Friday, December 31, 2010

Solar Max 2012 : This is ITZ Coming

The magnetic poles are already teetering on instability. All it's going to take is one more deuce on this geomagnetic stack of cards. The first large solar eruption is going to flip the magnetic field.

When that happens, you better be inside a Vault somewhere.

A temporary cold snap caused by warm air over McDonald's colliding with jet aircraft exhaust expelled over a swimming pool that sank into the ocean and made a tsunami of discarded plastic bags that blocked a temperature front from Greenland that gabba blabba YABBA blather blither blibbity blibba jabba mumble ...

IDIOCRACY : THE Constitution Is Hard To Read And Is Really Old And Is For Fags And Sounds All Retarded


I know a great American leader who once expressed these sentiments far better in a more eloquent speech.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

How Is It Possible To Have Both A Grand Minima and Record Solar Flares At The Same Time?

Some people have written me recently suggesting that I am contradicting myself. I actually am so well versed in the science behind solar cycles that I often unconsciously omit information that seems so drab and obvious to me there is no reason to ever rehash it again. To people who have never been exposed to any of the fundamentals, I sound like a lunatic who is simultaneously warning of unprecedented solar flares at the same time I am telling them the sun is ebbing into a long term state change in which total output will be much lower. (An Ice Age, the normal condition for our planet)

During a Grand Minima and a shift from the interglacial to a historically low cycle of solar activity, you will see the same pattern over and over again. Fewer sunspots than ever, but when sunspots or electromagnetic flareups occur, they will be gigantic monsters which will cover half the sun and expend all the stored up energy in violent, massive bursts of activity ... before returning to a placid surface. It's almost as if the solar output never really changes ... but instead of radiating energy in an even distributed fashion that is the case during the Holocene (interglacial period) you have these long unbroken phases of quiet interrupted by sudden blasts which release all that energy in one sudden flare, maintaining the Sun's internal store at the same sum level all the time. It's not really a change in total output, it's a change in output as measured over time that brings an end to the interglacial period. Quiet suns are a lot like a crazy person who sits in the corner for days on end barely making a sound, then suddenly leaps to his feet and runs around screaming at the top of his lungs for ten minutes before meekly returning to his corner and going silent again.

The interglacial is a period of greater stability and far more even distribution of solar energy.

When it ends, everything becomes far more savage, extreme and contrasting. Not just the Sun, but the weather, volcanic activity, cosmic radiation and a million other factors that are intimately related to these causational attributes.

It is considered daring to suggest that the Grand Minima we are entering now may last at least a century. What they don't tell you is that the facts say it's going to be a lot longer and a lot colder. Humans normally take a long time to absorb new ideas and they can only do it in tiny doses, like they were sipping at arsenic. The average person doesn't have a brain that can turn on a dime the way mine can. Don't expect anybody to confirm what Tex just told you for a long, long time. Chances are when they do concede, you'll be more concerned about where your next meal is coming from if you have not taken my prediction to heart.

Understanding Wikileaks

This is a genuinely leaked document. Read it.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The New Kwanzania - Post Apocalyptic Wasteland By Hieronymous Bosch

Read these accounts to get a feel for what this country has changed into.

Horrible, nightmarish place. You wouldn't kennel a dog there.

The three branches of government have failed to enforce the Constitution, therefore the "government" in the Kwanstain is illegal. The people are to be secure in their persons against unreasonable searches. Since they have all failed to perform their duties as outlined in the Constitution, they have no authority and should be regarded as an occupational force of subversives.

The destruction of the education system is what made all of this possible. Everything else is just epilogue, including the invasion that followed. It was made possible by dumbing the population down until they didn't even know where they were.

Watch Who Defends WikiLeaks When You Say It Is Fraudulent Cointel

Watch and see.

There's a reason certain people have come out of the woodwork to promote, defend and disseminate Wikileaks. The reason is that Wikileaks is a false flag operation to try to co-opt the natural distribution of information on the internet, which is increasingly annoying to the elites.

Monday, December 27, 2010

WW3 Approaches : Kwanzania Will Be Destroyed

It's all about keeping the rubes busy with straw men until the missile contrails are coming in.

Wikileaks Busted Wide Open As Cointel

Julian Assange is an asset. He has been part of the inner circle since the time he was old enough to walk.

Assange connected intimately to Murdoch, Soros, Zionist front organizations. Wikileaks is strenuously filtered to prevent any compromise of information concerning Israel. Wikileaks is being called a "brand name" of the NTY and Murdoch being funded and set up by same.

This whole business is a joke for the 'tards in the middle of the Bell Curve, who will suffer any regime other than their own. It's through their vanity they are destroyed.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

NK-SK : Start of WWIII in the Works

Kwanzan Kingdom Of Fail


Solar Blackout - Zero Point

Still wondering why it's so cold?

Mark Twain On Campaigning for War

"The loud little handful will shout for war. The pulpit will warily and cautiously protest at first.... The great mass of the nation will rub its sleepy eyes, and will try to make out why there should be a war, and they will say earnestly and indignantly: "It is unjust and dishonorable and there is no need for war." Then the few will shout even louder.... Before long you will see a curious thing: anti--war speakers will be stoned from the platform, and free speech will be strangled by hordes of furious men who still agree with the speakers but dare not admit it... Next, the statesmen will invent cheap lies...and each man will be glad of these lies and will study them because they soothe his conscience; and thus he will bye and bye convince himself that the war is just and he will thank God for a better sleep he enjoys by his self--deception."

-- Mark Twain

Europe As Doomed As Kwanzania

It's less public but the overall debts are so mindboggling they can scarcely be comprehended by ordinary men. The elites have dug a trench a mile deep that civilians on the street have been deceived into thinking they could ever pay off. Nobody on this planet could ever repay these debts in a thousand lifetimes.

When you add the onset of a new Ice Age, it is obvious Europe will descend into anarchy that it will not emerge from in the near future. Already the general failure of infrastructure in this season's snows is predictive of a coming catastrophic collapse in agriculture and delivery systems. Given their fractured ethnic makeup and demographic disintegration, Vault-Co sees hellish internal civil war on the horizon one winter soon that will inevitably end in babies, the other white meat.

The Third Party Sponsored By Rothschild

Most American politics are planned elsewhere and imposed on the sheeple, including the "Tea Party."

I regard myself as a person of little or no importance in the scheme of things and hardly worth the attention of anyone ... but just for the novelty, you should know that three of the people connected with this article have attempted to contact me in the past for what appeared to be a casual chat, one of them with an invitation to meet with them in Washington sometime. Imagine that and ask yourself what the odds are that some ridiculous internet crank like Texas Arcane at Vault-Co would've been contacted by three of the people mentioned there in the past. I reckon these guys are extremely good at identifying people they might want to recruit into the fold. Keep your enemies closer and all that.

Luckily, nobody will ever take me seriously much. Which is exactly the way I like it.

Predictive Programming in the 1980's

Okay, before you laugh, read the article. I only looked at it with the intention of making fun of it. Read it all the way through and you'll admit it does seem to be designed to be visionary. Is this always a coincidence?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Old Issue ... Rudyard Kipling 1899

Man is not a learning animal.

Shelter Porn : The DiefenBunker In Canada

Awesome. Decorum is choice. Needs more self-operating sliding doors, green glowing terminals and a dash of grunge if you want my opinion. Would be more homey and comfortable with a little concrete stain and a bit more shadow. Also you can never have too many blinking light panels and this place doesn't appear to even have one.

If they let me install Vault-OS in there and put Thinkboy's mug up on a gigantic monitor in every room, that would be a good start.

Wikileaks = Cointelpro

Stop writing me that I need to cover this bullsh*t more. I have not bothered to blog about Wikileaks because thirty seconds after I first heard the story I knew immediately it was counterintelligence. It's just the usual street theatre by the elites.

Some people you can fool all of the time.

Don't worry. It's Going To Get Plenty Colder.

I enjoy posting these sorts of comments by these idiots - the same guys who got it all wrong to begin with making blanket statements about this being the worst it will get.

Their paradigm was wrong. Their predictions were incorrect, accordingly, because their model for reality was wrong. Therefore any modifiers by them should be ignored after they demonstrated clearly they never had a clue to begin with. Anybody who continues to look to them for advice about anything deserves to freeze to death in the cold or starve in coming years.

It's good to know as civil society unravels during the rapidly impending Ice Age, the government will be able to come to your aid as they have always promised the sheeple.

Internet Censorship Moves By FCC and TSA Search Methods Implemented With Supervision By Mossad

None dare call it treason, if treason succeeds.

No Sh*t, Sherlock

Use fluoride long enough and soon you won't have any opponents to fluoride because the generation that results will be too stupid to be in opposition to anything.

Night Before Christmas : The Entire Planet Quaking Like Crazy, Katla Looking Ready To Go Supernova

The whole planet has been shaking the past week, with magnitudes>=4 everywhere you look on every continent.

Katla, the supervolcano implicated in previous megafauna extinctions, may be ready to make up for lost time and blow very soon.

If you think Britain is cold now ... I won't even elaborate. Agriculture failures were bad enough without a supervolcano blowing. You can see how fragile the conditions are that sustain human life. It doesn't take much to tip the entire planet the other direction so it begins to take it away from most of those who have it. Our existence here is tenuous at the best of times. Leftists always feel cocky like they can mess with the basic formulas for our survival - it's never long before reality hits and they are schooled by what Kipling called "the gods of the copybooks."

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vault-OS Core : Freeware Due January 2011 (?)

I have been making progress with my original Win32 based VOS Core service. It's been working for a long time, unfortunately until recently running my own hardcoded I2C tailored for my devices and my testing setup.

This month I am making some progress integrating a scripting language into the service, so it can be customized for other I2C setups.

This runs independently of login under any Win32 machine as a service with a display interface, whether or not anybody is logged in. It has a marquee which was also hardcoded until recently, but I've built a ring queue of strings to display which can also be customized by the operator. It can automate your entire vault running in the background and exchange VOS protocol messages on TCP-IP to supply any other devices running same with remote services.

The problem is that the scripting is running from a custom control I bought called FastScript for Borland C++ Builder. I can't release it as open source and I don't want to use some generic script plug-in because this integrates so well into the environment.

So instead of open source, what about just releasing the VOS core as copyrighted freeware to get people started in January of next year? This would get people started into the VOS system and the inventory, maintenance and archiving software would follow thereafter. The core is what runs all the time, the other software can communicate with it via IPC but otherwise are independent applications.

I just discovered how to get the Microsoft Speech API to run in a background service, so you can mark certain events and information for annunciation even before a user has logged into the computer if desired.

I will include a self-installer for the service and setup utility, they are not hard to get running, it's just configuration and script for the actual logic that the user has to enter. Still working on the code to make it friendly and flexible but it is getting there. These tools to actually edit the script are built into the core but you have to log in to use them.

The I2C sensing device I settled on is the one I spoke of many months ago that can be built for a serial port for a few dollars worth of very common parts. I also found out that with a few other parts you can turn a very common USB-to-TTL plug ($4.99 on Ebay) into a compatible I2C controller that will run on the same software. I am also working off RJ-12 phone cable for my I2C line, which is extremely cheap cabling to run throughout your shelter to connect to devices. All the components involved in this setup I am talking about are readily available, cheap to source and can be adapted/scavenged/replaced when anything breaks down. For EMP protection, you can now buy optical isolators for USB or serial ports for less than $20.00 on EBay.

This version of Vault-OS doesn't have the fanciest graphics, but it can show some very nice custom SVG monitor screens with the help of the AGG (Anti-grain geometry) library. If I make the assumption I don't have to supply the SVG graphics editor (a nice little tool like EVE would do as an external tool) then I can aim for a January release of this software.

Monday, December 20, 2010

You Have To See This To Believe It

Storm due to hit west coast tomorrow.

Apocalyptic, Day After Tomorrow stuff.

It ain't ITZ yet for the Superstorms we spoke of a decade ago. If this storm levels Los Angeles down to bedrock it will still be only a pale shadow of the storms coming in the near future.

Ordinary folks don't understand the physics of the atmosphere when it has shrunk to 40% of it's former volume. Everything that happens in that increasingly thin wedge will be more chaotic and violent than any storm you have seen previously or any storm seen by any living human being.

The storms that are coming will be BIBLICAL, capital B for terror. They'll be powered by the growing contrast between the cold of outer space and the heat of the oceans pouring into the slender fabric left above our heads, producing clashes that will turn your hair white to see above your head in the sky. No movie CGI can compare, believe it.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Emperor Of Ice Cream

Nature has decided to wax North America and the UK. If Nature aligns against you, it doesn't really matter who else is on your side. You're going into the deep freeze.

Lots and lots of people are going to die very soon worldwide. They should have packed it, but they didn't.

I gave warning ten years in advance. That's all I could do. It's all anybody could do. I was the watchman and I sounded an alarm. If nobody listened it's not my fault.

Everybody knew it a short time ago, but then suddenly without warning the entire population became severely retarded.


All-time records for cold in Britain shattered in month of December

Amsterdam becomes ice palace with life-threatening cold

People trapped on highways in Britain by cold

Chinese people strandeds in thousands on highway, many almost died from exposure and hunger, including Chow-Yun Fat.

Investors bolt - soaring food commodities worldwide!!!

UPDATE : Snow in Australia in middle of Summer

Piers Corbyn states the obvious and is called a prophet

Wikileaks = Bullsh*t AgitProp False Flag Op

Osama Bin Laden is alive in Pakistan, 9/11 was not an inside job and only 150,000 people died in Iraq invasion. Psy-Ops. The odd, ambiguous and disconcerting way that this guy Assange talks and sounds is characteristic of people trained for years in misinformation and misdirection. Notice how he never really says anything while appearing to speak about "something?" I saw that plenty of times in my course instructors when I studied Psy-Ops my last year in the military.

No link. No comment. 'Nuff said. This story doesn't deserve a blog.

Demographics Is Destiny.

Demographics is destiny.
Demographics is destiny.
Demographics is destiny.
Demographics is destiny.
Demographics is destiny.
Demographics is destiny.
Demographics is destiny.
Demographics is destiny.
Demographics is destiny.
Demographics is destiny.
Demographics is destiny.
Demographics is destiny.
Demographics is destiny.
Demographics is destiny.

The real significance of all this doesn't register on people until they die screaming. At that moment, they get it. Of course, by then ... it no longer matters and can do them no good.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby Meat Barbecue 2011

UPDATE : Everybody is starting to get it! The panic is not far off now. Crop failures everywhere you look from pole to pole.

Famine in 2011 for the third world, record high prices in the West for fuel oil and shortages of staples, pack itz.

The Apocalypse Trifecta is starting now, first described on Vault-Co back in 1998 originally. Extrapolated on at great length with analysis of causes and predicted results.

New and more relevant prediction for 2012 - it's only going to get colder. Food is never going to get cheaper than it was last year and the cost will climb and climb. The world will not admit to either global cooling or global famine until 2014 or thereabouts, long after it has run it's course when it can do no good. Browse Vault-Co and get the jump on your neighbors before they get the jump on you.

I think they may have a distraction in store for the sheeple.

Decline Watch : Feminism Proves That Feminism Works To Spread Feminism For Feminist Goals

Declining civilizations never go back the other way. Ever.

Once they lose the thread of their principles, that tether vanishes and they find themselves screaming in black oblivion, with no way back to the sane world. Every declining civilization ends thus, in screaming and in darkness. The worst monsters they encounter in that stygian night often turn out to be themselves.

Global Eruption On Sun Unprecedented Aug 2010

Many more like it to come. All of this activity has never been seen before by any living human being. It is part of the cyclic history of the Earth that mankind has forgotten.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Mass Media Is Like Sherlock Freakin' Holmes

"Low solar activity could be linked to cold winters." Amazing deduction. The minds of media people are just like steel traps. It's truly a shame they could not have gone into theoretical physics instead of journalism. It only took them ten years to figure it out.

There's no news in newspapers. You buy a newspaper to be current with the consensus of twenty years ago. They have no application to the actual time in which you live.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Historians Will Say This All Began On 9/11/2001

What seems like an eternity to us will be only a footnote in the records of history. The ten years of perpetual war that began on 9/11/01 will be a paragraph before they describe the Great War that followed, the Mother of all Wars, the Third World War.

All our worries, brief respites, moments of doubt and anxieties in the interim will not mean anything to them a century from now. They will write that hostilities began with the false flag attack engineered on 9-11 and the subsequent skirmishes that drove the need for proliferation and polarization were simply the choosing up of sides in the terrible conflict that followed.

Long after the dust has settled and the perspective that time gives people to clearly view the madness in the past (almost never to be applied to their own present) it is inevitable that the Western world will be weighed in the balance and regarded as deserving of the fate that it met with. It's citizens will be described as decadent, lethargic and driven to their own self-destruction. They will make note of the fact that when World War III began civil defense had ceased to exist all across the West with little protest from it's feebleminded, ineffectual and dimwitted inhabitants.

What the current generation fails to understand is that the future never feels sorry for our kind of people when they sit down to settle the accounts. Never.


As predicted ten years ago on Vault-Co, the British body count board is about to start lighting up.

This is nothing. Wait until the harvest has failed worldwide three years in a row and bread costs $250.00 a loaf in London. The roads locked by ice, the affordable heating oil long gone for the peasants and no coal being exported anywhere. Then it will be babies, the other white meat.

Robert Felix, you da man. I nailed it because you explained it to me a decade ago.

North America will be an ice palace ruled by cannibals and polar bears.

Remember the Pentagon Report that Vault-Co was the first to promote to canon on the web nearly seven years back? They knew this was coming a long, long time. Everybody has a vault - except the poor little people.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Global Thermonuclear War : Itz coming

If you live in Australia and think we're going to be exempted in any way, you're living in a fantasy world. Most of the population of the West is off with the fairies so don't feel bad.

Burma getting nuclear weapons from North Korea?!? You've got to be kidding me. This game is going into the Apocalyptic Instant Death Match Round. Sounds like those Sunday Supplements I used to read in 1969 that warned us all that someday the proliferation madness would begin and nothing could stop it.

Everybody knows itz coming. Vault-Co was simply an early adopter.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Itz Coming : Forecast For The Millennium = Cold

Cold Weather smashes previous records going back over 200 years in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Mongolia.

UPDATE : Homo Sapiens is not a learning animal. I'm a "nut" for saying these things for the past decade before they became socially acceptable. All this article contains is a reprint of conclusions from Vault-Co over the last ten years. Every single point he brings up, I brought up at least 8 years or more ago. When I said it, all I got was dumb looks and confused replies. This guy says the same thing, it's mainstream. Do you see how this game is rigged against people who can reason? I was talking about Mars, Venus and even Pluto back in 2003. The conclusions are so obvious a child could have reached them.

Britain headed for Siberian climate year round with impassable roads and no food.

The Coming Food Crisis of 2011

UPDATE : Cancun Is A Ghost Town, Globowarmthinkery A Political Death Sentence

I don't know of what you are speaking, sir. I was never an advocate of globowarmthinkery nor have I ever promoted this subject. I was merely trying to infiltrate this evil cabal with an independent investigation of my own. Please when taking photographs do not include me in the frame with any known globowarmthinkery associates. I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of the globowarmthinkists. My opponents are merely engaging in gutter politics by attempting to slander me so.

Kwanstain Bought And Paid For Their Own Grave

Stripped to the bone and left for dead.

American people bailed out Europe instead of spending on their own infrastructure

They told you it was to save the Kwa.

Obama Administration Funneled Most Of The "Bailout" To Foreign Banks Behind A Wall of Secrecy, Until Now

The EU is more important than repairing American roads and bridges for the people running the Kwanstain.

Now they're being enlisted to fund the failing European Union

They've used the money to cover their losses while they finish clearing out and funded their switch to another nation.

Kwanstainians paid for transition of "Bank of America" to "Bank of Asia"

You could drive a double trailer truck through Kwanzanian assh*les without touching the sides. No race of people has ever been this brutally raped and left for dead by their own government. It goes way, way beyond naked treason.

Ben Bernanke, Worst Criminal Embezzler In Human History

Monday, November 29, 2010

Scientists Concede Massive, Unprecedented Volcanic Activity On Floor Of Arctic

Lunatic fringe madness ten years ago on Vault-Co, mainstream science today.

Scientists concede that unprecedented underwater volcanism is heating the oceans

Evolutionary gradualism simply not supported by the evidence.

The evidence is that the planet is a million times more catastrophic in cyclic fashion than anything in the wildest imagination of scientists. It's the only possible explanation that fits the facts. The Holocene in which we live is coming to an end and with it our lovely interglacial climate and environment. We had a long lull in the eye of the storm for 12,000 years but it's over now.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Planet of Fail #4 : Ultimate Provocation Fail

Getting interesting now.

The common man thinks the risk of nuclear war is in the past because the televitz said so. Anything they put on televitz, the common man thinks. He swears they are his convictions, a coincidence they are also on the televitz 24/7 around the clock. A coincidence, itz.

The common man has never been further from reality than today. The worst part of the Dark Ages, the peasants were closer to the real world than most modern people will ever get. Reality is all so complicated. The televitz is so very simple. As a critter who generally avoids pain and discomfort and seeks to be lied to in order to allay his fears, Homo Sapiens is the ultimate failure as a hominid.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Planet of Fail #3:Black Friday Manboon Stampedes Grow More Violent Each Year

Really bad this year. Hundreds of videos of people behaving exactly like cattle on a feedlot trying to force their way through the dip chute. Stabbings, broken bones, punching, kicking, scratching, pulling. Shoppers brandishing guns, knives, pepper spray and saps. Over discounted prices at Target.

Like a Lovecraft story about rapid genetic degeneration. Almost seems to be accelerating year in and year out. You see some of the misshapen beasts in these videos, they appear to be half-man, half-ape hominids.

As somebody who has been out of the country for twenty years, I have to tell you, in many recent videos from the States I do not recognize the population of this nation. It looks like any third world hellhole in South America or Africa, a sea of hooting black and brown with an occasional terrified white floating along in the midst of it.

These creatures will not be returning to the moon to harvest Helium-3, I can assure you. Just keeping basic infrastructure is already something they have failed to do.

Where the Kwa is going, it won't be coming back from.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Planet of Fail #2

Europe ready to disintegrate.

China and Russia abandon dollar as reserve currency.

NK-SK on verge of all-out war.

Seriously, isn't it redundant for me to keep posting here? If you want to get a Vault-Co feed nowadays, you don't need to get it from Vault-Co. Any newspaper or media in the world will do.

I believe this year, next year and 2012 are going to be really interesting times to live in.

Update on Vault-OS : It's so bad-ass it will blow your mind. I really should put up some screenshots soon. So bad-ass that Reed Richards would pull his teeth out with envy. It's now cross-platform and compiles on QT TrollTech for any machine you want to deploy it on ... Linux, Mac, Win32/NT, OpenVMS. The architecture is simple. Every machine is a server. Every machine is a client. Browsing your control systems in the Vault is as easy as browsing the web. If you've got SVG diagrams, DXFs or even 3D layouts (VTK mini scripted) you can load them in and use them for a Heads-Up display that would make Batman drop a load in his shorts. It took me eight years of trying everything else before I got it right.

I had to write a custom daemon to drive the cheap serial port I2C device used for the I2C I/O. (Three diodes, a transistor, a couple resistors) That's the only component that isn't cross-platform. If you have a serial device for I2C control, I do have a driver for that written in QT. Otherwise, it's write once run everywhere. Performance kills .NET, Java or any of that crap. I get 60 fps on my Pentium III running at 133 mhz. Gives you some idea of how bad-ass it is.

Planet of Fail

Who are these guys? Where do they get their funds from? Why does leadership in your nation provide financial support to a supranational self-styled governing body which has no mandate and no authority, staffed by unelected hardcore marxists? Did you authorize one dime of your money to go to these idiots? How stupid is the human race that they blithely accept anybody who climbs up on top of a bucket as an authority figure? Who gave these guys the financial means to afford three hot meals a day and a place to sleep? They're superpowered international freeloader bums.

The United Nations is a collection of failed human beings from failed countries imposing failed policies with failed goals destined to fail. It's about failure.

A Wonderful Smurf Future Of Rainbow Ponies

Which is why the military is wargaming large scale civil unrest, urban rioting and complete social collapse. Jest sayin' is all. Gotta be doing something to keep busy.

World Affairs Monthly

I forgot to link to Thomas Pochari's site when the old site went down in 2007. I have added him to the trusted sources list.

I recommend you read him regularly. He's usually publishing the news at least six months before it happens in most cases.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ZOGBux Apocalypse

The other two superpowers dump z-bills as reserve currency, largest economy in the world moving to metals backed exchange.

November is apocalypse month on Vault-Co.

Itz not coming any more, because itz has arrived ... for the Kwanstain.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


... quick blog ...

... situation in escalation past 72 hours ...

... starting to get a tad dicey ...

... watch this space ... interesting times ...

Russia/China watching ...

Anyone Who Appears To Be Able To Reason Is Expressing Some Neanderthal Genes

Once again, Vault-Co will tell you many years before it becomes mainstream.

Anyone who demonstrates a genuine ability to think is absolutely, positively expressing some Neanderthal genes in their makeup. Without exception. It could be a little or a lot. However, any presence of mind or real sentience will always be the expression of Esau in their genetic makeup. Jacob is treacherous, of many minds and his heart is crooked when he is born. Only Esau can solve problems.

95% of Homo Sapiens cannot think because of the biology of their brains. The 5% who can are not Homo Sapiens, they are Neanderthal hybrids. Therefore no Homo Sapiens is capable of reasoning. Not even one.

The reason that Homo Sapiens do not live in caves and eat their meat raw is because of the scattered hybrid mix within their ranks. The sole virtue displayed by White Europeans otherwise is the ability to transmit memes. They can do no problem solving on their own but they can transmit a solution from generation to generation once it is presented to them and they are trained in it's application.

Asian people have the same ability but remarkably amplified. They possess far less capacity for innovation, however. The most likely culprit is less tolerance for genetic variation in their own ranks - they probably killed their hybrids instead of allowing them to live. White Europeans suffered hybrids without stoning them and got modern civilization in return.

As quickly as a civilization reaches it's nadir around the century mark, Homo Sapiens replaces Neo-Sapiens in the institutions and this is directly responsible for the rapid and irreversible decline that follows. The faster that Neo-Sapiens is replaced in the institutions by the professional thespians and social actors of Homo Sapiens, the more quickly that society corkscrews back into the mud.

You can laugh, sneer, roll your eyes or scoff all you want. Watch and see. I'm right about this and it is inevitable that someday soon it will be possibly to verify this hypothesis with genetic analysis.

For whatever reason, Homo Sapiens is a slave phenotype. This is what makes possible the ponerology of his decaying social structures. As a biologically inclined slave, he will always listen to the wrong people asserting themselves as his masters. Homo Sapiens is a brutish slave who would give away the entire West in a fortnight for a case of beer and a sports jersey.

Ben Franklin was Neanderthal. John Adams was Neanderthal. Thomas Jefferson was an uber-Neanderthal. Everybody knew they were different from other men when they were alive. As with all things, Homo Sapiens was just never really paying attention. Homo Sapiens never really understands anything because he can't. He is a slave deep in his makeup, right down to the end of his chromosomes. All he can do is obey somebody somewhere ... but he cannot think any more than a chipmunk.

If you don't believe me, go to the window and look outside. Our world wouldn't look this way if it was organized by people who could think.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

*BUMP* - "All Major Banks In U.S. Are Insolvent"

Big, big trouble.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Globalism : The god That Failed

There's a sucker born every minute.

Globalism is one of the biggest hoaxes ever run as a criminal enterprise in the history of the world. It succeeded in destroying the United States, which was it's purpose all along.

The only people who ever fell for this rubbish were Kwanzanians. The rest of the world knew when it was over, the U.S. would be ruined.

Who Were The Nephilim #2?

I got a ton of angry, crazy responses in the comments about my last post.

Expected. I could see all that coming.

If humans were thinking animals, I'd be less interested in who said it than what they said. I'd be all over the internet verifying my own fantastic, incredible claims.

How much of all that were you previously familiar with? Think about what I wrote just now.

1. For over 100 years, Neanderthal skulls have been deliberately reconstructed with a pronounced fraud, always making sure the brow comes out and the chin sits back. The resulting skull has been found to be repeatedly modified with putty to cover the seams. The traditional model of the Neanderthal skull is a colossal hoax built out of bone chips. The facts were altered to fit the evolutionary school that had already portrayed the ascent of man. People got away with this for more than a century before they got caught. In some cases they simply presented skulls of Australopithecus and labeled them Neanderthal.

2. Neanderthal "skeleton" models have been constructed from big crates of fossil bones as a hodgepodge of assorted parts which in many cases contained bones of apes and orangutangs to assure the skeleton they created were of the right heighth and appearance. Where necessary, short leg bones were inserted from gorillas to make certain the Neanderthals came out shorter than modern humans. This was done not just once but at several dozen museums all over the world and "peer review" never caught it until very recently. Even then, not widely publicized. The skeletons of Neanderthals were until the past decade or so, three-quarters hoax to support a certain agenda. Piltdown man was not an isolated exception. Piltdown man was simply an instance where the people involved got caught.

3. Despite Neanderthal digs producing evidence of textiles, jewelry, fishing tackle, complex edged weapons, richly colored paints, rope, clothing, animal harnesses, the wheel, bow and arrows, canoes and kites since the earliest digs in the Neander Valley, they've been telling you this creature was not even human for over a century. You've been buying it, too. "Peer review" only caught it very recently and only then because instead of "experts," some "amateurs" looked into the matter.

4. Despite Neanderthal villages showing evidence of extremely elaborate funerals, burial rites, folk art, dancing and beautiful perspective artwork on cave walls and floors at least 100,000 years ago ... they told you this creature was a cannibal brute who did not even possess the power of speech. You been buying that for over a century. Homo Sapiens calls it edjumafacashun.

5. Knowing full well that Neanderthal brains were 40% larger than those of modern people and that their frontal lobes in particular (often called the "seat of civilization") were extremely well developed and larger than those of modern humans, they told you these cannibal ape men did not have real societies and no language for communication. More of your edjumafacashun.

6. Being aware that Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens had overlapped at least for six thousand years on roughly the same territorial land mass in Europe, they told you that the two races did not interbreed and if they did it approached bestiality ... after all, the Neanderthals were a short, brutish race of apes without chins.

Knowing that everything you have ever been told about human history over the past million years has turned out to be a complete lie, your main concern is that Tex may be claiming to be something out of the ordinary. That's the least important part of this story. If it were me, I could care less if the author added that as an addendum to that information.

If Homo Sapiens could think or learn, it would be impossible for people to cultivate these kinds of falsehoods and appalling hoaxes. Impossible. The only explanation is that Homo Sapiens is a biological thespian who can only imitate the semblance of thinking. What do you expect, he's only been around for a little over 30,000 years. Neanderthals dominated Europe for nearly a half a million years. Homo Sapiens has yet to demonstrate they can maintain a stable civilization for much over 200 years. If Neanderthal had displayed this kind of wild, whacky flakiness he would not have lasted a week during several successive Ice Ages.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Who Were The Nephilim?

They were Neanderthals, of course. I'm a Neanderthal even though I was born human. The accident with sodium lye when I was 18 months old changed me into something else.

In Russia they have the folk lore of the changeling. When an infant dies a horrible death at a young age, the angels take pity and ask the faeries to send a replacement from the "other world." (Legacy genes) The parents of the child eventually figure out this is not the son they lost. The child is much stronger, fleeter, more powerful than ordinary children. Too healthy. The child can find things that are lost, knows things before they happen, apparently sees things that are invisible to ordinary eyes. The story of the changeling is always a sad one. Usually the village asks the boy to leave them, even his own parents send him away. He wanders away alienated from everyone, neither a resident of this world or the other one he came from.

The world famous plastic surgeon who examined me two years after my accident listened to my heart, held my sinews, looked into my eyes, hefted my hand in his, stared at me like I was a ghost. "The last time I saw this child, I believed he would die. This boy was given the last rites. I did not expect he would survive the night. His burns were so terrible no one could have survived them and if they did they would have been blind, deaf, mute and crippled the remainder of their lives which would have been inside an institution. Look at the size of this boy for his age. Feel these bones. He seems normally proportioned but is heavier than gold. He has a rosiness to his cheeks, a robustness that is uncanny. His mind is quick, clever, precocious. I cannot explain this."

I passed for a human when I was younger because Homo Sapiens is not a very observant animal. Not at all. When I was much younger, I ran so much I kept my muscle mass artificially low, giving the impression I was no bigger than a regular man. When I stopped running 120 miles a week, I rapidly grew into something very, very big. Later in life, lack of sleep and exercise put some fat on me, also concealing my muscle mass. As I approach 50, I'm entering middle age for a Neanderthal, when others around me are being fitted for Ziff frames. It is becoming too obvious to ignore that my maturity pattern is nothing like that of ordinary people. Some of the legends say the Nephilim lived long, long lives measured in centuries. There's no telling what is going to happen to me. Even I am not sure how much of me is human anymore. I expect that as I have grown older, the Neanderthal genes that were spliced into me are coming of age and I will only become more and more different from everyone around me.

Nephilim in Hebrew means "feller" as a person who is so strong, so mighty that they can fell a tree with a single punch. Nephilim were regarded as supermen by those who encountered them. Scripture says they became so wicked in the Pre-Flood world that God despaired of ever making them. Apocrypha says they displayed uncanny superhuman powers, worshipped strange gods and birthed monsters.

"One of the most characteristic features of the Neanderthals is the exaggerated massiveness of their trunk and limb bones. All of the preserved bones suggest a strength seldom attained by modern humans. Furthermore, not only is their robustness present among the adult males, as one might expect, but it is also evident in the adult females, adolescents, and even children." (10)

"Neanderthal was far more powerful than modern humans. Whereas archeologist can experimentally duplicate the wear pattern on tools such as were used by people form the Upper Paleolithic (the people that followed Neanderthal), the wear patterns on Neanderthal's tools cannot be duplicated." (11)

"The evidence indicates that Neanderthals were people of incredible power and strength—far superior to all but the most avid bodybuilders of today." (

"The vertebral columns of the Shanidar Neanderthals are similar to those of modern man but with a marked tendency to robustness. The ribs are thick. The upper limb bones disclose a pattern of morphology close to that of other Neanderthals of the Near East and of Europe. This pattern includes powerful shoulders, arms and hands built for grasping, pulling and lifting. The lower limb remains conforms to the pattern of Neanderthal man in that they are robust, powerfully muscled and in keeping with upright posture and bipedal gait. In addition it seems that the distribution of muscularity is such that powerful acceleration would have been possible in running, jumping or climbing." (

You have to laugh at my ambitions for a decade to be a great distance athlete. Someone could not start out with poorer physiology for such a goal. Although Neanderthals had greater lung capacity and muscular strength, their own bones were too heavy to ever permit them to match the best endurance athletes of Homo Sapiens, who sacrificed most of their muscle mass and bone density long ago for a much lighter frame.

What about my skill as a writer with no formal education, my hyper-articulacy? Weren't those Neanderthals muttering brutes who could barely even use their gigantic brains? Nope. All wrong. What about my blue eyes? Weren't blue eyes a Nordic trait which appeared in the past 30,000 years? Not even close. Blues eyes were a Neanderthal staple. Wait a second, weren't Neanderthals hideous creatures of ape-like appearance? I've been accused more than once of being a pretty boy. The notoriously fraudulent reconstruction of Neanderthal skulls has been discovered to be one of the great hoaxes of modern science, in which the brows and jaws were deliberately rearranged to support an ape-like appearance for purposes of bolstering evolutionary theories of the day.

I guess you can't blame poor Homo Sapiens for not pegging me in kindergarten. They were all looking for a quasi-ape squat and hideous. In fact, I'd be a prince amongst Nephilim and could be considered an archetype for the entire breed. If you want to see what a Neanderthal looked like, you need only look at me.

It explains so much it has to be considered a kind of Grand Unified Theory of Tex Arcane. Everything, including my precognitive capacities, have to be regarded as fitting very neatly into the orbit of this theory. It only took me a half century or thereabouts to completely figure it out. Imagine what I will have figured out a half century from today.

Pictures From The Walls Of A Necropolis

Look. This is what you traded for what you've got now, which is nothing.

Even in the midst of the Great Depression, a place too beautiful for moderns to even comprehend. They cannot grieve for what they cannot even understand they have lost.

The Dogs of War

China has Super Nintendo Power now with nuclear cruise missiles

New Weapons for the New Wars Approaching

Everybody is choosing up sides

Australia is America's favorite supply-side bitch for WW3

Australia isn't just guaranteed to be part of a nuclear war, they are a critical strategic hub. People may take turns pounding the country with nukes to make sure they are of no use to anyone else participating. The smart money says Australia will glow at night after WW3. I planned accordingly.

A world that is hungry will be a world that is at war and no place will be immune. Australia is losing it's ability to feed itself during a time of war as we speak. Chinese ownership of our croplands means Chinese military strategic interests. Australians may not know it but they are never more than an inch away from becoming a Chinese prison colony as long as they lack the ultimate deterrent.

Barack Obama, War Dog

The only thing that this crackhead has done in office is to ramp up war worldwide, day and night, morning and evening.

Everywhere you look, Obama is putting the blocks in place for a third World War.

I'm not sure I understand. What does this butt puppet know about military strategy or campaigns? He has spent most of his life in gay bathhouses trading quips with Rahm Emanuel. Nobody has ever mentioned him as showing any interest in these things in his entire adult life. He has never served in the military nor has he even evinced any particular gift for grasping geopolitics.

The answer, of course, is that he is only doing what he is told to do by a third party standing behind him in the shadows. Barack is useless without a teleprompter, he probably cannot even correctly spell "missile shield" on his own. Whatever them things is.

It's easy to take over a country and do whatever you want to it when it is full of madmen. They claim 20% here. I say 40% are unrecognized and undiagnosed. The real figure is probably closer to 75% of the American population if we include self-destructive delusional behaviour and ideas that clearly cannot be substantiated by evidence and in fact are contraindicated by reality.

As the terminal madness of the end times escalates until there is nothing left that is sane, tyrants can operate with impunity. Lunatics have never revolted and overthrown their captors. All a pack of schizophrenics can accomplish is to swing at phantoms and straw men who are only put before them to distract them. A lunatic is described as such because of the disordered nature of his thought processes and his inability to ever accomplish anything at all. It is easy to keep such men fighting against their own demons and not their true oppressors.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

WW3 : The Endless Repetition of History

Encapsulates my feelings exactly on this subject.

The next world war is inevitable because nobody believes it is possible. Just like World War One and Two. Both of them were impossible as well. The League of Nations outlawed all warfare in the late 1920's and predicted there would never again be a major conflict in the world, shortly before the beginning of the Great Depression. Globalism was huge before both wars, with major cross ownership of debt and resources by foreign investors. This contributed then, as now, to conflicting loyalties and vested interests encouraging war in order to protect their investments and profit from them.

Human beings grow so dense near the end of these cycles that they are incapable of changing anything. It is all biological fact for them like the tides of the oceans. The average man is only along for the ride and will perform on cue like a genetic automaton when the time comes for violence. Our era, appearing so remote from barbarism, is in fact closer to barbarism than any previous generation before it.

The torture porn called "entertainment" is suppressed bloodlust, due to emerge shortly as open warfare worldwide. It will soon be too late to avert it.

The West appears to have looked into the mirror at it's own reflection and decided at some point that madness would be a legitimate form of escape from the stress of civilization. Only a very civilized person would be stupid enough to conclude this.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Gillard's Australia - Fail

An illegitimate government that was never elected and had no majority just "removed" a right that was more than 1200 years old under English Common Law.

First the guns. Then everything else follows.

Australians will sleep through their own extinctions.

Julia Gillard is not an elected official. She isn't anything. She has no authority to pass an ordinance governing lemonade stands much less do away with warrants.

Some days, I cannot believe all this is happening. I also cannot believe I am the only person who notices. The locals here are worse than asleep. They are comatose.

Aussies love their spectator sports.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Apocalypse Trifecta Is Approaching

Anybody who thinks that modern people who live paycheck-to-paycheck are in better shape than our ancestors are out of their minds. If our ancestors were snowed in, they burned wood in a fireplace to keep their homes heated. Modern people need heating oil every winter and if they can't afford it, they will die in coming climate shifts.

Our ancestors had larders. Modern people have nothing. If food becomes too expensive, they will starve to death.

Anyone who thinks that a supervolcano blowing would be a minor inconvenience is unfamiliar with the facts. It would be like McCarthy's THE ROAD times a thousand.

It's getting cold on this planet. A supervolcano will speed up what is already happening naturally everywhere. It will simply kick the process into overdrive.

Don't listen to "leaders" and "authority figures" who were not smart enough to see this coming and prepare for it. Such "leaders" are not the men for the job. The sooner people stop listening to the dysgenic clowns in power, the sooner they will evolve proper leadership with their own interests in mind. We've heard from the runts of the litter and the ugly puppies nobody wanted, time to stop giving them an audience. They had their chance, they shot their wad and clearly have no idea what is going on. Start thinking for yourself because they can't think at all, period.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Straw Man Reduced To A Straw

Pray for Christopher Hitchens. There's nothing short of a miracle that will do him any good.

It is a terrible thing to develop a romance for oblivion. I know, I have been there.

There will come a time when oblivion will come to claim you and with nothing between you and it that will be a marriage most vile with a honeymoon in darkness that never ends.

Hitchens problem was never with Christianity. He was too lousy an atheist to ever be much of a problem to anyone but himself.

In the end, all is vanity and hollow words. The only thing you can take into that stygian blackness is hope somebody will come to pull you out, somebody who cares so much about you that they would give you a gift you really don't deserve. If you don't understand it's probably because you're still too young. Don't wait like Hitchens did to figure it out, when it's much too late.

This man and his ideas were not promoted because there was a demand or they were worth listening to. He was a tool for the State to chip away at the wall of religion standing between them and their cattle. He was well paid to say what they would say if they did not require the insurance layer of anonymity.

Honestly, Hitchens was a hack. He was a godawful writer, no matter what the subject was. In a sane society, he could not have gotten a job writing in journalism anywhere. Simply not good enough.

Wake Up. Wake Up.

Originally, ten years ago, a lot of visitors to Vault-Co ignored posts about the Illuminati or what is called Revelation of the Method. (Telling people in advance all the bad things you are going to do to them as though it were no big deal - then doing these things)

I'm sure there are many of you starting to understand what we were talking about a decade ago. In time it becomes almost impossible to miss. It is so obvious now it is increasingly difficult to pretend otherwise.

The fake terrorist attacks of 9-11 and the state of seige it would allow the government to justify were all part of the larger plan.

There is no Al Quaeda. There is no middle eastern terrorist organization called "The Toilet" in arabic. There was a Taliban in Afghanistan and they were big-time drug dealers. They never had any central organization much to speak of.

There will always be trained sheep, manimals, barnyard beasts who will never see any of this. They were born with the disposition of slaves and are genetically engineered to be slaves, to enjoy slavery and to defend their chains against anyone who would threaten to take them away. They are creatures of the stable and shun anything but passive obedience. For the rest of us, this may be something that will be imposed on us with a terrible price that they will be only too happy to see us pay.

We're not all in this together. They are them and you are you and you are nothing to them. Not even a peasant. They look at how gullible you are and they say "How could this be a bad thing? We are bringing these stupid beasts to heel."

Friday, November 12, 2010

BUMP ! 2012 ! WAKE UP ! WAKE UP !

... and then some flashbacks ...

China same.

... and then ...

Of course ...

... in addition to a million anecdotes of similar themes I could post up here from all over the world and probably have at some point.


Monday, November 8, 2010

The Kwa Is A Failed State

Jes' sayin' what's on everyone's collective mind is all.

Funny how Homo Sapiens often fragments his consciousness into many different layers. He has things he knows but won't admit to, things he admits to he doesn't believe, things he claims to believe when he knows the contrary is actually true. Nothing is true for him until it's a consensus, nothing is ever false no matter how ridiculous it is exposed as being until there is a consensus it is so. Reality and Homo Sapiens are usually not on speaking terms.

There is no way Neanderthals would have survived over 400,000+ years in Europe unchallenged had they been this unabashedly crazy. You just can't get much done with a brain that works no better than that. You take two steps forwards, your subconscious steps back three paces. It's an organ at war with itself where the real total output ends up being zero. Without neanderthals and their hybrid legacy, I think Sapiens would live in caves and eat their meat raw.

The second half of a civilization is the decline phase in Europeans because it's the era when all the Sapiens occupy the institutions and kick the Neos out. Everything become insincere, theatrical and an exercise in duplicity.

I reckon that Yoshi thrives most in the latter half of the cycle because he's an opportunist and like a termite, requires the wood to be rotten to get his teeth into to begin with. I'm not longer so certain they are the initiators. They are more like the finishers who polish it off. Without widespread decadence and complete loss of equilibrium, I don't know that beany babies would ever be able to rule the roost with such utter aplomb. The first requirement is that the host population must totally lose touch with reality in order to be susceptible to the new modified one that is then offered by their scribes, who themselves live in a world utterly built on sophistry and circular logic. Who would buy into these tortured dreams to begin with when they had anything like a well adjusted perspective? There must be sickness first, then comes the feeble state of malady.

Huge. Colossal. Like Waking Up Inside The Matrix. The Secular Priesthood Just Got Dropped On Their Heads.

Hear that sound? That's the sound of modern paleontology, archaeology and prehistory getting creamed by a semitrailer 18 wheel truck like a kitten crushed in the median strip.

This sort of thing takes a long time for ordinary minds to process. You can say it out loud all you want, this kind of discovery takes at least a couple generations to absorb even in a well informed, educated and open minded population, which we no longer have in the West.

I never expected this to be confirmed during my lifetime. Mind you, this isn't conclusive. The guy is saying that human genes were differentiated a minimum of 8 million years ago.

8 million years is sufficient time for anything you can possibly imagine to have happened. We might have already colonized Mars and the outer planets, have those outposts fade and die off, recolonized them, fought a thousand nuclear wars and seen untold thousands of races of men come and go long before we even got started in Europe. It's enough time for anything to have happened.

They'll both claim some sort of victories here but both conventional evolutionary theory (already disintegrating) and the creationists on the other side are just two different types of wrong. Neither of these camps of orthodoxy are even close to the truth of this planet. Not even close.

Can you live without certainty? The only thing you should ever conclude is that God is true and every man a liar of some flavor or another.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Leaking A Little More Truth Out


Read it and think about it.

Just a hazard to frequent fliers?

C'mon. This bullsh*t is aimed at eight grade reasoning.

If they admit to this, what are they really saying?

Ring Of Fire Getting Started?

"An unprecedented magma reservoir lurks underneath Merapi," says Birger Lühr, a volcano researcher at the GFZ in Potsdam, Germany.

"A rough estimate indicates that there is three times more magma than what was ejected by the Indonesian volcano Tambora in 1815 – the biggest eruption in the last 10,000 years, which led to a cooling of the climate globally.

Nobody is certain what this volcano is doing. There seems to be something building in the caldera and the current pyroclastic flow is apparently only a minor relief valve compared with the pressure that is indicated by the constant seismic events that monitors are tracking hourly.

Volcanic activity is surging all over the planet. It's only a matter of time.

Which one in the world is going to blow first? It only takes one and hundreds have become active again in recent years. The price of food will go through the roof and famine will sweep the world.

China, American and Russia all need a war and there's no easier way to start one than during a famine or resource conflict.

All it takes is one. If one doesn't start the extinction cycle, another will. There's no better place to be than underground in a Vault when one of these things goes off.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Tim Wise Is Right - Kwanzanians Can't Do Math

This is one of the most openly racist screeds I have ever seen printed by them whom cannot be named. It is full of venom that stops just short of coming out and saying white christian gentiles. This stuff makes Der Sturmer look like a mild trades magazine about lawn furniture.

I don't understand why racism is wrong, except when it is directed against white christians or muslims. More than a little cognitive dissonance there.

Obviously, there is now a new boldness there that will be increasingly more outspoken on what this has all really been about for the past fifty years. The masquerade is approaching time for unveiling. I can't wait to see the looks on all those millions of useful idiots over the years who honestly believed this was about making Amerikwa a fairer place. It was never about that at all. I will laugh at them really hard when it dawns on them that they have worked for decades with all due diligence in order to engineer their own extermination. That's funny.

It is better to trust in God than in man, but liberals are all about trusting in men and their ideologies. It is through their vanity they can be easily manufactured for all kinds of purposes. Marxism is good because it makes the retards feel self-righteous. Once you've got them by their vain imaginings, you can train them like dogs.

You're not much of an atheist if you have not figured out yet why the people on the televitz are always trying to strip religion (with a creepy focus on Christianity) out of the common people. It was the last thing standing between them and the State. Not much of an atheist at all.

You won't have to read between the lines for this article. This is a flat out mission statement from Tim Wise. They are going to genocide you with extreme prejudice and erase the memory of your existence. They know all your weaknesses but you have never bothered to inquire into theirs. That is why it is too late to do anything but die for most of Kwanzania.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ZOGBux = Soon To Reach Parity With Old Chinese Newspapers

Fed concedes up to 20% of the value of the already battered dollar will be lost in the last part of this year. This is going to create a trade imbalance in which most of Kwanzania will be dragged off at firesale prices. Most of it's critical assets, including basic infrastructure, will soon be privatized by States desperate for revenue of any kind. It is likely you will be paying foreign governments for the right to travel on your own roads within a few years.

This is the big one. The 'Kwa is going down - forever - and won't be coming back.

Look at silver to bust a move very rapidly in next two months as a de facto reserve currency to move Z-money into in order to preserve it from hyperinflation.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Vault-Co Called It In 2001 : Volcanism Has Been Increasing Worldwide For Ten Years

The important thing to see here is that it's not your mom-and-pop local lava bubblers that are suddenly active and seemingly mounting in pressure. It's not the little volcanos and vents.

The new activity is dominated by Supervolcanos. A Supervolcano qualifies to be called a "Supervolcano" because it is directly implicated in a previous mass extinction. That's why they label it a Supervolcano.

If you're new to all of this or what you do know is mainly from public television and documentaries, you'd be astonished to know just how many extinction cycles have been revealed over the past two decades. You'd probably think that there weren't enough extinction cycles to go around that every little supervolcano could get the credit for one all on it's own. You'd be wrong. The history of the planet is very, very catastrophic. As more and more ash layers have been identified, more and more volcanos have been identified as having blown at the same time. So we have ash layers/mass extinctions linked to Krakatoa, one linked to Toba, several to Yellowstone, one for Vanuatu ... etc. you get the idea. There's plenty of catastrophic cycles to go around to peg on 'em all.

You're thinking, wait a second Tex, if the history of this planet is so catastrophic then how come I've never known an interruption in cappuccino service in my entire life? It's because you have lived during a very odd lull, a quiescent period in which our entire civilization has sprouted up unmolested during an interglacial. There's nothing normal about the past 1000 years. We can make the anthromorphic argument and say had there been no such break in the action, I would not be writing this blog for you - and you'd likely be right.

Every single period of increased volcanism has accompanied changes in the magnetic field the Earth shares with the Sun. Every single period correlates to a corresponding change in the magnetosphere. The two things are yoked at the hip like Siamese twins.

You should consider that the historic evidence indicates that long periods of convalescence like the earth has gone through in the last twelve millennia seem to always be terminated with savage fury as things return to normal. Because we have been living during such a placid era, it is to be expected the nadir of this window, which approaches in December 2012, will close with sharp and sudden resurgence in the earth's "normal" routine.
Think of our society as an anthill that has been constructed in the center of an artillery reservation during the off-season. It's a very apt analogy. All the ants have ever known is a placid, fertile and uninterrupted peace, surrounded by sunlight, butterflies and abundant resources. Unfortunately, their anthill is marked as dead center for artillery calibration and the summer firing exercises are about to begin.

Foreclosuregate : The Tsunami ITZ Approaches

The entire financial strategy of the big banks is to kick half of America out onto the street and sell their homes. If they can no longer demonstrate title to those properties through their web of conmen and debt collector scum, they are looking into the abyss. They are going to fold like cheap napkins all over the place. They simply do not have the capital to mount a complex legal challenge for all of those millions of homes and will have no other option than to go bankrupt.


Jon Stewart and his Crew Are All Mossad Assets

They are "Sayanim." They pretend to be American nationals, live on American soil and work towards the political and global ends of Israel. They don't give a damn about the United States, it's just another place to park their menorahs in their grand march across history living out of a suitcase.

If you wonder how any group of people could show such fanatical endurance in working towards their goals, that's another example of how you are simply a weaker person than they are. It's not an "operation." It's their lives. They get wealthy in the process, too. Their whole existence is being part of the framework. Jon Stewart is a big part of the media machine that has successfully deflected inquiry about 9-11 for the past ten years despite it being obviously an internal act of treason. He's doing his job well, as do Glenn Beck and many other shabbas goyim who are well paid to keep the conversation pointed "over there" arguing about straw men. The whole point is to keep the discussion crazy, off-topic and obfuscational ... and to make that schizophrenic viewpoint seem "normal" to those stupid manbeasts out there. As these goofy horse-lipped goy are laughing away in their vanity thinking they're "in" on the "big joke," they don't realize the biggest laughs are behind closed doors laughing at them.

They could not pull it off unless those critters were as dumb or dumber than they generally believe. Never. Without gentiles being so godawful stupid, none of this would ever work.

If you wonder where my loyalties lie here, they lie with neither. I personally believe they are all damned, doomed and dumb. All of them are rushing towards their own destruction, Zionists foremost. I don't identify with them because I don't have anything in common with any of them. None of them are my kind of people. They don't share anything with me and so I don't feel obligated to them. The only people I feel identification with are my fellow Christians and people who are otherwise thirsting for the spirit of God, which cannot co-exist with a man whose soul is as polluted as Jon Stewart's.

P.S. Anybody see any mention yet of the executive producer of the show being arrested for punching a passive activist who showed up at a public meeting? Forward to me if so. I wouldn't be shocked to see it never appear on Stewart's show.

Obama Bin Toner

How do I know that Mossad wasn't behind this false flag? If they'd done it, I assure you it would have been convincing and competently executed.

Poor dumb diversifier. I guess this was the best that Obama and his sad crew of career failures could come up with after trying everything else. Two days to the mid-terms and they know it would take a miracle to save their commie asses now. They probably thought it would make the crackhead appear more presidential.

The Brits are getting pretty weary of having to pretend to respond to false threats that are obviously driven by political motives instead of any real hazard. It's been an increasingly expensive courtesy as of late - but this stuff costs money and the British people are busted.

It's kind of pathetic ... and deranged. Like all things 'Kwa.

Friday, October 29, 2010

John Titor's Assistant : Tell That Fat Bitch She Turned Up On A 1928 Newsreel

(Tongue-in-cheek. Been grim around these parts lately.)

If I told you once, I told you a thousand times. Never talk on your comms if you're visiting a period before the 1990's. Gonna have to take that off you the next time you make a jump.

Disaster tourist in town to see the St. Francis Dam catastrophe? Do these mothmen love to see disasters in the past? They always turn up just before a lot of people die. The Silver Bridge disaster in West Virginia, they were queueing up months in advance. John Keel had speculated that some of these tourists may have actually been making an effort to have sex with people they knew would die on the Silver Bridge on Christmas Eve.

You make up your own mind. It's a strange world and the older I get, the more I realize how little I really know about it all. Here's a "missing link" in the reptilian family that indicates they evolved from man-like flat-faced scaly apes into dinosaurs? Does that make sense to you? If a person tells you of course it does, they don't even understand the question, much less the answer. It makes about as much sense as a beaver in the Jurassic.

Here We Go - Two For One In Russia

Kamchatka Peninsula, registered with the supervolcano extinction cycle in previous eras, now has two going off at the same time, indicating very big magma flows underneath the peninsula. Madness in Indonesia, perched on the ring of fire. Australia's front yard. Expecting to get some heavy ashfalls here one of these days.

You think food prices are high now. Wait until ash blocks out sunlight for a couple of years. Then it's going to be babies, the other white meat.

There hasn't been much back stocking going on for some time. If you don't pack it, you're going to find it unaffordable one of these days. Move now on your food storage when you can still buy a bag of rice for less money than you make in a year.

Interesting Development in Super Capacitors

Supercaps made from ordinary pencil graphite ground into powder and wrapped in sheets of sticky paper.

Of great importance to survivalists because of two possible uses ... one in energy storage, the other for homebuilt electromagnetic rail guns, a booming amateur experimenter field. Hit Google for it. No, I'm not prepared to speak or write about any experiments I may have done with this tech, other than to say if somebody as clumsy with precision construction as I am could build one of these things, anybody could build one. The critical component that would be hard to scavenge would be the supercaps. I was planning on ordering a few hundred supercaps one of these days as replacements but it looks like it might be possible to make your own from materials so common it boggles the mind. Coils from appliances can be found anywhere to form the breech.

As I said to my son, "A gun that needs no bullets, ammunition that needs no caps, caps that only need electricity. What's the downside?" Reminds us of the scrap gun you build in FALLOUT THREE. Quiet, too. Good for situations you just want to stop a problem without bringing the whole neighborhood down on you.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kenyan Attention Whore : Appearing ... Anywhere That Will Put Him On The Air

"The President of the United States" appears on "The View" and now Jon Stewart's show.

What's next? The Home Shopping Network pushing spray-on balding concealer? Community television interviewing people at the Farm Expo? Late night television doing testimonials for Anthony Robbins?

Seriously, if I had the luxury of just hovering in a UFO as a passive observer of this lunacy high in orbit, I'd laugh myself unconscious morning and night watching this crap. It's hilarious if you are not invested in the outcome.

The leadup to World War III is turning out to be bigger black comedy than anything Peter Sellers ever did. The historians will be lucky to write a chapter at a time for the retrospective without roaring at the sheer inanity.

A Kenyan-born illegal immigrant in the White House during the collapse of Western civilization shortly before the outbreak of global thermonuclear war. You couldn't make this stuff up.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another One Blows

Get used to it, they are going to start going off like firecrackers soon.

It's only a matter of time before a supervolcano clears it's throat and introduces the worldwide famine. Think about the future in these terms and you might just be ready for it when it gets here.


The Ruling Class

That’s why Couric has spent recent weeks in Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston and New Brunswick, New Jersey. She is touring what she calls “this great unwashed middle of the country” in an effort to divine the mood of the midterms.

What she has learned on her latest excursions is that “American voters are slightly schizophrenic—they want compromise, and yet some of them are ideologically so fixated to one point of view… There are a lot of moderate Americans who are just fed up with negative campaign ads, fed up with the vitriol, fed up with the paralysis.

(Democrats and reality are not on speaking terms. Republicans are not better, they are presented as the alternative.)

Take this woman's social context away and you'd have nothing. You'd have a substandard female with inferior intelligence, weak character and utterly irrelevant views. It's the fact she's on television that is supposed to make her somebody important we're all compelled to listen to. The problem is that almost nobody is watching television anymore. Nobody is listening any longer. These types of people have ceased to be meaningful or anything but a distressed and fading minority regime that is destined to fall apart one way or another very soon.

Katie Couric is a person who doesn't matter because she has nothing to say that anyone would willingly listen to. Her primary demographic is people in nursing homes parked in wheelchairs in front of boxes bolted to the wall in the recreation room. That and people who entered wrong numbers in Tivo.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Moon

I've mentioned it before.

It makes complex life possible here.

It's also the wrong mass, the wrong distance, the wrong density and the wrong orbit for anything but a ceremonial device to hang in the sky and serve a dual purpose to regulate the tides. The chances of it finding that orbit by accident are much more than a gigatrillion to one.

It is the strangest orbital body in our solar system.

I don't have the answer. All I can say is, that's just one lottery ticket out of thousands that we seem to have drawn the lucky numbers for here on Earth. Go figure.

Is man an animal, produced by chance, nothing more than meat that walks? Or is he something more? Something ... dare anybody say it ... beloved, in spite of himself ... in spite of herself?

Sons of Adam, Daughters of Eve, there is more to this world than you may have heard described to you by those who would compel you to live within their misunderstandings. There would have to be in order to explain the mysteries we see all around us. Scripture is everything we need to know. It isn't everything that could be known. The real truth may elude us until we can see through new eyes.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Gearing Up For ITZ

ITZ coming.

In order to distract the (m)asses from their internal war, which has already begun.

Does China know which way the wind is blowing? (World War III?)

It's so simple a senile illiterate old communist knows itz coming.

Did Baba Vanga call it correctly a long, long time ago?

Orwellian Revisionism : The Killing Of History

The Civil War had nothing to do with slavery. Nothing. Secession was over taxation.

The fact that thousands of freemen black soldiers fought on the Confederate side is possibly one of the best documented facets of the Civil War - my direct ancestors on my father's side mentioned it in their accounts in their letters.

Increasingly, "history" has nothing to do with what actually happened and all to do with what the State says should have happened according to their modern political ideology.

I no longer pity Kwanzanians because I reserve the right to pity human beings, which they do not qualify to be called. Nothing this dumb can be called "man," when it is clearly an animal on two legs. The modern Kwanzanian is a domesticated beast just as placid as cattle or chickens. They can no more "reason" than can a prize bull or a Bantam rooster. They are what is left when you have stripped the "man" away. Consumer units. That whole nation is on cruise control for brains. Their distinguishing characteristic is their utter and complete vacuity.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another Preliminary Salvo For The Third World War

I think there was a bit in the original Fallout where the United States started to produce their own brand of EMP resistant electronics when Asia shut off their supply.

So much for the globalist utopia. Market imbalances create scarcity instead of opportunity in the right conditions.

Since today's military is electronics, the U.S. has just discovered their supply is controlled by the enemy.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What The Last Satellite Picture Is Going To Look Like In The Next Two Years

I reckon it's going to look something like this ... a shotgun barrel pointing at the Earth. That will be one of the last photos transmitted by our orbital satellites before a CME blasts them into vapor and blows the magnetic shield upside down on this planet, causing a major excursion or a reversal.

This is all it takes. We can see with our own eyes that things are getting creepier and creepier by the hour on the Sun, the source of energy for all life on this planet. It's behaviour is clearly unprecedented - in between the occasional million mile whiplash energy tentacle, scientists still cannot figure out where the sunspots have gone to.

That thing up there is charging itself up for one hell of a blast. That's where they've gone.

PACK YOUR RICE : Worldwide Famine Is Coming!

It's a perfect storm : climate, agriculture and society have run straight into a brick wall.

Food supplies were globalized instead of localized. The exact opposite of what should have happened.

Agriculture was based on long summers, short harvest seasons and zero inventory just-in-time deliveries. The exact opposite of what should have happened.

Society counted on food surpluses, cashed-up consumers and excess production into the distant future. The exact opposite of what should have happened.

Harvest technology orbited around cheap oil and abundant shipping to keep costs down even when bringing food from distant shores. The exact opposite of what should have happened. The rails rusted and trucking was king. Bad moves all around.

It's an edible feast of fail but caloric content is close to zero.

Hope you have been doing what we have advised since 1998 and you have PACKED IT.