Monday, November 8, 2010

Huge. Colossal. Like Waking Up Inside The Matrix. The Secular Priesthood Just Got Dropped On Their Heads.

Hear that sound? That's the sound of modern paleontology, archaeology and prehistory getting creamed by a semitrailer 18 wheel truck like a kitten crushed in the median strip.

This sort of thing takes a long time for ordinary minds to process. You can say it out loud all you want, this kind of discovery takes at least a couple generations to absorb even in a well informed, educated and open minded population, which we no longer have in the West.

I never expected this to be confirmed during my lifetime. Mind you, this isn't conclusive. The guy is saying that human genes were differentiated a minimum of 8 million years ago.

8 million years is sufficient time for anything you can possibly imagine to have happened. We might have already colonized Mars and the outer planets, have those outposts fade and die off, recolonized them, fought a thousand nuclear wars and seen untold thousands of races of men come and go long before we even got started in Europe. It's enough time for anything to have happened.

They'll both claim some sort of victories here but both conventional evolutionary theory (already disintegrating) and the creationists on the other side are just two different types of wrong. Neither of these camps of orthodoxy are even close to the truth of this planet. Not even close.

Can you live without certainty? The only thing you should ever conclude is that God is true and every man a liar of some flavor or another.


Anonymous said...

I believe, without clear evidence, in past nuclear wars. There are too many hints at this and it would explain so many things. I believe that human beings cannot reach our level of technology without simultaneously pushing the self destruct buttons in the centuries that follow.

In millions of years there is enough time for most of civilization's trace to fade off. People who say that we should find ancient tools and computers should look at the state of an open landfill after decades of Sun radiation to open their minds. A century from now most of present-time landfills will look like pools of unrecognizable plastic and shit.

With a magnetic reversal it would speed the process of decay even further.

Anonymous said...

There are old myths and religious texts and stories that describe events that sound very like modern warfare and nuclear catastrophe. India in particular has some amazing examples of this.

Perhaps the remains of ancient folk wisdom and word-of-mouth history lessons?

The fact that primates and possibly even men were walking around while dinosaurs were still around should open up a whole world of possibilities for people to imagine. It changes the scale completely. Far different to what schools, TV shows and textbooks were claiming for so long.

Anonymous said...

how about inch thick plate glass? Gold and silver artifacts? stainless steel bars a foot thick? I wonder what the decay rate is?
I think a long time. Glass bottles are found even in the sea 2000 years old....full of wine....not even etched much.
Care to comment in a rational way?

Texas Arcane said...

All that stuff is usually dust within a thousand years and within two thousand years it's dust of dust.

Stainless steel rusts, albeit slowly.

Glass cracks and fractures with heating and cooling until it is nothing but powder.

For those with the wealth to create them, gold artifacts have been found that do indeed demonstrate very strange qualities indeed. Quite a few golden records have been found that appear to have information in grooves like any DVD. There are scientists who think some of these may represent data stored in base-8 hex code.

Anonymous said...

Nice try but untrue. Glass bottles a thousand year old are not rare, and are in near perfect condition. Try again.
Oh and how about mere parchment? The dead sea scrolls are thouands of tears old and still readable! And that is just paper.....