Sunday, December 12, 2010


As predicted ten years ago on Vault-Co, the British body count board is about to start lighting up.

This is nothing. Wait until the harvest has failed worldwide three years in a row and bread costs $250.00 a loaf in London. The roads locked by ice, the affordable heating oil long gone for the peasants and no coal being exported anywhere. Then it will be babies, the other white meat.

Robert Felix, you da man. I nailed it because you explained it to me a decade ago.

North America will be an ice palace ruled by cannibals and polar bears.

Remember the Pentagon Report that Vault-Co was the first to promote to canon on the web nearly seven years back? They knew this was coming a long, long time. Everybody has a vault - except the poor little people.


Anonymous said...

This is too fast, I've just bought a home, I planned on investing on survival at the start of the next year..

Anyways, here in quebec, the weather is normal, like it was in the 90s.. Which is "not normal" considering the trend for higher temperature and no snow ..

But here we are quite prepared to deal with that much snow ..

Anonymous said...

You may remember Tex, I did predict the increase in Polar Bear numbers a couple of years ago, and posted this on your blog, I also predicted the coming of a mini Ice Age for the northern hemisphere some 20 years ago, it was quite obvious for a 15 year old like me to see at the time that a mini Ice Age was on it's way, unfortunately the so called 'scientists' were unable to recognize the signs, even today they struggle while there world freezes around them, man is no learning animal.