Saturday, December 25, 2010

Predictive Programming in the 1980's

Okay, before you laugh, read the article. I only looked at it with the intention of making fun of it. Read it all the way through and you'll admit it does seem to be designed to be visionary. Is this always a coincidence?


Joseph Dantes said...

I just realized that your links are actually in the title. No other blog does this. It's very confusing. IT looks like you're discussing things without linking to them. I read your blogs for months in Google Feedreader without realizing where the link was.

Now I think you're a lot less crazy.

Anonymous said...

It's in every media and movie these days, Tex. I was shocked to see in SHUTTER ISLAND how the entire Illuminati/Dajall agenda was made so obvious, yet the sheeple still think that this is just another movie with the main character suffering from "delusions". We're talking about a massive psy-op/mind programming operation here where the sheeple are led to believe and accept that whoever investigates and uncovers the truth is a nut.The film is complete with references to MK-ULTRA (an Illuminati scheme) and even references to the Old Egyptian myth of the battle between Horus and Set (the origin of the Illuminati mystery religion).