Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fiat Currency Cornholio Apocalypse

Going to be fun in 2011. This is the year for ITZ.

25 Reasons The Western World Ain't Getting Outta 2011 Alive

Kwanzania is hiding a real unemployment rate of 30% with number juggling

Keep juggling those numbers as the horde collects outside your doors, you halfwits. Show them your figures when they break down your doors.

Paul Craig Roberts on 2011 : Rise Of The Kwanzanian Police State


j said...

Happy new year, Tex! Thanks for the great blog.

Anonymous said...

Wait, THIS is the year? 2011? But, but, you said 2010 was the year, for sure. You said it repeatedly until it became obvious that THA KWA would somehow make it to 2011, at which point you immediately stopped saying it.

And, I mean, it MUST be true, because everyone else was saying it too!

Only those jagoff KWA commies would refuse to die like we speshul eksprtz outside the LAMESTREEM MEEDYA all predicted. The Kwa's insistence on not collapsing in 2010 is another sign of the degradation of their culture that MUST INEVITABLY CAUSE THEIR COLLAPSE IN 2010. Erm, 2011, I meant! Erm, said! Yes, I always SAID 2011 - that was always my prediction.

(Just curious: what will the world be like when 2014 is the year? Better or worse than when 2010 was the year, or especially 2012?)

Also, loved the proof of life on Mars this year:

...and when the oil spill that could never be plugged killed all life in the Gulf, in North America, and also on the planet:

My first introduction to your early body of work came from Old Man Murray back in the day, when they noted you extolling the virtues of your indestructible endoskeleton on Usenet. I mean, it's funny - that's why I read your stuff - but do you ever get tired of trolling, Cleve?

Anonymous said...

More non-White culture for OhioDude:

Police campaign to stop France’s annual car-torching tradition

So France (just like the USA) is making the transition from White to colored country and where France is going, there's no coming back from.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:09

Thanks for the update on the Pariesenne Muj; thank heavens for "White Folk"

I didn't look at the entire video, but I saw only pale white faces. Fools paying thousands for worthless baubles. Not ammo, food, seed, tools, land, medical supplies, sundries or any of the hundreds of things that will be of value once It happens.

I'll try once more; it's the O/S - Western Civilization - that made the The Men of the West special. Not the relative lack of melanin. My swarthy Sicilian ancestors understood all those realities. Were they white ? Being that Sicily was a Greek colony before Rome was a real city, and that Western Civilization arose amidst Turks, Lebanese, Persians and other peoples before it found flowering in Western Europe, what is the overriding fundament ?

I arrive at the conclusion that it's Cultural values.

The West had it. Others didn't.

The perfumed parasites seen in the RT News video about Christies and spas and so on are WHITE.

Worthless all. In the likely future landscape, I'll choose - as will we all - whom our neighbors, our associates, our tribe will be. I'll go for the farmer, mechanic, welder, radiocomm expert, physician, or any other Servile Art master versus the arbitrage banker, the TV Newsreader, the Diversity Trainer, the Womens' Studies university professor ...

It's not about skin pigmentation. As our predominantly WHITE American culture has given up its' values, it has devolved. Whiteboyz throwing gang signs at the Frozen Yogurt Stand at the mall are useless future carcasses.

Abdication of High Ground is what's bringing the West down ... whitefolk .... if you must have that word. We first tolerated pathology, then accepted it. Now we encourage it.

We civilized immigrants in the past. And yes, we restricted their arrival. WHITE IRISH TED rewrote our immigration laws. So yea, it's all over now. Agreed. My home town has gone to hell, based on demographics.

I get extra scrutiny at airports; deservedly so since my dear mother-in-law nicknamed me "Omar" when her lovely pale daughter brought me home.

Nominally Irish. I can pass for "White" Or Mex if it serves me. Or ME if I had to.

Trust me, I have no use for Parasites. Teddy the Hut was indistinguishable from some ghetto POS in my book - both are about bling. Teddy got museums named after him ... Keyshawn wants dem Sprewells fo his fly ride.

Basing affiliation on that is foolish. At best, it's Ignorance. At worst, stupid. I'll take a Sandoval, or a Tafoya, or a Chandran or whatever over a CelticTeutonic descendant who no longer is an exemplar of Humanity

If some WHITE, European waste of DNA demonstrates they need reset to room temp, they will receive their reward. It will not be forgiven due to a skintone. I and my tribe will be ruthless. Marshall Mathers would have to earn his O2 in the future. Congressman-elect Alan West gets the benefit of the doubt.

Coppische ?

Making right decisions in the future is going to be huge; being able to have a proper "sensor array" running will be advantageous. My heads always on a swivel in gathering places. It checks out more than color.


Anonymous said...

"and that Western Civilization arose amidst Turks, Lebanese, Persians and other peoples before it found flowering in Western Europe, what is the overriding fundament ?

I arrive at the conclusion that it's Cultural values. "

Except that none of the Turks, Lebanese or Persians were niggers.
Cultural values are sure important but they act like a mirror of our genetical make up, the more a race degenerates and lets its most rotten elements reproduce, the more the culture will reflect those changes, taking into account the "lag" between the level of degeneracy of a race and the time it takes for its global culture to mirror the changes.
I would argue that most of the non-retarded peoples coming from the middle east or Africa share one important thing : they weren't niggers. Niggers are the lowest of the crop, the worst elements to share human-like features. America and Europe are both doomed if they allow the demography of those apes to take over ours or even those of middle eastern people. They have no redeeming features and have never been the cradle to any civilization whatsoever, no amount of affirmative action will change that fact. Niggers act like natural slaves, they tend to obey and bow down to higher powers, people who hold a true authority upon them, and will butcher the hell out of you the minute you show mercy and leniency. They have no inherent predisposition toward creative tasks and act like automatons being only able to reproduce what they learned from other peoples. Of course, they're not even good at imitating things, thus why they tend to form cargo cults instead of becoming an industrial powers like China. Asians are great at applying high levels of knowledge but they're not as good as old-days Europeans when it comes to making the greater leaps in paradigms. Modern Europe though has turned into a hellhole and a demographic time bomb.