Sunday, December 12, 2010

Historians Will Say This All Began On 9/11/2001

What seems like an eternity to us will be only a footnote in the records of history. The ten years of perpetual war that began on 9/11/01 will be a paragraph before they describe the Great War that followed, the Mother of all Wars, the Third World War.

All our worries, brief respites, moments of doubt and anxieties in the interim will not mean anything to them a century from now. They will write that hostilities began with the false flag attack engineered on 9-11 and the subsequent skirmishes that drove the need for proliferation and polarization were simply the choosing up of sides in the terrible conflict that followed.

Long after the dust has settled and the perspective that time gives people to clearly view the madness in the past (almost never to be applied to their own present) it is inevitable that the Western world will be weighed in the balance and regarded as deserving of the fate that it met with. It's citizens will be described as decadent, lethargic and driven to their own self-destruction. They will make note of the fact that when World War III began civil defense had ceased to exist all across the West with little protest from it's feebleminded, ineffectual and dimwitted inhabitants.

What the current generation fails to understand is that the future never feels sorry for our kind of people when they sit down to settle the accounts. Never.


Anonymous said...

Of course the events of 911 were the start of a greater global game. It served the purpose of both psychologically preparing the American people for war and putting the west on a war footing. This, without trying to sound smug, was obvious. What form the greater conflict will take is just speculation for most of us. The concept of a Fortress America is certainly at play - Isolation of resources and defense of the continental perimeters such that the relatively small population of the Americas can be sustained independently. That's one end game. The question of how the west will be involved in external (ie. world) events will dictate what the other end games are. Hopefully we can all collectively figure out how to come to a peaceful resolution instead of fanning the flames. That, I imagine, will be up to the masses, as it's the Powers That Be's take a more aggressive, stoic, and absolute stance. In other words, while the PTB are usually pretty good at coming to terms with others like themselves, how these agreements filter down to the public is a totally different thing. People, love em or hate em, are idealistic, reactionary, greedy, stupid, etc. Leadership always has to spin things for their consumption. People don't want to cope with reality. So either we collectively wise ourselves up, or we are going to have war. I doubt leaders worldwide will be able to spin a patchwork of mutually inclusive fairy tales to pacify everyone. Sadly, building that bridge is probably our job.

tony said...

if the gov of australia was really an australian gov we would have a real army not an appendage of america we would have mandatory national service and nuclear weapons plus civilian militias