Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Straw Man Reduced To A Straw

Pray for Christopher Hitchens. There's nothing short of a miracle that will do him any good.

It is a terrible thing to develop a romance for oblivion. I know, I have been there.

There will come a time when oblivion will come to claim you and with nothing between you and it that will be a marriage most vile with a honeymoon in darkness that never ends.

Hitchens problem was never with Christianity. He was too lousy an atheist to ever be much of a problem to anyone but himself.

In the end, all is vanity and hollow words. The only thing you can take into that stygian blackness is hope somebody will come to pull you out, somebody who cares so much about you that they would give you a gift you really don't deserve. If you don't understand it's probably because you're still too young. Don't wait like Hitchens did to figure it out, when it's much too late.

This man and his ideas were not promoted because there was a demand or they were worth listening to. He was a tool for the State to chip away at the wall of religion standing between them and their cattle. He was well paid to say what they would say if they did not require the insurance layer of anonymity.

Honestly, Hitchens was a hack. He was a godawful writer, no matter what the subject was. In a sane society, he could not have gotten a job writing in journalism anywhere. Simply not good enough.

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Anonymous said...

He looks like he has aged thirty years or more since I last saw him in a video not long ago.

I wonder if he feels it was all a waste or not?