Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Future of the Kwa : Femboons Stage Chimpout Bongo Party In GwondanaLand

It's the good taste and sense of class that makes the future Kwanzania a delight for animal lovers everywhere. The deficit could be paid down in a year by running a chainlink fence around the entire sorry excuse for a country and making it into a drive-and-feed animal reserve for tourists from Canada. Don't miss out on their special "event nights" on Saturdays.

Dey ansa be edjumifacashun, as always. Dey sew-sigh-etty must'em be gibbin' dey edjamafacashun.

America is dead, it got turned into a biped zoo. Long live the Empire of Kwanzania! This is the equivalent of granting Titles of Nobility to Congress, something explicitly forbidden in the Constitution. Saying that Congress people are special people who operate under a kind of noblesse oblige in which no peasant can approach armed or speak of without respect and deference is proof this country is no longer the United States. The marxist ghouls have converted it into Bolshevist Russia.


Anonymous said...

Haven't you heard that race is a social construct Tex?

I know its true, because my Professors and the Televitz tell me so.

Anonymous said...

Of course its quite logical to take guns away from law abiding citizens, while leaving them in the hands of criminals.

Why should law abiding citizens be allowed to defend themselves from armed criminals?

Anonymous said...

I can hardly wait for the femboons and the maleboons to get frisky at some trendy, upper-class shopping mall. I'll bet that won't be on TeeVee.

And this is how they act when times are good.....just imagine their behavior after TSHTF.

I can.

Anonymous said...

That's why Kwanzanians never stand a chance for a successful, peaceful mass movement to remove the oligarchs and the oppressors. With all the negroes/hispanics such a movement would soon be sabotaged and turned into a rioting and looting bongo party.