Sunday, January 9, 2011

Australian Flood Zone Larger Than Texas

Incredible flooding. The rain hasn't stopped yet, either. It's still pouring down.

The mantle of the atmosphere is shrinking. The precipitation falls in the north as snow and in the south as rain. This is what happens when a new Ice Age begins.


Anonymous said...

Silly Tex-
Didnt you read the article? The science guy said it was carbon dioxide, not the atmosphere precipitating out. CO2 is always the culprit.

I liked how he said 'we'll spend the next few years studying this'. You could hear him writing his grant application as he did the interview.

Anonymous said...

Chinese shelters operational and functional.

Chris from Sydney

Anonymous said...

"You could hear him writing his grant application as he did the interview."

There is money to be made in supporting the Global Warming industry.

There is no money to be made in attacking the Global Warming industry.

So there will continue to be an academic consensus on Global Warming, until the money moves elsewhere.

After that there will be a >consensus of silence<, from everyone that supports it right now, until the whole embarrassing issue falls down the memory hole.

Rinse and repeat.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if massive floods of the likes we have never seen before coming through rain, mixed with some other catastrophes at the time wiped out a relatively advanced civilization located close to the equator somewhere in the ancient past at the end of a previous interglacial in a really WET fashion. It sure would explain the story of the great Flood in the Scripture, the Epic of Gilgamesh and many others.

Hey Tex! I wish you've posted more speculative ancient history hypotheses like you did a lot in the past. Your scenarios must have gotten improved after all this time with all the new information you have absorbed. For example, now that you have read R. Felix's books, you might have changed your mind about the phenomena like the "Ancient Nuclear Reactor" found in the Oklo deposit in Gabon to be the work of nature rather than ancient civilizations. Felix uses the Oklo discovery as evidence that natural reactions like these can and do occur on our planet explained by his theory in "Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps". Oh, and there is also the Neanderthal theory now, so I am waiting with bated breath for a gigantic No-Link article on these subjects! Seriously, I have read nearly all of Velikovksy's alternative history stuff and your material is definitely far more entertaining/infotaining. ;)