Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Still Don't Understand Why I Can't Get A Freakin' Paper Bag When I Go To The Grocery Store

Madness. This crap is a bigger lie than CFCs and the Ozone layer.

P.T. Barnum was right. There's a billion suckers born every minute.


Anonymous said...

The entire environmentalist, green-fascist scam is getting out of hand. Soon people won't be able to own a house or decide where they live, in what constitutes a direct attack on property and fundamental constitutional rights.

"Sustainable development" is pushed down our throats, creating homeless people, who cannot afford upgrading their homes according to the one-world socialist government instructions. The entire scam is using environmental pretensions to enrich the corporations who manufacture "green" equipment and to further impoverish and control the population

In the meantime, another scam used towards global government is gaining ground and is becoming acceptable by the mainstream. A few years back people talking about UFOs and aliens were (rightly) considered loons but today it is being supported by scienmajestic types. The fact that absurdities like these find credibility among the mainstream indicates that ITZ coming soon, since no civilization that insane can survive too long.

Anonymous said...

"Gangs of sociopaths... misanthropic humanoids".