Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Apocalypse Trifecta Is Approaching

Anybody who thinks that modern people who live paycheck-to-paycheck are in better shape than our ancestors are out of their minds. If our ancestors were snowed in, they burned wood in a fireplace to keep their homes heated. Modern people need heating oil every winter and if they can't afford it, they will die in coming climate shifts.

Our ancestors had larders. Modern people have nothing. If food becomes too expensive, they will starve to death.

Anyone who thinks that a supervolcano blowing would be a minor inconvenience is unfamiliar with the facts. It would be like McCarthy's THE ROAD times a thousand.

It's getting cold on this planet. A supervolcano will speed up what is already happening naturally everywhere. It will simply kick the process into overdrive.

Don't listen to "leaders" and "authority figures" who were not smart enough to see this coming and prepare for it. Such "leaders" are not the men for the job. The sooner people stop listening to the dysgenic clowns in power, the sooner they will evolve proper leadership with their own interests in mind. We've heard from the runts of the litter and the ugly puppies nobody wanted, time to stop giving them an audience. They had their chance, they shot their wad and clearly have no idea what is going on. Start thinking for yourself because they can't think at all, period.


Anonymous said...

People in the past understood the concept of "lean times" and "good times". When the harvests were good you stored food and goods for the times when they were not. "Something for a rainy day", as people not so long ago would consider. Now everyone and everything lives with only about four or five days, maybe a week tops, leeway before it becomes total meltdown.

The system is so extended and fragile now it is even more risky. The slightest bump and it will shatter, with no reserves left to use while it is rebuilt from the ground up.

Don't worry, Tex. Ice ages might have happened with regularity that puts the best pocket watch to shame, but with the power of OBAMAHOPE we can be sure he will bend the laws of the universe, alter the cycle of the sun and shift orbits so that these things won't happen any more.

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Anonymous said...

“Future Shock…Brutal Winters Ahead from 2013 On…Now Into A Major La Nina”

Anonymous said...

How can people in this world trust total strangers? How can they be that stupid? The trust I see in my neighbors, relatives and co-workers towards the .gov, the corporations and the banksters is akin to a tiny baby looking up into the loving eyes of its mother... full of trust and contentment.

What is going to be fun (for me) is to witness these 'babies' reaction when the 'mother' they all trusted so dearly, sodomizes them and throws them out the window, so to speak.

And even then they won't get it.

There they'll be...hungry, scared, injured and facing large numbers of some of the most brutal sociopaths this planet has ever produced and these stupid bastards will still be expecting a Hollywood rescue.

It's said that the .gov doesn't store food anymore in a 'food reserve'. That's simply not true. The .gov has enormous quantities of food stored...for themselves. Just like the Strategic Petroleum Reserve...that is for themselves to use....oh I'm sorry....they call it "National Security". Yeah-right, that's gotta be it.

The average chump freezing his butt off and starving to death is not now and will not ever be under consideration for "National Security" privileges.

Bwarney Fwank will be. As well as Bam-Bam and Pelosi and Bernacke and all their pals and co-conspirators.

So what's the good news? The above was the good news.