Saturday, November 27, 2010

Planet of Fail #3:Black Friday Manboon Stampedes Grow More Violent Each Year

Really bad this year. Hundreds of videos of people behaving exactly like cattle on a feedlot trying to force their way through the dip chute. Stabbings, broken bones, punching, kicking, scratching, pulling. Shoppers brandishing guns, knives, pepper spray and saps. Over discounted prices at Target.

Like a Lovecraft story about rapid genetic degeneration. Almost seems to be accelerating year in and year out. You see some of the misshapen beasts in these videos, they appear to be half-man, half-ape hominids.

As somebody who has been out of the country for twenty years, I have to tell you, in many recent videos from the States I do not recognize the population of this nation. It looks like any third world hellhole in South America or Africa, a sea of hooting black and brown with an occasional terrified white floating along in the midst of it.

These creatures will not be returning to the moon to harvest Helium-3, I can assure you. Just keeping basic infrastructure is already something they have failed to do.

Where the Kwa is going, it won't be coming back from.


Anonymous said...

I don't get out much but when I do I see these creatures everywhere. They don't care how they look, or how they act, or how they talk.

They speak in short, loud guttural sounds and seemingly wander about various stores, fast food joints and public places snatching at stuff apparently at random. And most of them are always grabbing their crotch or scratching themselves somewheres.

They really do act like primates. It's amazing, in a way, when one ponders that. Monkeys with cell phones. Dressed like humans. De-evolution in action.

Like any primate, bright colors and flashing lights fascinate them and they gravitate towards displays that use these effects. And that is also shown in their clothing.

I stopped calling them sheeple. They don't even deserve that slur.

They are the nothing beings. They produce nothing, contribute nothing and live for nothing.

They just breed and create waste.

What a sight they will be when they are fighting over the last loaf of bread and not some piece of Chinese crap on black Friday.

At least, for most of them, they are so obese that they will last a little while longer then others when the starving time comes. Not that it will do them much good.


Anonymous said...

They sure know how to squeal!

Anonymous said...

You know Tex, I thought you were loosing your sanity, but I'm happy to say that you're back on track! ..

Anonymous said...

Z, no they are useful, they'll serve as food, shields and slaves when the end comes..

Anonymous said...

I think cattle feedlots are actually more orderly than this.

Marcus said...

I find myself stranded in a sea of barbarians. My fortress walls are high and my bunker is stocked, but I fear I may be overwhelmed by the hordes...