Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ZOGBux = Soon To Reach Parity With Old Chinese Newspapers

Fed concedes up to 20% of the value of the already battered dollar will be lost in the last part of this year. This is going to create a trade imbalance in which most of Kwanzania will be dragged off at firesale prices. Most of it's critical assets, including basic infrastructure, will soon be privatized by States desperate for revenue of any kind. It is likely you will be paying foreign governments for the right to travel on your own roads within a few years.

This is the big one. The 'Kwa is going down - forever - and won't be coming back.

Look at silver to bust a move very rapidly in next two months as a de facto reserve currency to move Z-money into in order to preserve it from hyperinflation.


Anonymous said...

The events are coming thick and fast now!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Bongo and the UniParty got their ass handed them last night. Now he moves on to Ass-Handing Two in Asia as the BRIC-Crew bolts, and his BankCorp handlers tell him how it's gonna go down.

Expect some serious kimchee to HTF when G-20 starts. A recent buzz is that the Stuxnet animal is after more than Siemens-based systems. Brit nuke-utility and a London market had E-hiccups this past week.

And the Indonesian archipelago is about to go active.

Holige Scheisse


Anonymous said...

A funny anecdote regarding the US election on Tuesday: some lib gloated that whitey's revolt was fleeting but soon that America would have a non-white voting majority to make the Democrats the single permanent natural governing party.

That may be well and true, but the 'minorities' will not be inheriting the America that whites had built, but they will inherit Amerikwa with it's crumbling infrastructure.

Anonymous said...

600 billion dollars hot off the presses! They lowered the fractional reserve requirements to only 8%. That means that money will end up as about 7,200 billion once it has filtered through the banks. A staggering amount of new, unearned money being pumped into the system to act as pure inflation, devaluing every other dollar out there (essentially robbing anyone who holds a dollar before the presses were started).

Money will be cheaper than wallpaper or toilet paper soon. Especially after the fifth or sixth round of this printing.