Monday, December 27, 2010

Wikileaks Busted Wide Open As Cointel

Julian Assange is an asset. He has been part of the inner circle since the time he was old enough to walk.

Assange connected intimately to Murdoch, Soros, Zionist front organizations. Wikileaks is strenuously filtered to prevent any compromise of information concerning Israel. Wikileaks is being called a "brand name" of the NTY and Murdoch being funded and set up by same.

This whole business is a joke for the 'tards in the middle of the Bell Curve, who will suffer any regime other than their own. It's through their vanity they are destroyed.

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Anonymous said...

Here's yet another one associating Assange with White people with blond hair:

Julian Assange's Ties to Nazi Cult

I assume that since their subterfuge has failed, he is no longer considered an asset and is now being associated with Nazis (White people with blond hair), in order to stop this outrageous blood libel against Israel. lol

Shalom to Anti-White of the week, Henry Makow.