Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The New Kwanzania - Post Apocalyptic Wasteland By Hieronymous Bosch

Read these accounts to get a feel for what this country has changed into.

Horrible, nightmarish place. You wouldn't kennel a dog there.

The three branches of government have failed to enforce the Constitution, therefore the "government" in the Kwanstain is illegal. The people are to be secure in their persons against unreasonable searches. Since they have all failed to perform their duties as outlined in the Constitution, they have no authority and should be regarded as an occupational force of subversives.

The destruction of the education system is what made all of this possible. Everything else is just epilogue, including the invasion that followed. It was made possible by dumbing the population down until they didn't even know where they were.


Anonymous said...

This "recovering economist" understands the cause and has the guts to say so:

The minute you cross into Mexico you are in a place where the per capita income is, and always has been, a fraction of that of the United States. Is this land or labor or capital or management?

None of the above. It is the one thing a conservative cannot say and be respectable. I put it in a book in 1982.

Mexico is poor because its population is made up of MEXICANS.

Anonymous said...

All People are Created Equal

All Cultures are Not

I've seen pre-70s Detroit and the Final Incarnation. And Cleveland. Toledo. Columbus. Cincinnatti. St. Louis. Chicago. LA. Newark. Baltimore. Houston.

Cultimulcheralism = FAIL

Those "diverse" enclaves are also - not too surprisingly - home to Muj sepsis. Perfect fit. Sociopathy, misogyny, violence, contempt for Law and Intellectual Endeavor, Bastardy and brittle male ego all endorsed by a sham religion.

The "Diversity Advocates" in our government would never rub elbows with the underclass, except at upper West Side chardonnay gatherings where one might be trotted out for the thrill. See "Mumia" for details

The spring winds tighter. We are coming up against hard left walls and hard floors, speaking graphically ... speaking realistically. The correction will not be pretty.

Prepare accordingly


Anonymous said...

Hey Tex, Celente is also on it. His prediction for 2011: ITZ a comin'. With a vengeance.

Anonymous said...

OhioDude said...

"All People are Created Equal

All Cultures are Not"

Blacks have been in the USA 100s of years, yet have developed a culture that is uniquely Black. The same can be said of any other non-White peoples in the USA. Chinese, Japanese, Mexicans and Arabs are not going to start acting White, any time soon.

So the culture you think of as uniquely American, is in fact White culture, which is a manifestation of White genetics.

As to all people being equal, if I were to give you a choice of places to invest, and I said “The only factor you have to go on is the color of the skin of most of the population,” where would you put your money?

Investors are already answering that question, by investing in countries they are most likely to get a good return from and these countries all have something in common, that no one in the West is allowed to talk about. Can you guess what it is? ;)

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:02

Playing ball in my backyard, I could hear Greek, Sicilian Italian, Puerto Rican Spanish, Tagalog, Hungarian, Czech, German, Polish, Mexican Spanish, deep South Hillbilly White Trash, several Black dialects, Mandarin .... all within a block radius along our alley. No Hindi, but Lebanese. However, when at the bank, post office, schools or businesses it was American English that was common. Or at the front door of the Sobieskis, or the Pogachars, or the Kings, or the ... you get it, si ? No ? Znayu ?

Block parties featured the Matos' roast goat, the Citros' tomatoes, the Kollius' baclava, and so on

We didn't act white. We acted like Americans. There is no white behavior despite what you mighta learned in some PostModern seminar. We acted CIVILIZED. We acted like people trying to get ahead. Most Americans did. I could walk across 28th Street after my summer shift as US Steel and have a beer in the Hibernian Club with fellow Micks, or Club Coameno with Ruben Matos, or at any other ethnic hangout. That was not exceptional. No one in our town ever trotted out that PC BS about "diversity" Homegeniety of excellence, or at least the endeavor towards achievement and excellence in a particular arena was the Way.

What was exceptional was the uniquely American model - fair play, rule of Law, respect for personal responsibility and achievement. The chance to get ahead courtesy of ones' own efforts. There was no dispensation for failures of person - no indulgences given because of Class Status. Nowadays crimes are defended by some weak-ass citation about "root causes" or some magical inclusion of melanin in the skin of some repeater. who might be a waste of skin, DNA and oxygen. BTW, the only group that is reviled with impunity nowadays IS whitey. Specifically, the white Christian male heterosexual middle class taxpaying cohort.

If you look up history, you'll see who foisted the Immigration Reform Act, AND the Community Reinvestment Act onto the supine American electorate.

Lemme clue you up, sparky ... just think of oft-indulged drunken Irish Manslaughtering Guilt. Think Liberal Lion of the Senate. A fuck so worthless he couldn't screw a campaign aide without killing her.

The same LibProg have shipped American jobs overseas. They've done so because of wage structure ... not because of product excellence. I assume you've never welded or cut Mao-Mart steel. Here in New LaRazaville, we have the dominant "HIGHspanic" culture, where ever chongo and chonga thinks they're descendants of Ferdinand and Isabella, and they gotta be reSPECted. Their culture is Islam-Lite ... misogyny, violence, disregard for rule of Law. Much of the Turd World has those features. Ever notice ? Hmm?

The Han and the dominant Punjabi/Indus-Sindh groups of China and India are racists. Achieving Racists. Or had you not noticed ?

Damn pesky facts ! The Blacks of this country, current iteration, are dominated by a devolved innercity, hiphop thug vibe .. or have you not noticed ? Any who dress and act and work and live and procreate in a way that approaches higher ground are disparaged as "acting white"

Or have you not noticed ?

Spare me the sanctimony. Are you even conscious ?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


America is making the transition from a nation that was headed to the stars, to third world hell hole.

So what changed? 90% White in 1965 down to 65% today.

This irreversible decline is what happens, when White nations make the transition to colored countries.

All colored countries are poor, corrupt, violent and don't do democracy well, no matter how much aid they are given.

Even colored people acknowledge the superiority of White countries, because each year they flee their own nations, in their 10s of millions and demand admittance to White nations - the opposite is unheard of.

Of course I'm sure you will do your best to find an exception to prove your rule, because in Political Correctness, exceptions are always rules!

So keep denying reality OhioDude, as your country turns third world all around you. Denial of reality is what PC people are best at and it will serve you well in time, because where you're going, there's no coming back from.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:34 ... I think you failed to read .... my comments to 3:02

"Damn pesky facts ! The Blacks of this country, current iteration, are dominated by a devolved innercity, hiphop thug vibe .. or have you not noticed ? Any who dress and act and work and live and procreate in a way that approaches higher ground are disparaged as "acting white"

Or have you not noticed ?"

The problem is not the specific crimes of individual urban ThunderDome slum dwellers, it's the very existence of these hostile barbarian tribes within any modern "city" itself.

As long as they're present / fed and watered / apologized for / courted by media assholes and politicians, a level of crime equivalent to low-intensity warfare is inevitable.

The culture of the urban underclass, is not merely un-civilized, it's ANTI-civilized. Trying to contain their marauding by legally processing it one act of mayhem at a time is futile. Modern legal systems are not designed to process entire tribes of savages for whom violent aggression is a way of life.

BankCorps don't give a shit about devolution - they think they'll ride it out. Teddy the Hut was one of their tools

My "tribe" includes various models of Humans; it excludes humanoids. Using a cellphone and eating with utensils does not make anyone a Human. And if you have lived long enough you've seen the passage of a truly human culture, as we laud the vulgar and cheap. There's just as much White Trash as Brown or Black inside the States

Surprisingly little Chinese, Nipponese, Indian.

When we were importing Civilized Western Culture we were OK. Not no more. We could absorb and civilize when we had a viable Culture with key precepts that were in play. Not no more.

Again ... melanin ain't the problem; see "India" if you still don't understand.

Afreeka will continue its' circle around the bowl; it's being stripped by China now in addition to dwindling Western interests. Only oil has kept the Muj/Arabs viable. Devolution Incarnate, both.

Don't try and sell me on Western Civilization ... you're preaching to the choir. It's simply a fact that the West has given up, fatigued, and doesn't even believe in itself anymore. It's emasculated itself, literally.

The debridement will be messy, and right now it's complicated by events outside of human understanding or control

Hence my refrain
Prepare Accordingly


Anonymous said...

I understood your comments exactly OhioDude.

You deny Black culture in White countries, is a unique expression of the Black people that created it.

Like all PC people, when your pet theories FAIL in the real world, you invent theoretical situations, where they might succeed, if only reality was different and we could try, try, try, again.

If only reality could be rearranged as you like it OD. Then Haitians wouldn't act like Haitians in Haiti and Africans (in Africa and US cities) wouldn't act like Africans!

And formerly White India (I don't mean the British Raj OD)? Human feces and trash littering the streets? Extreme wealth, surrounded by an ocean of poverty? Massive overpopulation? Political assassinations? Islamic and Hindu terror?

And what of the 10s of millions of Indians, demanding entrance to White countries and only White countries? Do they agree with your theories? And where are the 10s of millions of Whites, demanding access to India? Do they all believe race is not real?

Of course the position you hold makes no sense, until we understand the motivation behind it:

People like you deny race is real in White countries, because they want to flood White countries and only White countries, with millions of non-Whites and tell everyone to mix in, until Whites are a vanishing minority - White Genocide.

And don't tell me non-White countries, are being flooded with 10s of millions of people, that are not of their race and they are telling their people to mix in, until they are a vanishing minority, because that is not being done.

Only White countries are doing it. Only White people are being targeted. It is genocide.

So sorry OhioDude, for people like you (one way or another), your time is almost up, because we are on to you!

Members of the Pro White Genocide cult, both liberal and conservative, will be forced to accept RESPONSIBILITY for their behavior, because RESPONSIBILITY is the ultimate cult killer.

So get ready to crawl under a rock White Genocide boy, because the political winds are changing.