Friday, January 7, 2011

Esau, The Wise and Strong

Earlier this year, when the study confirmed what I had known secretly going back twenty years, I felt like my brain literally exploded inside my skull. I began to solve problems I had been carrying around in silence for decades in a matter of microseconds. I can't begin to tell you how incredibly clear everything began to seem to me. I felt like my IQ had leaped another 200 points. I began to feel like I was walking around in a low-lying fog and I was the only human being who had his head high enough to see clearly down on top of everyone else.

You couldn't think of something that had happened in the past 40,000 years that the genetic breakdown of the players involved wouldn't leap into my mind. I knew that Hebrews and Khazars represented one strain that scattered from the Toxic Lozenge and that my Caucasus Neanderthal kin were another strain that branched out into a different direction. Cro-Magnon and the forerunners of Homo Sapiens simply could not reason, any more than apes, until they interbred with us and got the DRD4-7R gene with it's miraculous properties producing the Neo Hybrid racial class, clearly a subspecies existing within the human race that constituted all of it's thinkers, engineers, scientists, technicians and problem solvers. Homo Sapiens claimed the victories of these 5% mutants as his own when in fact he contributed almost nothing.

Without the Neos, Sapiens would never have progressed beyond the most primitive king states and the simplest barter ... and even that would have never lasted very long.

Whether you understand a word I have said or not ... believe me when I say this is the key that unlocks every door. It's the most important scientific conclusion in all of our violent and chaotic history.


Anonymous said...

What do you think about muslims taking over even parts of Australia ? What the fuck is going on for a KFC at Australia having a note on the fridge that says "NOT HALLAL" as if it wasn't the standard and hallal was.

There is no white country on earth that's not in the process of being turned into a muslim shithole and people still won't believe conspiracy theories and call us crazy. Whatever. Such a thing (ALL of the white countries in the world simultaneously applying the same wrongly headed policies) has never happened in history. It couldn't have without the help of secret societies and diaspora jews.

Solsys said...

There is definitely something to this.

Anyone having experienced an IQ high enough to be marginalized at school, college and at its workplace knows there is something like this going on.

I am a teacher now, whenever I come across such pupils I recommend they get themselves a free online MBTI test. They are generally of the INTP type or INTJ (I strongly suspect Vault-Co is INTJ). They all thanked me afterwards for this. How my life would have changed if I had been able to do so at their age !

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed those that deny race is real and push "multiculturalism" and "diversity" (codeword for multi-racialism), only do so in white countries?

And before some idiot jumps in and parrots the line fed to them by Mommy Professor, "we are all the same and the only differences are cultural", what do you notice about all of the participants in the Olympic 100 meter dash?

Is the melanin in their skin, the only thing that makes those people run so fast?

By the same token, is it only melanin that makes all brown and black countries poor, violent and corrupt, while Western Civilization as we understand it, is only found in white majority countries?

Duh! No anti-white is so stupid they don't notice these things, so the only conclusion we can come to is "anti-racism"/"diversity", is for white countries and only white countries, because the ultimate goal of anti-whites, is not a colored majority, it is to transform every white country into a colored country.

And no whites is white genocide.

Anonymous said...

Your ramblings do show some degree of intelligence, which is evidence enough that such ridiculous musings are merely baiting. But funnyyy!!

Anonymous said...

Mr T and Solsys

I flashed on the MBTI test. My son and I are both INTJs ... both of us had problems aas "youts" until we learned to channel

BTW, this trait/genome codon is OVERWHELMINGLY a male trait. The distribution for males is far wider than for females; men will ALWAYS occupy the far left and far right tails of the distribution cirve

We are both John Wayne Gacy AND Isaac Newton.

The ongoing War Against Boys is a manifestation of the Safe n Secure predominantly Female type O/S having risen to a dominant position in culture. All things male, all yang, all motive force is held in contempt, and feared, by the castrati

It explains the iminent death of the West, as Anonymous 4:39 notes.

Under duress, under crisis, the Upriser Cohort will emerge. And that will be part of the upcoming messiness.

We Prepare Accordingly


Anonymous said...

So it seems this "union" of Neanderthals and Sapiens, which allowed human civilization to progress in the last 10-30 thousand years, is actually the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil found in the Genesis story, or the mating of the Nephilim with the Daughters of Men, and found also in dozens of different narratives across other traditions and writings around the world, up to modern times with movies and fiction like Arthur C. Clarke's CHILDHOOD'S END and 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. Here, this interbreeding is symbolized by the black monolith which allows a collective intelligence, barely higher than that of animals (ie Adam & Eve before the Fall), to transform to intellect as we know it. The subsequent killing of one race of apes by the other in the movie, is the symbolic representation of the prevailing of the 90% "Stabilizer" Sapiens over the 10% of "Upriser" Neos, either in terms of actual population analogy, or simply in the percentage of genes within each one of us. I guess this why genetic scientists claim modern humans to have lots of "junk" in their DNA structure in the form of open-ended genes that serve no explainable function, perhaps waiting to be activated.

Joseph Dantes said...

It's an interesting argument. There may be something there.

I don't know, and I'm not afraid to admit it.

Obsessive creative instability definitely carries a steep price.

I'd be curious what your take is on this gene re the high IQ East Asian race.

You and I seem much alike - both creating elaborate original systems in a bunker.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tex. Some years ago I found what seems to be a fossilized footprint of a 6 toed giant in western Queensland(near Winton).
In the bible it talks about these giants as kings of men.
It is my belief that these giants created the first civilizations and that our systems of measurement(including time) are left overs from these early civilizations. I also find it strange that parents have a natural instinct to check a newborns fingers and toes to make sure it doesn't have 6.
Strangest of all though is the reaction I get from biblebashers. You would think they would think it a great thing that proves some of the more unbelivable biblical stories. However the opposite seems to be the case.

Anonymous said...

I second the MBTI recommendation and I also went thru the hazing at school. INTP & INTJ make up a little less than 5 percent of the population.

If you go on ANY internet forum that is talking about the most serious, deep issues of the day (as opposed to your typical sports/celeb worship site) and have the members take the MBTI, virtually all of them are either INTP & INTJ - way way out of proportion to how they appear in 'regular' society.

Great ideas/theories for me always have this little 'lightbulb' effect - like one of those old-style cartoons - the ideas are generally very very simple and as a result very hard to manipulate to any one's advantage -AND they generally go completely agains the conventional wisdom - and it generally explains a GREAT deal that did not make sense before. Like the pieces of a puzzle all come together at once

This theory definitely has that bulb all lit up.


Anonymous said...

OMG are you all kneeling to Cleve !?

What a bunch of ass lickers, it's incredible!

Anonymous said...


j said...

Tex, do you agree with that article's assertion that the Neanderthals were the innovators and the Homo Sapiens were traditionalists, and a synthesis of the two was an improvement over either? My impression was that you regarded Homo Sapiens as basically worthless.

I don't know about this MBTI thing, but I also score as an INTJ and apparently those are overrepresented around here. And there is an obvious correlation between INTJ traits and Asperger's traits, which Tex believes are indicative of Neanderthal gene expression...

Andrew said...

Esau, The Wise and Strong...quite sure?
Hebrews 12:16

You're starting to sound like a crackpot new-ager, Cleve. Did this mental revelation happen after traveling to Peru along with David Icke? Or after a lengthly session on a bong pipe with some channeling thrown in for good measure?

Is this whole Neanderthal business simply Nietzsche wrapped up in a new pair of pants?

American congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shot in head

Texas Arcane said...


It is so painfully obvious that the personalities of Neanderthals would make civilizations like ours utterly impossible.

To run what we call a civilization, you have to have a large population of slaves and completely passive-submissive drones to implement and memorize the consensus social, economic and political structures.

Only the two types together in the gene pool could have constructed a civilization like the one we have now.

It is also proof positive that such civilizations are cyclic by nature and always doomed to decline and collapse.

As I've said many times here on Vault-Co, the first 100 years a civilization is led by it's Neos and the second half the institutions are occupied by Sapiens mediocrities and then corrupted and destroyed.

If you'll look across the Kwa, you'll see it's not the 1% of subversives doing the tearing down. It's the zombie suicidal morons obeying their every suggestion who occupy the institutions.

j said...

Thanks for the response, Tex. It definitely seems like a tidy theory. Strange world.

Texas Arcane said...

It is stranger than fiction and I have to assume it is the single best explanation we have for the entire sprawl of human history.

Once it sinks in you will be amazed at how easily you will explain things that baffle others and it will be simple to understand much of our record.

There is a certain truth to the idea that neither type of human being could be expected to get too far without the other.

Neanderthal is too independent, too heartfelt, too sincere and too mindful to sustain many structures requiring mindless obedience in a large complex civilization, not least of which is the military. If everybody only served in armies when there was a genuine external threat, they could be easily overrun by nearby groups of mad Sapiens who would fight and kill over any pretense and sacrifice their lives on command from on high. Neanderthal is far too sane to last long on his own against the march of such creatures - and yet without him, they would be reduced to fighting with sticks and stones for countless millennia without any innovation.

Anonymous said...

Tex, I think the evidence provided by the Neanderthal Genome Project scientists, that the Neanderthal strain is to be found on humans only OUTSIDE Africa is revealing and shocking at the same time and provides the key to understand our origins in a way that, surprisingly for many, confirms the book of Genesis. Let me explain.

The "other people" that Cain meets suggest the great secret found in Genesis as well as in certain apocryphal books and world mythologies, and which says that creatures called Nephilim (the ones who descend from the sky) or identified as Aliens by others, changed the genetic code of the one of the two biped races that were evolving separately and in accordance to orthodox evolutionary theory and taught them certain arts and techniques that enabled them to evolve faster. It is more than evident to people actually capable of thinking that Cain met other men who haven't committed any Original Sin. The Original Sin was a luxury of evolution committed only by the Adamic line. So how do we know today who is part of this Adamic line and who isn't? By using as criterion their civilization achievements. The part of humanity that didn't go through the Original Sin and wasn't changed by the Nephilim remained backwards because it evolved slower and according to Darwinian evolution theory. The Adamic line was willing to accept the gift given to them, accelerating its evolution and creating civilization. Knowing from evidence that Neanderthals evolved in Europe while Sapiens came from Africa/Middle east then it is easy to conclude why It was only Europeans who developed any civilization worth mentioning, since it was the interbreeding with the Neanderthals that enabled to do so, while the rest of humanity that didn't have any contact with them in Europe and stayed back remains to this day stuck in the Stone Age. So yet again science confirms Scripture.