Friday, November 19, 2010

The Dogs of War

China has Super Nintendo Power now with nuclear cruise missiles

New Weapons for the New Wars Approaching

Everybody is choosing up sides

Australia is America's favorite supply-side bitch for WW3

Australia isn't just guaranteed to be part of a nuclear war, they are a critical strategic hub. People may take turns pounding the country with nukes to make sure they are of no use to anyone else participating. The smart money says Australia will glow at night after WW3. I planned accordingly.

A world that is hungry will be a world that is at war and no place will be immune. Australia is losing it's ability to feed itself during a time of war as we speak. Chinese ownership of our croplands means Chinese military strategic interests. Australians may not know it but they are never more than an inch away from becoming a Chinese prison colony as long as they lack the ultimate deterrent.

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