Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The End Comes Soon Of This Sick Beast

The U.S. is bankrupt. The worst part of the reckoning has not even begun.

The dollar will die in 2011

The United States was conquered from the inside without a shot being fired

Anybody who can add will tell you it's a miracle they made it to Christmas 2010


Anonymous said...

So vault os ....... is a release ever going to happen

andyboots37 said...

It kills how these financial luminaries are predicting the crash of the dollar. It's like "WOW MAN WHERE DID YOU GET THE CRYSTAL BALL!"

Anonymous said...

When it all comes apart the Feds will have to initiate price controls, rationing of everything, and beef up the various Government Policy Enforcement Gangs, otherwise known as "law enforcement", in order to quell the angry young people and welfare recipients. The older Amerikwan public will be outraged at these measures, as well, but will do nothing but bitch.

Oh wait....sorry, what was I thinking? There will be total acceptance of all this and more.

All the PTB need is a major war, a sneak attack by the legendary "Evildoer's", and the Kwanians will wrap themselves in the glorious flag and helpfully shove their children into the military maelstrom with calls of "Sacrifice" and "Honor".

TPTB can then impose any draconian measures upon the Kwan that they want, with a guarantee of the full compliance of the patriotically teary-eyed sheeple.

Oh, what a glorious time that will be! The Kwanians huddled around whatever communication receiving devices the Government allows them, stoically and bravely listening to the reports of what cities have just been vaporized and how many tens of thousands of troops have perished on the alter of freedom that day in far flung battlefields.

I'm getting a little choked up and teary-eyed myself and it hasn't even happened yet. But it will. And very soon.

And all of the above is merely ActI of a four Act Play. ActII is the release of the plaque viruses, ActIII is the unrestrained use of Cobalt-Salted Nuclear Weapons, and ActIV is illustrated in the movie "The Road" and described by Tex Arcane as "Babies: The Other White Meat".

Once again I would like to point out that I'm available for small gatherings and children's parties.:)


Rowan said...

Today, I had what I can only describe as an out of body experience. I was taking some Asian co-workers home after a 12 hour shift, lthough all my co-workers are Asian, Australians are too good for hard work apparently.

One of them needed some items from K-Mart so we popped in quickly. Perhaps I've been looking at Asian faces for too long and forgot I'm White. Suddenly everything goes out of focus and I'm looking around slowly seeing all the people. They made the folks from idiocracy look like refined scholarly gentlemen. Everyone I looked at was 30KG+ overweight, hair shaved in strange patterns, wearing torn and ill-fitting clothes, all with vagrant expressions on their faces.

It felt like being an Asian and visiting the West for the first time. That's all I have to say.

Anonymous said...

Rowan wrote:
>Australians are too good for hard work apparently.

Anti-White detected.

>They made the folks from idiocracy look like refined scholarly gentlemen. Everyone I looked at was 30KG+ overweight, hair shaved in strange patterns, wearing torn and ill-fitting clothes, all with vagrant expressions on their faces.

Formerly working class people didn't strip the West of its manufacturing, get it into a debt it cannot pay back and flood their ntions with non-Whites. It was people "educated" by Mommy Professor that agreed to it and did it.

The formerly working class people you are talking about, were the first tossed on the scrap heap, when the elites started shipping manufacturing out in the 1980s "for the good of the economy" and cheap foriegn labor was brought in to suck up what remains and lower wages "for the good of the economy".

What you wereclooking at is a people that have been beaten down over time and stripped of their pride. They are the new Aboriginals in the multicultural Australia, that was forced on us without a vote, as was done to every White nation and only White nations.

Anonymous said...

Tex have you watched the movie SAVE THE TIGER with Jack Lemmon I once recommended to you? It was all so apparent, even as back as the early 70's, that things would turn that way as anon 4:24 describes them.

Anonymous said...

welcome to Tasmania Rowan.
i take it from your observations while shopping you were in Glenorchy?
it indeed is a sick gathering. ive never been so repulsed by what i witnessed Christmas shopping today. an absolute sea of white trash no-hopers......and this lot is allowed to breed:( bring on the great cleansing.

Anonymous said...

anon 4:24am

Im working class. being economically deprived is no excuse for the so called ex working class to behave as they do.
they have the same educational opportunities as the rest of us. anyone can better themselves by going to college as i did. the scum i see have NO WORK ETHIC. there is jobs for everyone in Australia IF YOU WANT TO WORK.

a person can outfit themselves in clothing very cheaply these days. for less than $50 you can get a nice shirt, jeans and a pair of shoes. the scum prefer to walk around like they just got off the couch for the first time in 2 weeks trailing their rat tailed bogan scum kids along with them not forgetting their skanky hoes pushing a pram, all taking up half a shopping centre. ive never seen people like the above on my visits to asia.