Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kwanstain Bought And Paid For Their Own Grave

Stripped to the bone and left for dead.

American people bailed out Europe instead of spending on their own infrastructure

They told you it was to save the Kwa.

Obama Administration Funneled Most Of The "Bailout" To Foreign Banks Behind A Wall of Secrecy, Until Now

The EU is more important than repairing American roads and bridges for the people running the Kwanstain.

Now they're being enlisted to fund the failing European Union

They've used the money to cover their losses while they finish clearing out and funded their switch to another nation.

Kwanstainians paid for transition of "Bank of America" to "Bank of Asia"

You could drive a double trailer truck through Kwanzanian assh*les without touching the sides. No race of people has ever been this brutally raped and left for dead by their own government. It goes way, way beyond naked treason.

Ben Bernanke, Worst Criminal Embezzler In Human History


Anonymous said...

America is no longer a country or an idea. It is simply a military arm of the bankers, that's all. Speaking of it as any kind of individual entity is immediately wrong.

It's why nothing about it makes sense, every policy and action defying logic ie no border protection, crushing debt, amazing unprecedented stupidity,etc. A colony of slaves existing only as surety for the loans taken out by its 'leaders'.

Anonymous said...

>Ben Bernanke, Worst Criminal Embezzler In Human History

Jews. Jews never changes.

Anonymous said...

Australia is not far behind, use the price of tabbaco as an indicator, where is all that 'tax' money going?

sick of being robbed

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:03 hit the nail on the head.

Anonymous said...

I posted here a few months ago that while I am skeptical of Keynesian economics, I understand the principle of deficit spending for the purpose of infrastructure projects.

These crooks and liars can't even implement an honest version of Keynesianism.

Marcus said...

The last act of any government is to loot the nation.

The last act of any citizen of said government is to survive.