the enormous, monolithic concrete structures that protect Parliament. It's like a solid mile of concrete barriers and deeply buried shelters that seem a bit excessive for a little socialist country that doesn't even have a real military. I was amazed that politicians could cut funds to the Air Force and Navy yet still justify a gigantic city of concrete for their own defense. For anybody with their eyes open, it is self-evident what my friend said in the tunnel ... "They've already written the population off."

One of the reasons that so many contractors like me end up survivalists is that they simply see a much larger spectrum of what is happening all around them over many decades than ordinary people ever do. My work takes me all over and I am exposed to all kinds of little known anomalies and curious incidentals. I have the opportunity to see the big picture in a way most people never do - assuming I have the right brain genetically to process the information with.

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Anonymous said...

could the "dock" be the roof-top helipad that is a little larger than normal, in that it can support two (bell 406hueys or BK117's) med choppers.
ps i enjoy your read .