Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Moon

I've mentioned it before.

It makes complex life possible here.

It's also the wrong mass, the wrong distance, the wrong density and the wrong orbit for anything but a ceremonial device to hang in the sky and serve a dual purpose to regulate the tides. The chances of it finding that orbit by accident are much more than a gigatrillion to one.

It is the strangest orbital body in our solar system.

I don't have the answer. All I can say is, that's just one lottery ticket out of thousands that we seem to have drawn the lucky numbers for here on Earth. Go figure.

Is man an animal, produced by chance, nothing more than meat that walks? Or is he something more? Something ... dare anybody say it ... beloved, in spite of himself ... in spite of herself?

Sons of Adam, Daughters of Eve, there is more to this world than you may have heard described to you by those who would compel you to live within their misunderstandings. There would have to be in order to explain the mysteries we see all around us. Scripture is everything we need to know. It isn't everything that could be known. The real truth may elude us until we can see through new eyes.


Anonymous said...

"there is more to this world than you may have heard described to you by those who would compel you to live within their misunderstandings."

Sorry Tex but in this respect you are just another misguided preacher!
On Religion/Faith you are just another MY WAY OR DAMNATION preacher and you lose my respect in this topic!

I know the truth but in knowing it I also know I can not tell it as it is for each to seek it for themselves.
Sadly you have not found yet!
Is your intellect not up to the task? Oh mighty one :):)

andyboots37 said...

Great thoughts.

I think you hit on the core issue.

Can man accept the eternal love constantly being offered to him/her by an unfathomably beautiful, caring, concerned, providing, understanding and healing creator?

Oh how wretched the pride of man.
Oh how we've bought the lie.

John 3:16 Don't miss it!

Anonymous said...

You're loosing it buddy..

Texas Arcane said...

... and yet, in the middle of my breakdown, I still possess the wherewithal to correctly spell "losing."

Used in a sentence : "Texas Arcane is losing it, but he can still spell."

Anonymous said...

Your not losing it because, a sane mind can see that what is going on in the world and passing for normal - is actually ass backward!

And to share my perspective, with the utmost respect to each persons beliefs: I am big on God (or whatever name you want to give it), but not so big on religion. And no, the only way to god is not through christ....I can prove it......NOTHING could have a monopoly on God/The life force in all things/The Cosmos etc.

Go Tex Go!

Anonymous said...

Atheists preach that people should not believe in a creator, because they say it is superstition and magic.

Instead, Atheists preach the Universe does not need a creator, because the Universe created itself out of nothing!

Now what in nature creates itself out of nothing?


Julian said...

Tex, in an infinite eternal universe, probability is meaningless, you yourself have said you are a fan of Hoyle!

andyboots37 said...

"I know the truth but in knowing it I also know I can not tell it as it is for each to seek it for themselves.
Sadly you have not found yet!
Is your intellect not up to the task? Oh mighty one :):"

Circular insanity.

There really is nothing more hopeless than a totally lost person speaking from a position of self-delusional authority.

What's really depressing is that this non-logic is the majority mentality these days.

Even so come quickly Lord Jesus.


Anonymous said...

Mr T

Beautiful little piece of writing. This morning radio covered the decision by "Catholic bishops" in the ME to condemn Israel.

No time for the flock, but time aplenty for politics, as they scramble to attain dhimmi status before Dar al-Islam swweps over them. Neither camp looks to the High Ground anymore.

Anon #1 is creepy stupid. His 4th paragraph is libberish. Rhetorrhea.



Anonymous said...

Come on now Tex, you should know better than to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man. It's simply not sporting.

Anonymous said...

So the moon could actually have been made of cheese? A part of it could have been; perhaps has. Any information on that?

Anonymous said...

Yeah I believe not everybody lives in the US or talk english... Oh Snap...

Alex Supertramp said...

Must have some sort of gravity inducer device inside it or a crazy dense outer shell.

Anonymous said...

the moon is a spaceship, to think otherwise means you are subhuman and a terrorist, and the tides are perpetual motion. -=fistol=-

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot anyway.

Anonymous said...

The MY WAY OR DAMNATION argument is such a cliche response designed to terminate the discussion; it is a taught/learned sophistic tool employed by an individual lacking the wherewithal to explore the mysteries of life or to grasp the concept that there are ethical and behavior ramifications to ideas and knowledge. This is to say that the things that we come to understand about our world and existence influence and shape our behaviors. In the centuries old ebb of flow of broad human receptiveness to scientific versus spiritual influence, today we are clearly skewed towards a scientific almighty and the far reaching infiltration of trust towards Big Science is nothing short of frightening in my opinion. We look to math to tell us to do X, Y or Z without hardly any sensitivity to the other aspects of human understanding.
Really science and religion are independent disciplines and what fluctuates is the amount of trust society has towards one or the other hence influencing policy and future planning and so shaping society in a “spirit of the times” fashion.
But suppose science were to stumble upon a great discovery, a formula that proved with a high degree of certainty that we are all linked in some fashion at the sub atomic or string theory or quantum way. What would we do with this information? Who could we look to for guidance? So much effort goes into discrediting those who study the mysteries of human existence with the MY WAY OR DAMNATION attitude that those who could prove very useful are instead ridiculed. So do we look to the law to tell one how to incorporate this scientific discovery into the understanding human existence and how such a discovery might be used to influence our behavior such that we are better? Who is writing that law and to what end? The likely End is for stability’s sake and the sake of maintaining power and influence. But the discovery itself may require just the opposite to integrate into the greater human experience.
Should we ask the scientist? Tell me sir or madam, how should this discovery change me? What does it mean? I don’t think so. For this person has expertise in a different area. They spent all their time refining the skills required to make such a discovery.
Where is the traditional wisdom kept? Who are those who hold life and humanity as sacred? Lawgivers? Scientists? Is there anyone left working with old wisdom and trial and error to understand the impact of our behaviors on ourselves and on the whole? Or have they all been outcast from the western secular world with a “Get out of here you MY WAY OR DAMNATION fool!”

Anonymous said...

Sorry, didn't mean it. :)

Texas Arcane said...

Julian, a very intelligent rejoiner and quite astute argument for randomness. I may not believe that is the reason for our good fortune but tacitly accept it is a reasonable viewpoint.

My problem with most atheists is not they are not good Christians, it's that they are not very good atheists either. They make far less sense than Christians do in general.

When I was an atheist for sixteen years I was very aware of the validity of this idea. Like all people who choose Christ, I finally decided I had seen enough and I elected to step out into thin air and trust God to catch me. That's why we are saved by faith and not works. It's that act of trust that means something in an eternal sense.

At some point, every man is predestined to make that decision if he is going to take that leap of faith or continue to insist we're high rollers who have not crapped out in billions of years.

Anonymous said...

As an atheist, but not a militant one, the first thing I ask to people like you Texas Arcane is *what* make you so certain Christianity is the real deal and not some other religion/gods ? Even if I came to believe in God, what makes one religion more true than another ? While one may argue in favor for the existence of a God of some sort when questionning the origins of the universe, one cannot prove or argue in favor of a particular flavour of religion and sacred books (written and translated by, gasp, human beings).

I'm an atheist precisely because I see no point in following any religion since none go past the point of "I am right and you are wrong!". God may exist, but since he didn't communicate with me, and the words of men are feeble, why should I care either way ?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:04 AM

>*what* make you so certain Christianity is the real deal

If you believe in a higher power, the next logical step is to choose a religion that suits you. The only other choice, is to invent your own.

>God may exist, but since he didn't communicate with me,

Perhaps he is talking to you every day, but you don't know how, or have chosen not to listen?

>and the words of men are feeble, why should I care either way ?

Its your choice not to believe and feel depressed and doomed, like many Atheists do.

If people feel better when they believe, it takes nothing from you. Unless you feel envious of them for some reason?

The Pilgrim said...

Julian: "Tex, in an infinite eternal universe, probability is meaningless"

Only to a point. Nature still has laws which govern it. In an infinite universe, you still will never find a mint condition '65 Mustang that formed via natural (i.e. unconscious) phenomena and random process.

Some things require a conscious, deliberate mind to come into being. And it is my belief that consciousness itself is an example of such a thing, and therefore God Himself is an eternally self-creating, self-evolving infinite consciousness.

It even says as much in the Bible. YHVH: I AM that I AM; I shall be that I shall be; I exist so that I may exist.

Anon 8:04: "Even if I came to believe in God, what makes one religion more true than another ?"

All religions are branches off of the same tree. The many parallels between all of the ancient religions and mythologies are undeniable.

In fact, according to the Wellhausen hypothesis, the Old Testament/Torah itself was derived from four distinct sources (possibly more), which were then heavily redacted and condensed into one book--possibly for the express purpose of uniting the disperate peoples within the Kingdom of Israel under one God, so that they would be unified in spirit, not just by principality.