Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Anyone Who Appears To Be Able To Reason Is Expressing Some Neanderthal Genes

Once again, Vault-Co will tell you many years before it becomes mainstream.

Anyone who demonstrates a genuine ability to think is absolutely, positively expressing some Neanderthal genes in their makeup. Without exception. It could be a little or a lot. However, any presence of mind or real sentience will always be the expression of Esau in their genetic makeup. Jacob is treacherous, of many minds and his heart is crooked when he is born. Only Esau can solve problems.

95% of Homo Sapiens cannot think because of the biology of their brains. The 5% who can are not Homo Sapiens, they are Neanderthal hybrids. Therefore no Homo Sapiens is capable of reasoning. Not even one.

The reason that Homo Sapiens do not live in caves and eat their meat raw is because of the scattered hybrid mix within their ranks. The sole virtue displayed by White Europeans otherwise is the ability to transmit memes. They can do no problem solving on their own but they can transmit a solution from generation to generation once it is presented to them and they are trained in it's application.

Asian people have the same ability but remarkably amplified. They possess far less capacity for innovation, however. The most likely culprit is less tolerance for genetic variation in their own ranks - they probably killed their hybrids instead of allowing them to live. White Europeans suffered hybrids without stoning them and got modern civilization in return.

As quickly as a civilization reaches it's nadir around the century mark, Homo Sapiens replaces Neo-Sapiens in the institutions and this is directly responsible for the rapid and irreversible decline that follows. The faster that Neo-Sapiens is replaced in the institutions by the professional thespians and social actors of Homo Sapiens, the more quickly that society corkscrews back into the mud.

You can laugh, sneer, roll your eyes or scoff all you want. Watch and see. I'm right about this and it is inevitable that someday soon it will be possibly to verify this hypothesis with genetic analysis.

For whatever reason, Homo Sapiens is a slave phenotype. This is what makes possible the ponerology of his decaying social structures. As a biologically inclined slave, he will always listen to the wrong people asserting themselves as his masters. Homo Sapiens is a brutish slave who would give away the entire West in a fortnight for a case of beer and a sports jersey.

Ben Franklin was Neanderthal. John Adams was Neanderthal. Thomas Jefferson was an uber-Neanderthal. Everybody knew they were different from other men when they were alive. As with all things, Homo Sapiens was just never really paying attention. Homo Sapiens never really understands anything because he can't. He is a slave deep in his makeup, right down to the end of his chromosomes. All he can do is obey somebody somewhere ... but he cannot think any more than a chipmunk.

If you don't believe me, go to the window and look outside. Our world wouldn't look this way if it was organized by people who could think.


Alexander Supertramp said...

Anonymous said...

You are the one Tex..

You should start your own religion, your own science, your own society and stop bitching about everything..

Yes you might be right, we live in a world full of dummies.. Science, Intelligence have no values in our society, pop stars are god and cheeseburgers are golden!

But, you still sound more and more like an annoying prick..

Take a step back, breath a little... Put some air into that big "neanderthalmajical" brain of yours.

Anonymous said...

Mr T

Buddy has worked extensively with both Nipponese and Han; he notes the very extensive ideograms of their native languages, an extremely delineated and detailed symbolic/communication system. They have not demonstrated great creativity in modern scientific era, but are excellent reverse engineers.

They are also both intensely racist in a pure sense; in China the Han are the elite, not the mongrelized northern and western ethnic subgroups. Ditto Nippon - the Ainu are the unspoken underclass

The Human Tribe is under assault. The pooflingers ascend.

Only for awhile; remediation and debridement begin via several channels. Ergo, we prepare accordingly

Happy Thanksgiving


Anonymous said...

Nadir is the low point. Zenith is the high point.

tony said...

it makes sense to me you just have to look at the situation in australia the vast majority of these people are insane the supposed government is deliberately destroying the country and ruining life for people and the only conversation you get out of these creatures is either sports or some other role playing bullshit they have been brainwashed with,of course if you get past the mistake of thinking they are capable of thought it explains alot.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a Super volcanoe would be a blessing in disguise! Neanderthals thrive in such enviroments.

Can you imagine how many supervolcanoes the neanderthal must have lived through in his 300 mill evolution. For him to develop blue eyes- something that only gives a slight advantage in dim light. There must have been times when an entire generation if not more may not have seen the sun.

We often forget to look on the next page of history when we talk about what happened during the dark ages(when the sun didn't shine). A race of genetic supermen(neanderthals) came out of the worst afected areas and conquered the known world in a few centuries. It wouldn't have mattered what religion they were, the middle east never stood a chance against the norseman of the first crusade. That dark age only lasted 18mnths.

Its like 1+1=2. What if we try 2-1=1? There must have been a long dark age around 5 thousand years ago before the Hitities came on the scene(I am going to look for it). Civilizations had bronze weapons and chariots then all of a sudden there were the sons of the nephlin riding horses and using steel weapons. Military technolagy so high nothing better was invented till a few centuries ago.We can see by the Tarim basin mummies in China that their empire reached from Egypt to China. That they were 7 foot tall with blonde and red hair. Later mummies show more asian genetics.

If you want to breed slaves to work rice paddies the neanderthal is unsuitable. His night vision eyes would go blind from the glare before he hit puberty, his high protien diet unviable. After a few thousand years what you would end up breeding is someone with an A blood type and black eyes. Eyesight isn't important it doesn't matter if your far or near sighted or colourblind. Good maths skills is important to keep tallies.

If we have a dark age now that lasts for say 20 years we will probably be capable of interstella travel within a century afterwoods. Such a pity science nowadays is based on political correctness.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to see something on the order of the BBC article minus two of its glaring biases:

1. How about one or two Anglo-Saxon-Germanic-Scandinavian examples?

2. Dump the "Out of Africa" theory.

hANOVER fIST said...

You've got it backwards, lad:

The Neanderthals are the brainless co-opters. What have they EVER brought to the table?