Tuesday, January 11, 2011

China : Ready To Kick Ass In World War III

The Third World War is going to go on for many years and the losers are going to crawl in dust and pray for death. They're doing that now in the Kwa and the war hasn't even started yet.

China will rebuild and continue it's march through history but Kwanzania will be a quiet perch for crows on top of a mound of skulls. Where the 'Kwa is going, it won't be coming back from.


Anonymous said...

Conceptually, they're ahead. Great book from the '90s ... Future of War. Screw hydrocarbon-powered ever larger delivery systems [ read:carriers] when all you need is brilliant missile system to whack dat platform.

Our past GovTurd, Gordo Richardson, oversaw large-scale theft of nuke tech and other goodies from the national lab system while SecDOE. He began his criminal career as the Hero of Pyongyang, assisting the Norks in getting nuke material, food, and reactor tech while UN Ambassador. Bravo asshole

Little blast from the past. China rattled their sabres about Taiwan in the 90s, and we dutifully sent a carrier group over to make big. China decided to do practice missile launches into their littoral, so that we could see.

Their tacttical missiles were VIFfing in their terminal phase ... moving around ! ... vectoring in flight ... changing trajectory and velocity. Can only be done with sophisticated pulse-motors, which they'd "borrowed" from US defense contractors who'd been allowed to assist the PRC with satellite launches. Their way of saying FU to carriers and Bubba

Haha. Guess Loral and GD couldn't grasp that throwing a satellite into orbit's the same as throwing a MIRV. Duh. Good investment by the PRC and their proxies, the Riadys, way back when in Arkansas.

Add in their neutron capability [ another five-finger discount ] and they are simply going to sever any resupply lines or assets the West might place in their backyard. Their leadership plays Go and Risk, and they always take the long view.

Ours ? It's Grifters worried about politics and re-election.

Prepare Accordingly


Andrew said...

Gerald Celente: U.S. Would Lose War vs. China

Anonymous said...

I don't know if China can rebuild as easy as you think. To be able to rebuild poeple have to work together and even work for free.
In most asian countries this isn't part of their culture, its more every man, women and child for themselves.
Notice anything about all the volunteers helping out in the QLD floods.

Anonymous said...

Got any info on any secret weather weapons the Chinese may have ??

Anonymous said...

nonsense 4:24 PM.

what percentage are actually helping out? we'll see a better picture of Australian 'camaraderie' during the clean ups.
i imagine itll be 90% TV sluts giving orders while the rest do the hard work. modern westerners are generally a lazy selfish lot.

in a similar situation in China authorities would simply chain gang the locals, every one of them.
in general, Asians are FAR more community minded than Westerners.